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My Webdesign Website


Hey, after fixing up my FTP issues I have finally got my site up.

Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.




That site is visually very attractive and seems to fuction quite well, however, (and you saw this coming, didn't you?), , there are a couple of things you might consider changing.

1. validate your code, especially if you are handing it over to a customer. It will show a level of professionalism for your work, and probably work better in multiple Browsers.
Doctype Declarations are essential for the Web, and they will become more and more critical as the Web develops new services and as the Specifications change.

2. There seems to be too much stuff "below the fold". I must scroll down on each page to see the content I would be looking for. Basically, shorten the header stuff and display the changing content for the page the client is looking at.

3. Centre the page? My laptop has a wide screen display format, and the page is all crowded over to the left hand side. Wide screens are becoming more popular all the time.

As I said at the start, visually this is a very attractive and well done site.


Also get some CSS Styles going as Times New Roman on a website really looks naff. On the bottom of the page the content box seems to drag on a bit. Im not sure if that is your intention but i would change it. You also may want to put a copyright line on the site.The Black bars which say Main Content, Links etc are lso a bit big you may want to reduce the size of them so they look a bit better.


I like the layout and the site design. But as jlhaslip has said, please reduce the header content, I meant the size. Also don't make the user to scroll more in the home page, because it is the first page that creates an impression about your site to the visitor.Good work. Keep it going.


I like it, I like the clock the best! And all of the pictures my site is kind of plain.


Thanks guys.I was planning to do most of what was mentioned, especially getting the code to validate. I put this together relatively quickly and just needed it up.I will do abit of editting and post back when the changes have been made for viewing.Thanks again.


Hi Autumnlook and feel of your website is very neat and clean and colour combination is also good. I like the analogue clock the most. Is it in java script?regards


nice site. i like your layout. but keep your site simple. it will make people see so comfortable with your site. great job!


Good Work.Kudos!!!Few Suggestions though1.Reduce the header height,main content image etc.(i know its already mentioned but it is certainly needed)2.Colors, i felt you can use better ones .All the best!


There definitely are a few things i would change that some people have already mentioned and others that are new. First of all, reduce the height of the box links at the top of the page. They look stretched and kinda out of place. Secondly, validate your code and also i would get rid of the clock unlike what a few others have said. I think it looks out of place and is very pixelated and just doesnt fit the site. It is unnecessary and therefore not something you want on a professional site. If it was a personal site showing off your coding skills then it is good. Other ways, only put material that is too the point. Finally, besides adjusting some of the fonts and centering the page i would adjust your colors so they are autumn colors. Since this is the name of your site, you want to portray it with more than words. Black and white just arent autumn.


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