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Banner ?


I dont know whether it is good or not because I have seen other member's banners and liked them where as every one else didn't



I know it is not really professional and the text doesn't suit in the center but oh well... My first attempt at making a BANNER for Xisto.com I normally like making buttons


I like it.... very stylish and modern!Sort of industrial too, im gonna make some more i think... :D


interesting layout becca text is hardly readable for 1024x768 resolution (i have to squint my eyes close to the monitor), but i suppose for those with 800x600 resolution, they would notice the eccentricity of the banner design and read the text clearly (nice use for angled corners becca ). more! more!


hmmmmz thats weird I use a 1024x768 res.. o.O I can see it perfectly clear maybe you need glasses from old age or whatever...Im off to make some more...and then delete them again [because they are so crap]


lolz@becca maybe you're right, maybe i need glasses already. :Dbut don't delete what you've posted so far, just add your banners so we can see the progress and variety of designs you make.


i like it, it looks very original, keep up the good work


lmao bash SHUT UP you know yours is better.....o.O Anyways I've made some...but I deleted them..So they all gone bye bye


Becca, I Like It.Its Original And New. Looks Like It Could Be Used As An Ad On An Ad Sever.Well Keep Up The Good Work


I like it.. It looks sorta tech/mod/ind. It could be used on a lot of different theme templates by a lot of different people. As someone mentioned before, the text is a little hard to read. But that's alright, because it's usually what the main banner says that grabs peoples attention. If you've already got their attention, they will probably figure out what the text says.


Could you resubmit with updated cPanel version? Better yet, just name the key components since versions of software/ware are most likely to be upgraded. I'm going around and uploading all contributed banners to Xisto Banners section.


The banner looks quite good. I'm in 1280x1024 (with a CHEAP monitor) and I can read it just fine (although I've wondered if somehow I have implants in my eyes to make me see better heh). Keep up the good work! hehe you've made me decide to install Photoshop again, I've been putting it off due to laziness.


what is the font called that you used around the sides?i really like it, u go giiirl


It might not look professional but its a very neat design. It will definately stand out on a page too. If there were anything that I would change to that design it would be to make the text a little easier to read. But its a very unique design and I really like it.


Looks very well put together, good angles and overall design. I would however experiment with the font to make the text easier to read.


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