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6th Sense? Do we have another sense?


i don't really believe in the "sixth sense". those "sixth sense" moments are just coincidenses and that is all. the human senses are all the same. the 5 senses there is no sixth sense. i know there is *evidence* which may lead you to believe that there is a sixth sense but after all its just a coincidence. we all know that coincidences happen and that things which may seem strange happen but its all part of life. because these weird things happen it is human nature to "explain" them. but we are just lying to ourselves just trying to cover up the fact that we really aren't able to explain quite a lot of things in this world. this brings religion, science and phycic powers into question but quite a lot of these are just cover ups for the fact that we don't know much about this world.


I have dejavu quite often, but there was one particular one i will never forget. I was one the computer, and three of my friends were over. We were watching a movie, spiderman to be exact, and my guy dave said, "yo throw me a can of pop" , and instantly i had dejavu of that, but it was still happening! I remembered every little thing that was happening. And before it happened, I remembered someone hit the remote on the floor and turned off the T.V. , and to my suprise, my friend tim fell off the bed....and landed on the remote! I was amazed! I accually knew what was going to happen for a few seconds before it did! It's never happened before that or since then, but wow.


I absolutely believe in the thing called the 6th sense. Not only because I trust other people, but because I experience deja vecus (not d?j? vus — they mean something that has already been seen IRL and then re-seen) too often.


I have a fresh d?j? vu vecu experience from 2 h's ago, when I IM'd my friend and then looked at the window below. I just knew what was going to be next on tv and that I'm going to see the clock and it will be 15 mins to 0 clock. It just nerves me because I only know what's going to happen in 5-6 seconds and not more and the feeling is freaky!!


I guess that at some gifted people (which can 'predict' the future - hard to believe but they do exist) the sense is more developed and they can predict earlier than those 5 secs.


Honestly said I hate this gift. Only freaks me out.


I actually do believe that we do have a sixth sense. Scientists think there is a logical explanation for this, well I say FORGET ABOUT SCIENCE. There are some things in this world that were ment to b there but cant be explained by observation, because it happens to different people at different times. The only way to prove it is yourself because only you have the ability to experience it.Sometimes I wake up in the morning and a few hours later i felt like i really saw that in my dream or something.

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