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Black Holes Do They Exist?


I wonder who named 'black hole', but it is filled with high-high dense matter withhuge gravitational Pull.


This is incorrect. Scientists do not know (beyond hypotheses) the placement of black holes. It is true, however, that objects in space are in constant motion. Additionally, in many scientific communities it is believed that black holes reside at the center of many galaxies, but there is no evidence that our world is growing either closer or farther away from the physical center of our galaxy.

To get back on point for the original question, it's not far-fetched to believe they exist. If you're looking for scientific proof, there are many even more practical theories that are as yet still theories and not law. In the end, time will tell, but I'd say it's a safe bet.

They do exist.And as a world we are getting closer to them.


Do Black Holes exist? Well, it seems they do as so many people who appear to know at least a little about the subject say they do. I have not really learnt about them in school classes. I have only read and heard about them. The question is too technical or specialized. The knowledge base of human beings is so huge today. Most people have to depend on the opinions of professionals specialized in the relevant area. It seems to me that at this point the majority of professionals believe Black Holes do exist. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many people who say that they do.But, as far as I know, scientists debate a lot of things in the frontiers of many fields. New evidence that shows up some time down the road may prove or disprove a theory or offers a different explanation for a natural phenomenon.For the time being, most ordinary people will just have to go with the belief that Black Holes exist. Whether they do or they don't probably do not make a whole lot of difference in everyday life.


Here's what i know. There's matter... everything surrounding us. But scientifically speaking there's also anti-matter. Black holes are supposed to be made up of anti-matter and supposedly there's a black hole in the center of our spiral shaped galaxy... makes one wonder....


Actually I was just reading a topic about this, sort of. One person that replied there explained it as sort of being a planet or something. I always thought it was literally a hole in which things get sucked into and no one knows where they lead. Well anyways he goes onto say that at its surface the gravitational pull is so strong that even light cannot get out and nothing travels faster then the speed of light so it would be impossible to get out. Have they ever flown anything into a black hole? Or are they like really far away? What I would try to do is like a satellite of some sort with a camera and then fly it into a black hole to see what would happen.


Because of the gravity and magnetic fields in a black hole, that satellite would just split into small particles and you couldn't see anything.. I guess. :angel:

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