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  1. Ok try gmail.thefreedomhost. it works but can take a while.
  2. It doesn't matter what you post in the vent as long as you edit your foul language. After the added trappedinsh**.com was added I think that in the vent you should put it to block nonmembers and members under the age of 13 anyway
  3. Like stated in earlier post by other members this is just a glitch. This has happened before I don't know if its psychz or t17, but the admin has been informed so the problem should be taken care of shortly.Thanks
  4. Well it does have a feature that allow you to send from different email address other than the gmail.com domain. I do see big changes coming and I really like the talk added in.
  5. What kind of control panel does the windows hosting have. And also doe it have webmail.ThanksEric
  6. Hi I just set up a new link exchange service on my site. All I ask is a link back to my site. To sign up vist Axample.com and click on links or links.axample.com. I will approve your site usually within one business day.Also if anyone is looking for a partner please click add new website then click discuss building a relationship here. Please sign up in the Affiliates section. I will be adding more menus and moving sites later. I hope you enjoy this new serviceThanksAxample
  7. Hey mods work very hard here at t17 I know I once was one. They may not always know what the admin will suprise but they do there job. Now I know not all mods are super but one that I have heard alot of good news about is Buffalo Help. I remember back to when t17 was much simplier and less hecktic. Also when you could edit your post. The script that was installed on the forum has its flaws and not everybody likes it, but it does help. As for Tyssen I am not sure if you can or not you might want to post it in a support forum. But you could just backup all your files and upload them to Xisto servers, and you going to get about the same people now since Xisto and t17 are almost the same company and the mods are almost the same too.ThanksEric Drinkard
  8. Yea but you can't download it for free yet, It should be out soon Just hope it isn't like google was
  9. You know there is some flaws to having a all image site. If one image doesn't load correctly It all looks bad, but yours looks good I can tell you put alot of time into it. However people still using dialup seen nothing till the images start to load. I might suggect putting alt tags to .ThanksEric Drinkard
  10. I really never thought about it till now. I mean I heard people talk abbout it. I think I'm going to download azureusThanksEric Drinkard
  11. Thats great I can definatly tell a big difference in the performance of the site. I use to take forever for the site to load properly and now its a snap. The skins will look great just don't pick one to cheese, also update the main page Xisto.com Xisto xisto and Xisto - Web Hosting has such great pages and ours well ours well kind of suck.ThanksEric Drinakrd
  12. That is something that i never would of found on my own. Thanks for that great feature It will come in handy. I wonder what other hidden features that are out there. Thanks Eric Drinkard
  13. Actually Gmail is very safe. Safer then yahoo raves some tech magazines. I have never had any trouble with gmail, and I don't think I will. I do hope however that we do get hosting from google soon, I mean you saw what they did for email just think about web hosting. It will give my business and trap17s a run for there money. However I think that most people will still us places like theses because there ad free and the communities are great. As for the messenger part goes. I'll just wait untill trillian comes out with the plugin for it. Also Aim came out with there own version of gmail. Offering 2gb of email. Listen people just because some one desides to try something new doesn't mean that its unsafe or will no longer exsist in a few years. I remember commercials a few years ago when dial up first came out, about people getting there identies stolen and credit card info. Well people I hate to bust your bubble, but your 5 times more likley to have you idenity stolen through the mail then through email.Well I hope more people post to this. ThanksEric Drinkard
  14. Wait your question can be taken two ways.First, your wanting a seperate account.second, your wanting one account with two login namesThe first one can be done but you must must seek permission from the admin to do so.The second well the answer is no. cPanel will not allow you to so it, how ever for the ftp it is possible.
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