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Best Character From An Rpg add your comments.


THe best character from an RPG would have to be Kratos in God of War. I also would say Donte' from Devil May Cry.


my pick would be cloud from final fantasy vii. great game!


would say Tidus from Final Fantasy X/10, either Tidus or Zidane from FF IX/9 not sure,


Definitely Either Tidus from FFX, Cloud from FFVII, or Squall from VIII. A lot had happened to them in the games and they go through alot emotionally and physically they change during the course of the game.


Let me throw out a female/android character and nominate Kos-Mos from the Xenosaga series. As a character she really is quite interesting...


Vivi from Final Fantasy 9. Or Zelos from Tales of Symphonia. Totally different characters, but I loved Vivi from 9, he was so philosophical. And I love he's a black mage. And Zelos is so happy and so humorous all the time. "Not the face!"


I think it would either be cloud from final fantasy 7 or chrono from chrono trigger. Those two have been the best rpgs I have ever played. Oh and dont forget moogle or whatever that final fantasy creature was, and chocobos were great too.


Tidus annoys the hell out of me as does Yuna and on a FF8 note- Rinoa too.My vote goes to Squall, Cloud or Vincent and most characters in FF8.


I would just like to say, I have no idea how you can choose main/star characters for "Best character" in an RPG. I usually find them annoying (Tidus from Final Fantasy 10 and Yuna from Final Fantasy 10), typical heroes (Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, Squall from Final Fantasy 8, Llyod from Tales of Symphonia) or have a down right boring story compared to others. (Dart from Legend of Dragoon, and plently more)


My favorite web based rpg is fallensword. Final Fantasy was great as well.

m spartan w

id have to give it up to yuna from final fantasy shes cool and hot for a game.


I'm going with my lady Tifa on this one from Final Fantasy 7. ^^ She just has the appeal to make it as the best character.

Dagoth Nereviar

Any of my characters from any RPG game I play (where ya can make customer characters)Coz, let's face it. I rock


Dagoth Nereviar I guess your talking about most MMORPGS. Because I don't know any RPG you can customize the looks of your character ;-;.


I'm pretty surprised to see that a majority of the people here are naming off FF characters as some of the best created. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the series, but I have generally found the characters to be fairly shallow or steriotypical. I would have to say that my favorite character would have to either be Justin from Grandia or Meis from Thousand Arms.


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