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Do You Want To Know When You'll Be Dead? If you had the chance to find out, would you take it?


It would be good to know when you are going to die. You can prepare for it. Do all the things that you always wanted to do.But its will be pretty sad when the dying time comes, especially if you haven't told anyone. To think they don't know they won't see you again...sad.

I feel the complete opposite. To me knowing is like being told you have cancer and will die in 6 months. You no longer live life -- you start to view things as being a waste of time since it's going to end "soon" anyways. It changes peoples' entire outlooks on life from that day forward, for the worst.

There are a few people who are not affected the same way but generally most people are.

I know for a fact that information would be something I would have a hard time handling. I'd rather keep going and hoping I can achieve what I want, rather than thinking "well, that's going to take 8 years to do and I'll die in 7 so why even start?"


I don't think anyone really wants to know when they dead. The only way someone could possibly live knowing when their death is going to come is if they live in a culture that completely glorify death to the extent that people can't wait for it to come. People have tried to glorify death in the past. For example, Haven upon death sounds glorified. After you die, you live a happy life and walk on street paved in gold. That sounds like somewhere that I would like to go. However, in the subconscious people really understand that death is surrounded by mystery and men fear what they don't know. Therefore, its probably not wise to know (paradox) the date of an event that is surrounded by mystery. Then if you know how you die, that would be equally terrible. This would mean that not only do you know what day and time you're going to die, but you also know that the truck on side of you is about to run over your face. In a way though, I think that some of us may have to deal with knowing that death is on the way. It seems like some people know when death is near. They go to their family house and give hints without saying it directly, and tell their family that they love them and bye. Lets face it, most people would rather not tell their family directly that they think that death is near. The reaction of your family, if they believe you, would not be a happy one. The second biggest fear of death (for me at least), aside from not knowing, is leaving family and friends behind to mourn. I will have to briefly contradict myself because there are exceptions. If I was going to die tomorrow, I may want to know so that I can spend the time I have left with my family. However, I don't think I would want to know a year ahead of time or even a month. Of course this is all "I think" because I really don't know if I would even want to know about death a day before. Its a very complicated issues and I believe the best thing that we can do is live life to the fullest and do what we think is right deep inside (not what others think is right). If you live life in a way that it could not have been any different in the sense of being true to yourself, then there are no regrets at death no matter when it occurs. You don't have to wonder if you are going to cease to exist, go to heaven, go to hell, reincarnate, or whatever, because whatever happens was meant to be.


I will have to briefly contradict myself because there are exceptions. If I was going to die tomorrow, I may want to know so that I can spend the time I have left with my family. However, I don't think I would want to know a year ahead of time or even a month. Of course this is all "I think" because I really don't know if I would even want to know about death a day before. Its a very complicated issues and I believe the best thing that we can do is live life to the fullest and do what we think is right deep inside (not what others think is right). If you live life in a way that it could not have been any different in the sense of being true to yourself, then there are no regrets at death no matter when it occurs. You don't have to wonder if you are going to cease to exist, go to heaven, go to hell, reincarnate, or whatever, because whatever happens was meant to be.

This is a problem people always bring up when questioned about how they would feel. It's the fact that until you are faced with the information it's real hard to make the decision.

It's just like with euthanasia -- a lot of people say they would say yes to it, yet if they were really faced with the choice I doubt it would be so clear-cut to them.


I agree with most people in this thread. I wouldn't want to know when I will die or how, from what and etc. It would be hard to live, even though it's also hard to live when you don't know? Maybe tomorrow, maybe after 60 years.So I would like to know when I would die, but also would like to forget it after a minute and that everyone would forget who heard it


I really don't want to know when I will die. Because it is the unpredictable thing that can happen anytime in our life. And no body can predict when other person will die. So whichever good thing is possible from your side, you do it. By doing this there may be possibility that God becomes impress with you, and give you a longer life. So the best thing is to remember is that Always Do good deed, you will live longer life.


Nah... that would make everything too simple. I mean you can say it would be easier to know, but then you wouldn't form relationships, experience things, live life as it were. I would rather live my life, love, and lost, have friends and life experiences and then just die.

Rael IAK

I think it would take some of the fun out of life for me if I knew when I was going to die. Part of what I enjoy is being surprised by what life throws in my direction on a daily basis. Some days it's not especially interesting but other days ......


Hi!It's all part of the grand plan. If you cheat death, it skips you and it's the turn of the next person in the order of death's plan. (Final Destination)What if we all knew when we were going to die, but it were possible to change things. Let's say there was a coal miner and he knew that he was going to die because of a cave-in of the mine he was working at. He would probably change to something like being a florist, and instead of dying in a cave-in, which he would be watching on a television set from a green house, he would die from a bite by a poisonous spider. Or perhaps he would be looking the wrong way on a one-way street and would get hit by a bus. Or perhaps he would live for another year before dying of cancer.If you did know how it was going to happen? Would you want to change things to get anywhere from a couple of hours to several years to extend what was previously set as the expiry date?Final destination features the emotions of some of the folks who were in denial and the things they did out of fear that they were going to be next. The ones who did believe in the order of death and the grand plan did what they could to prevent it, but it would only go on to the next person and would loop around and come back for them.

Okara KAmi

I don't get why you would say you could cheat death.First of all, we're assuming this "death" is something that you see as a part of our future, right?And if it's a part of the future, this means that this is what will happen due to all of the leading events up till that moment, right? Then what makes you think you can change the future? The future, by definition, is what is to come. What is to come, AFTER what we do now. This means no matter what we do now in an attempt to change that future we "saw," all of our actions are exactly what MADE that future happen in the first place. But that's just my short rant on all these sci fi schools of thought thinking that they could change the future/past when I think that everything remains relative, we're not capable of "changing" anything because everything we do is what makes things the way they are to begin with! Grr.But! If I could see when I died...Hm. I'd say no. Well firstly, it would scare the hell out of anyone to know that they're going to die in 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years. It's like a big red flag that tells them where the book ends. How? Cancer? Murder? Suicide? Accident? It would lead to too much speculation, worry, plotting, pseudo-faith, and all kinds of nervous upheavals that wouldn't have been there to begin with. And what makes it worse is that there's only NOTHING anyone can do to change the future (refer to previous rant) so what's the point in knowing it? Well that and, hasn't anyone else heard of that "life flashing before your eyes" mumbo jumbo? Well if I knew when I was going to die, it couldn't possibly be touching enough to encourage something so awesome.


No, definately not. It's too scary


no i don't want to know it, many of us are living for doing some things and we hope we have the chance to complete those jobs before the time for saying goodbye comes. so maybe knowing that time will kill all those hopes and people will stop doing things they have in their minds and they will become depressed. there are many people trying to find out what gonna happen in future or how much they will live but no one has answered this question yet and i think these type questions will be unanswerable forever. i think if people know when they will die they will not try to reach their goals any more because they will think their time is not enough.also some peoples are thinking knowing the goodbye time (i really hate the word "Death" so i usually say goodbye time instead) is nice because they can plan their works according to that timing and they can do all necessary things in the time. they think knowing when they will go is better than not knowing because if they know they only have 3 days left they will do many things like seeing some persons who hate them and seeking forgiveness from those who hurt. but i think we can do these things all the time by thinking of that maybe my time ends just tomorrow, so if we work in our daily life just based on thinking about no tomorrow then knowing the goodbye time is not very important because we have done all the things we want in end of every day and we will not regret for things that we have or haven't done when we had enough time.by the way i think may things we do in our daily life will increase or decrease our life time, so i don't think anyone will be able to say when you will go at all because no one can say what you will do tomorrow. maybe knowing the future will stop some crimes to happen like when a person knows if he kill somebody he will be arrested in specific date and time and he will be in jail or be killed (depending on country) then he will not do that so knowing future is not bad always but i think if we all know what happens in future then life will loose it fun. i mean if you know what happens if you do something then it is not fun to do that thing anymore, we are enjoying surprises in our life so knowing future will kill all of those surprises. i prefer to not know what happens in future and just do my best to live my life (remember the song ).you can know if you gonna die soon or not very easily too just go to a doctor and if your physical health is in a very bad mood he can tell you but anyway time to go depends on what GOD wants.


I personally would hate to find out when I would be dead. Death is a common fate for everyone but if I knew when I was going to die, I feel like I am probably going to begin to think life is pointless. I may be wrong. I might start to live every day like it is my last. If I knew when I was going to die, I would probably have more life crisises.


I would probably rather not. I mean, if you can find out when you are going to be dead, that knowledge will just consume and you'll just be dreading for that day when the death arrives. I think living the life not knowing the time of your death is for the best... In some ways, ignorance is bless.But that's only my thought. =]


Jori,I last give this thread a thought last September, and I thought of it as a Final Destination kind of thing. After watching a couple of re-runs of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, out of sheer boredom, I think of the issue differently. If you know how, when, and where you were going to die, you would be totally freaked out about having to do it and the thought of having to do it will start to get creepy. If you do continue doing whatever it is that is going to kill you and you internalize it as something you have just got to do, when the actual moment does come to you, however, would you remember that is it the day on your calendar when you would have to not do something, and would you ignore something really compelling that would get you to do it anyway?Firemen, soldiers, air force pilots, sailors in the navy, and just about anybody else in civil defense and the military know that they run against death whenever they face their battles. They have a feeling of a possibility of how they are going to die, but they have no idea when, and so they valiantly face their fears and continue to do what they have got to do. If there is anything else that they could do, would they take it up or would they just keep doing whatever it is that they do and one day meet their end?Most people think that they will die of old age and the far far distant future and if they do meet their death before they grow old, they've lived through life without having a nagging thought in the back of their heads about their death and what they could do to prevent it.

Okara KAmi

Heck yes I'd like to know when I die.The reason is that I assume I won't go into some depressed state if I do find out. Say I am going to die next week -- I'm going to presume that I have enough sense to spend that time wisely, instead of brooding over it. Now if finding out my deadline does not throw me off of my path, then knowing when I die will always be a good thing. Now I know how I should alter my plans to adhere to the fact that I will be in the ground soon. I would cancel my trip to Japan, spend much more time with those that I love, and invest more resources into what I leave behind, rather than what I use currently. If a father found out that he was about to die, the first thing he would think about was how his family was going to sustain itself after his passing.With that mentality, knowing when you die means that you don't get caught off guard, and you're able to leave behind more to those that you care about.I guess that's a super optimistic and benevolent way of looking at it. It is not in my personality to think about something that I can not help, and brood over it. If I am going to die, by definition, I can not change that. As such, if people function under my first assumption, and the finding out of their deadline does not ruin their lives, then we could be looking at much more intelligently planned lives.On the other hand, this could bring about a negative effect also. When someone knows that they are going to die tomorrow no matter what, then they might do stupid things today. The basis of law is prevention -- you impose heavy punishments for crimes so that people who commit these crimes won't do it again, and people who look on the punishment will not do the crime. But this breaks down when the punishment becomes invalid, because the criminal dies the next day. In that sense, people might take advantage of the lack of punishment and harm other people.Of course, this is an extreme example, but it should be considered.---At the same time, let us look at the definition of the future.At T + some X, such and such happens, where T is the current moment in time.To predict that such and such happened is not a "would be" future, it is THE future.If it is THE future, that means it already accounts for the fact that you looked INTO the future.What does that mean?Well for one, it means that one can not 'change' the future ever. Why? Because the future they saw already took into account the fact that they looked into the future. Thus, them changing their actions does not really 'change' anything, because that future that they saw is still THE future. Now with that in mind, it's entirely possible that if I know I'm going to die tomorrow, I might do something stupid now, and my stupidity NOW causes my death tomorrow.


No I really don't want to know when I will die as we are all well acquainted with this universal fact that man is mortal. So I will have to die one day.This life has been gifted to us to enjoy and explore life to its fullest and not to worry about all the time when I am supposed to die.Moreover whatever has to happen will happen no one can change that.Pondering over this that when I will be dead will snatch every single moment from me whenever I will think myself as dead


This answer may be a bit bogus... but the only time I would want to know when I'm going to die, is if the answer was "never".Otherwise, I'd just keep thinking about when it's going to happen and not really enjoy my life. I'd rather not know than be worried about things I can't control.


It would be so difficult for me imagine and think for me about my own death,let alone knowing about when I am going to die.However sometimes I do think that death is inevitable, and what would happen if I really knew when I was going to die, I can't believe myself, I feel that it would be a state of peace and I would be relieved from all the stress in my life, I know that sounds like being an escapist. Something that would trouble me big time would be if I come to know when the people I am very attached to are going to die, merely imagining that would snatch sleep from my life.


i would not want to know when i will die, everyone dies but knowing when you will would making you a worried every minute or every day you had left. i do not believe in any of that seeing the future stuff its rubbish my mum goes to the readings for entertainment and then when she comes back she worries about what the medium says to her. why would anyone want to know when they are going to die or if they will win a million or find love surely living life and let it come when it happends, if it was possible to find out when you are going to die life would not be worth living.

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