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How To Safely Open Usb Drive Without Affecting Viruses Secure acess of USB Drive


i dont think it can be done as its having many viruses which without telling you will affect the computerthe best way to keep out of it is to keep an antivirus which should be updated asap and also i nice firewall


@miladinoski: You could also use a live CD (I use Knoppix) to just erase the virus(s) and autorun.Inf from your flash drive. You could also do the same thing with FileASSASSIN.

-reply by Ed Boi


I found one of the simple way to open the USB Drive without affecting any viruses in our Computer.
At first you must Turn off Autoplay before inserting any removable devices.It is because most of the virus are affecting with this autoplay facility of Windows.

Use this method to turn off autoplay..
Enter gpedit.msc in the run or C prompt.then Select the Administration Templates ,then expand that and select System
You can see a Option Turn off AutoPlay..Select that and Select for All drives in the dialogue box to apply for all removable devices.
After inserting the USB Drive..Please donot doubleclick..Please use to Enter the drive name to the address bar(For Eg.If the drive of USB is K then type K:\ press enter)
If you have more ideas about this topic please reply..........

or you can right click the driver device sign press scan with whatever virus protection you have and wait fo it to scan and Viola! You got a noninfected or infected usb! Also you can just fix it if it is infected so no big deal.


bogus autorun.infHow To Safely Open Usb Drive Without Affecting Viruses

What I do now is that I create a folder named autorun.Inf at the root of my flash drive and then I put a text file in that folder. I also hide the folder so that when it reappears with hidden file viewing turned off, I know that a virus is on my flash drive.

I was skeptical of this method when I came across it at first, but now I use it for all of my flash drives. I also help all of my friends by putting the folder on their flash drives.


-reply by Ed Boi


Thank you for the great tip, I personally use Flash Disinfector you jsut open this program it asks you to insert the Flash Disk and it cleans it from all Autorun viruses it's really good and fast. The best is that it has only 129 Kb.
Flash Disinfector Instructions and Download

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