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Who is a Christian ?Theories How The Dinosaurs Got Extinct

A Christian is somebody who not only follows Jesus Christ's example but accepts Him as their saviour. In order to do this they must realise that they are a sinner, each and every one of us is, and that we have no hope of salvation other than through His death and resurrection. We need to ask for forgiveness and surrender our lives to him, repenting of all that is wrong. God showed us such love by sending His Son to take our place.

-reply by paul


Australian ExperienceTheories How The Dinosaurs Got Extinct

Australia, the oldest continent on earth.

Consider this. 90% of Australia is flat. The highest mountains are down the east coast - The Great Dividing Range. Other mountains and rock formations such as the Flinders Ranges in South Australia and the Bungle Bungles in north Western Australia, show clearly that the ocean levels covered this 90% of flat land to a height, hundreds of metres above where they are today. Many sedimentation layers are clearly indicated in the faces of these mountains and rock formations, proving that this vast area of land was once covered by the ocean.

Dinosaur fossils have been found in large numbers in the flat inland areas.

These areas were once heavily forested. A natural habitat.

Therefore, the question is:

How can a large number of dinosaurs living on 100% of Australia, live on 10% of the available land, when the ocean covers the other 90%?

The answer: They can't. And, what happens to any surviving dinosaurs, when a meteor now hits the earth and they are concentrated on 10% of dry land?


Because the rotation of the earth  is such that the north and south poles, remain in the same position relative to the sun, but the land masses are gradually moving towards the centre, or equator. There are coal deposits at the South Pole. The South Pole was once at equatorial or tropical latitudes, covered in forests, which decay and under compression become coal. So the land masses that we are relating to were once covered by oceans. The dinosaurs were on earth trying to exist and adjust to these changing land mass movements.

Also, in this extended time frame, the earth is being struck by meteors. How many? With two thirds of the earth's surface covered - WHO KNOWS?

I don't think we (mankind) can get our tiny brains around EVOLUTIONARY TIME.

Mankind is but a minor irritation to Mother Earth and in her time she will sort us out - JUST LIKE THE DINOSAURS.


How about something out of the box. An alien attack. The attack was terrible. Aliens suffered a lot but almost won the war. Dinosaurs were killed and small rodents were saved as they hid underground or maybe the aliens couldn't see small things. The aliens then got conscience stricken and decide not to attack earth ever or maybe during there years they are spying on us and just they are about to attack they notice that humans are killing themselves, slowly but killing. So they just wait. Beat this.


How did noah survive because hes not aloud to eat the animals becuase then there wouldn't be two animals there would be one and a half

-reply by Robert



In order for wood to be petrified and intact it had to be buried instantly and sealed from oxygenJust as the dinosaurs. In Canada these fossils are only found east of the mountains to the prairies where there is a vast amount of mud. When you get to the center of the country it is all bed rock. It just happens to be the lowest part of the country. I believe that 65 million years ago the center of this country was under water and there had to be an instant flood from wet of the mountains that washed the mud and what ever was living east of the mountains into the foot hills and to the prairies covering them in mud only to be found 65 million years later.What caused the instant flood ,It may have been asteroids or possibly the hand of God?


okay, here i have a clarification, every one says dionosours got extinct , why is that when some one say the term "extinct species" immediately the thing that comes to our mind is Dianosours . Is Dianosour the only species which got extinct ?? or are there many other species but we forget them ?? Why is that every one remembers this animal alone ? just try asking a small kid , do you know extinct species, they will shoot out Dianosours . Is this because of its gigantic structure that every one remembers it or does it have some other reason too ?? But thanks to Jurassic park any way, else it would have been difficult to make kids understand what a dianosur is and what all it does


As such as the debates on the theories on how the dinosaurs got extinct, anyone interest to discuss how did mankind come along? And pls, as much as possible, try not to mention the bible in the debate.


What killed the dinosaurs? What did disappear in a short time the large reptiles that had dominated the Planet? The researchers (and fans of lizards) are quarreling for decades over what is the real cause of their extinction. Peter Schulte and 41 other scholars around the globe are trying to put an end (at least for the moment) the age-old question in an article due out tomorrow in Science and is the result of a review of all studies and Evidence gathered over the past twenty years. Schulte, geologist Geocenter delll'universit? of Ernlagen-N?rnberg and his large group of colleagues say that the great extinction occurred at the end of the Cretaceous period in which more than half of all species disappeared, including the dinosaurs, gaudy, is due to the single impact an asteroid. A meteorite crashed 15 km in diameter that generated the Chicxulub crater in Mexico. With a sudden a billion times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima and devastating tsunami waves lifted instantly anywhere in the world. The earthquake broke the tenth on the Richter scale and raised so much dust and gas that the sun was darkened for a long time, the earth's surface cooled, the oceans acidify killing in a few days photosynthetic organisms and those who depended on them. Disappeared in one fell swoop (it must be said) dinosaurs, pterosaurs (winged reptiles that looked like birds and were the first vertebrates that can fly), and large marine reptiles, paving the way for the domination of mammals. Thirty years ago, Nobel laureate Luis Alvarez, Jan Smith and colleagues found in the late Cretaceous sediments Createsi (collected near Gubbio) an unusually high concentration of iridium, a chemical element rare on Earth but common in meteorites. Then hypothesized that a large asteroid hit the earth 65 million years ago causing the extinction of the dinosaurs and many other species. In 1991, an impact crater 200 km wide as it was discovered in Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula. Since then, the impact hypothesis to explain the great extinction of the Late Cretaceous, one of the three largest in the history of life on earth, has gathered more support. Other hypotheses, however, were taken into account, such as prolonged volcanism that lasted 1.5 million years and poured in Deccan Traps lava so than it would have been enough to fill the Black Sea twice. It is thought that the endless eruptions have caused a cooling of the atmosphere and acid rain over the entire planet. According Shulte, however, this event caused - in 500 thousand years that separate him from the impact of meteorites - only small changes in the types of fossils have been found in sediments at the time. And the sulphurous fumes produced by volcanism, the researchers did not have enough life in the atmosphere to cause such a disaster on land and seas. To convince the authors of the article to be published tomorrow in Science of the validity of the meteorite would especially the abundance of iridium, which has now been found in sediments of the time all over the planet, which is followed by plenty a sudden absence of fossils in successive layers, In addition, the presence, always in sediments of the time and always around the globe, a form of quartz that arises when it is hit by a strong shock wave. A form of quartz that is usually found only in the areas affected by nuclear explosions or meteorite impact. The researchers also argue that the studies that concluded that the Chicxulub crater was generated del'estinzione 300 thousand years before the great reptiles had misinterpreted the geological data that you were served.

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