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Data Can Be Stored On Paper Store GBs of electronic data on Paper


If you put a deep scratch in a cd it's ruined. So what happens if your paper gets torn or wrinkled a little? I still can't see how it's phyisically possible to store more data on a piece of paper than a dvd.


A student has developed a technique to store data on portable paper :-)



I'm almost speachless, this technology is GREAT. I can't believe this isn't fantasy. Think of a paper hard disk... lol.


Sounds too good to be true, but although storing data on paper has excisted for years already, making the computer able to retrieve data from paper seems a lot harder to accomplish. But paper is not really a strong media, it is easily torn apart, burned etc.. (This might be a good thing considering privacy as well however). I dont see us all working with papersheets as computer data or hard drive in the future.. but who knowns? This guy is a genius by the way!


This is a great idea. I for one have never heard of it. I can't really understand how you can store a movie on a piece of paper in geometric shapes? Could anyone explain that...Other then that... if this is possible it may replace DVD's, even the expensive Blue-Rays. Still 90GB is a huge amount of data, more then many computers have today on their HDD. Well I don't think it is going to be cheap, at least at the beginning. I hope this hits the market very soon...


hehe, i heard about this a wee while ago. Only problem i could see is data corruption! neat idea but too easy for the data to be lost, could be use on different materials though that could stand up to more wear and tear using the same technique


Someone presented this in our ITGS class. But a problem I see is... what happens if you rip the paper by accident? It's like using a glass harddrive... so dangerous!


That's nice may be in the futur we can buy video games in paper


Its a great ideaI have seen this guy who invented this in a seminarHe explained everything correctly except th encoding and codingHe using rainbow technologyHe is converting files into picture .This picture cn be printed on a paper And it can be again converted into file by decordingIt was amazing experience to attend his seminar-reply by soby


i agree with rsf.wouldn't a little wrinkle/tear ruin the data?but i do think that its an amazing idea


And what about something like lamination paper? clear and durable, or better yet laminate the paper... like the cd skins


Really? The Article is about 2 years old and nothing has happened with this revolutionary creation. Set Backs of this new data storing devise it is not water proof you, get that thing wet and everything is gone. How do you get the pictures into paper? Printing them? Looks like you depend a lot in your printers quality. Computers usually produce heat, how will the paper handle being exposed to the heat? Will the image distort? As it was said before, what about wrinkles? The slightest disturbances in the shape of the paper would cause severe data corruption. Is laminating a solution to avoid this? What if the glare causes a misread? To good to be useful.


Wow, sounds cool.I dont think it could catch on..Im mean, it like a flash drive that you can rip in two so easily, you wouldnt want to store important data there!

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