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People Will Marry Robots In Future, Says Scientist!


I can see people wanting to marry a robot, so long as they 'seemed' intelligent and had realistic looks and all that... If robots got to the point where they were very close to humans and could do the things that humans can do, then there'd be more than enough people willing to marry one I'm sure.Think about it, they could probably pick out the model that they'd want. Would they want it to look this way or that way? No worries, take them both for a test drive and see which one suits you better! Don't like that particular attitude, for a little extra cash, we can throw in several other attitudes that you can choose from. Just insert the desired disk and away you go.If people thought that they could create the perfect person for them, I'm sure they'd try it. And if not for marriage, then I can see it happening for companionship and so forth.But then, what if you really started to fall in love with this robot, and it's been programmed to love you back? Wouldn't you want to get married and spend your life together? I'm sure there'd have to be laws set up either for or against this, and I'm not sure what the details would have to be, cause I haven't really thought about it all too hard, but if there was some way to make it legal, I'm more than certain that it would happen.There'd probably be people that weren't really in love with a robot wanting to get married, just to say that they were the first. What a thing to brag about, eh? Guess what... I'm in the Guiness Book of World Records as the first person to marry a robot.What about the first person to marry two robots (I was thinking robot marrying robot, but I suppose there'd probably be some person out there that would get married to more than one robot as well, since there are many people that have several wives... plus, it's not against the law to hold several marriages at once in many areas...)Hmmm... but it's also making me think, what if the robot became obsolete? Could you get the upgrades and make all the necessary repairs overtime? What if it were to break and it's 'memories' were to be corrupted? I suppose for this, you'd be recommended to frequently back up the data incase of failure, but thinking from my own experiances on how I hardly do that with all the data on my computer (and after all the times I've lost it!) I should know better by know... so people would probably also neglect backups on their robot companions.Am I over analyizing the situation? I feel like I'm thinking too far into this on random points that are just coming into my mind. Anyway... my point being, is there will be a lot of things to think about if this were to become reality, but I'm sure that people would do it for many reasons, be it loneliness, or boredom, or actually loving a piece of hardware (should that actually be possible, which I figure the more humanistic the robots become, the more possible it will be to fall in love with one.)But there'd also have to be the people out there that are against it, or actually enjoy not being able to control their significant others every detail, and for those people... I thank you for keeping the human species from getting extinct. Because robots, no matter how fun they seem, probably aren't going to be the best way to repopulating the planet.


Who know any things about Artificial Intelligence Problem? Does Neocognitron have an evolution at the moment?

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