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Cut Down The Trees...but Grow Them Faster?


Let us go and see around our neighbourhood and find out how many trees are there. We will be surprised to know that for every man there is not enough tree. We can easily figure out and say that there are enough trees in the wild or in the forest but we know that we live in a city environment where we need to breath. And if we do not have trees around us, rest assured that no fresh air is available. Only parks cannot solve the problem of trees. We need to have them in our own household backyards. But we can always contradict saying that in the high-rises we do not have enough space nor do we have soil for growing trees. Yes, this may be true but we often forget that every time we go to buy a property or we construct a new house or a building, we must save some space to grow some trees not just for the society but also for beautification purpose. There are hundreds and thousands of variety of plants and trees that we can always grow which are really beautiful but we always think for space. How to utilise the minimum amount of space to get maximum utility. There is a study done which shows that the amount of paper that we waste in our normal activities in office or at home a lot of plants and trees can be saved. Also we have gone into the habit of use and throw, and therefore everything is used without considering that this can be reused. Most of the products that are natural are being used to extinction. The direct result is going to be a greater demand for felling of trees and natural resources. We must therefore try not to use products that would greatly deplete forests and trees.Start as an initiative and grow more trees as there will be some people who will never contribute to this as they are too busy with their materialistic world.


One of the problems living in high-rise building, well at least in my country, is that the surrounding land, be a grass patch or empty space, it belongs to the government. Should you need to do anything, like planting a tree, one would have to seek permission else, it is deem as illegal, even thou it is a good cause. And the best part, seeking permission is not a simple process. You would have to go through many channels before eventually getting the go ahead. This is a major reason why many people won't even bother.


Just inject steroids in them like we do everything else hahahaha


Hmm... It may not be such a good idea to genetically modify the tree to make it grow faster, but that's not a bad idea. You'd have to think, How will it affect the future? Each genetical modification can lead to small or serious outcomes in the near or far future, and there may be no way as to stopping it from continuing.Just think: What if it gives the trees a weakness and when something comes up all those trees die? Then what? That would be even more CO2+ and O-. There may be a way for trees to grow faster, but by the time we're done cutting down the mature trees and baby trees haven't matured yet, and then we'd probably be cutting THEM down, as well too.It takes you about 30 seconds to cut down a large tree, and it probably takes around 30 years for a tree to be fully grown. So at that rate you'd have to be planting like 300 trees? 3000 trees?The trees would pass it to their offsprings, and the baby trees would have those genes, and then if you modify them, thats 4x the speed as of the original. So I dont really think modifying the trees is a good idea, however, it is a creative idea.I think the government plays a huge role on trees being cut down. Sure, the government tells car companies to reduce pollution of their new strand of cars, but yet, the rate of trees being cut down stays the same. Exactly the same. The government needs like a CO2 - Oxygen converter. Then build the machine 12 stories high with a bunch of electricity use. Anyways, as long as we have people protecting trees from being cut down, we should be okay, at least for the next few generations. But we have to think about the human race in the near future.


I just thought of a cool idea.The reason trees take away CO2 and give of oxygen is because they split the carbon atom from it and use that carbon on their structure (i.e. for growing). What if we had a carbon-based machine that did something similar? Then we could help reduce CO2 and manufacture something at the same time.


Hi!Global warming is due to the presence of green house gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane etc. (the presence of oxygen doesn't affect the temperature, as indicated in a post above).Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the global greenhouse effect and due to activities involving consumption of fossil fuels and deforestation, we've got very high levels of carbon dioxide.While forest fires do contribute to global warming by both generating heat from the fire and releasing carbon dioxide, deforestation is not a solution to the problem since we'd be removing the carbon dioxode-to-oxygen conversion entities provided by nature. Besides, the carbon dioxide absorbed by a forest over the entire year would probably be more than that released in a forest fire.Regards,Nitin Reddy


And there is a proverb in chinese that goes like this, forefathers plant the tree, descendants enjoy the shade. That goes to say how long does a tree needs to grow. So any efforts to plant the greens back, the benefits will only be reaped in many years later.


it's a witty plan, and I acknowladge that if someone could do it than al gore would have to shutup and deal, but that would create another problem.


If we planted MORE trees than we are now and they grew faster than we'd have to cut them faster, which to some extent could be a problem (all the materials needed to make axes and other tools and maintaining them ); besides that problem, if we couldn't cut them down fast enough we'd be faced with the reverse Global Cooling; Also we'd have to worry about the offspring of these super-trees growing faster and faster and blah blah blah.


So, in theory it would be better to keep the planting rate the same, and just make them grow fast enough until they are equal with rates,

LOL . Nice thought. I don't think that it will lead to the other way round thing as man and greed are into each other big time. More trees will be there people will cut them more and then everything will be wood. All things whihc are now metal instead wood to save wood will go abck to wood. Wood here wood there. So i don't think global cooling. Well i personally think that growing trees fast is going around in some scientists mind and lab right now. It is going to happen i think in future. All the genetics and stuff. And yes they will have side effects


Maybe is the solution for some problems but dont you think that this is being used now? I mean if the paper industry knows about a method to grow the trees faster and make a lot of money more they maybe would use this method now. I think that your idea is logic but maybe you are short with the logic when you think that the world is only people and nature. The is people and corporations and if the corporations knew about this I can sure you that this technique maybe was in use now. Maybe the trees is not the solution to the global warming the solution is the use of electricity to the car industry but the oil is being used over and over again because if the oil is the hand of the world it can be protected by the goverments, corporation and people who make money with the oil. So maybe your idea is good for being a joke but in the real world are only theories that can be refuted easily. But only because you have this idea I will plant three trees in my house in the hacienda when I go there. So thank you for your ideas and I wait that you continue giving more ideas to this devasted world. Bye.


Its easy for you to cut down trees, perhaps for just a few seconds to minutes.But to grow a tree. JUST ONE tree, it would take months, and some years. We're not getting trees at all now. I hope scientists would invent a like super fast growing seed Seriously, we need more trees. Or humans are going down.


Trees help us breathe and provide a home for quite a few diverse kinds of animals and insects. They are the largest and longest living organisms on earth. To grow tall the tree has become a miracle of engineering and a complex chemical factory. It is able to take water and salts out of the earth and lift them up to the leaves, sometimes over 400 ft above. By means of photosynthesis the leaves combine the water and salts with carbon dioxide from the air to produce the nutrients which feed the tree. In this process, as well as wood, trees create many chemicals, seeds and fruit of great utility to man. Also, trees provide refreshing shade and also it will be nice for our near generation
as trees are the best things of nature

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I totally agree ^^ You just explained what i wanted to say


I have watched "An Inconvenient Truth" recently and I must say I have been impressed by who big our problem is (becoming). As a result I have decided to change (as much I can) my lifestyle with emphasis on turning off the lights and being much more careful with using paper. I don't know how much I will be able to resist, but it is the first time I actually took some action rather then complain about global warming and doing nothing.Grow trees faster... It may actually be possible with the development of genetic manipulation, but I'm not sure it will ever compensate (in terms of amount) to what we cut down. A normal tree takes a decade or two to grow enough to make a difference in Oxygen/CO2 ratio. Lowering that 10 times (don't think that is possible even with genetic modifications and great growing conditions) is still not near enough. the horrible truth is that it is far more easier to destroy something then actually building it. Man now has the tools (and the need) to cut a forest that has grown in (most cases) hundreds of years, if not thousands in 1 year maybe even less.
More important this is something that requires time, time which unfortunately we no longer have. On the long term and with a drastic reduction in deforestation it could be a potential solution.

PS: Regarding the global warming issue I have found a video on youtube that is really interesting. Some of you may have already seen it... I like it because he putsit so plain and simply. No need for fancy demonstrations, just a simple game with odds! CLICK HERE!

Question if global warming is so bad (I live in Idaho) why are our hottest days inbetween 1906-1970's that does not support global warming theories.

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