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  1. Well im not sure how to increase link popularity in google but i guess an indication would be by your google page rank, but i am probably wrong.I just increase my sites popullrity by joining topsites wich are directly related to my website, so say u ave a site about cars, join car topsites. Then just add the topsites buttons onto your pages, either all or just home, but I joined like 40 and has given me an extra couple hundred hits in a few weeks according to AWstats
  2. Man you should get other forums to host besides PHPBB 2, maybe PHPBB 3 or Invision Board 1.3, and maybe some of the other not as well known forums so it opens people up to other forum software..
  3. A get them all the time. Had one about 4 hours ago, i get them for no reason, it just comes up and yeah. It happens to my about every 12 hours, sometimes I can get one every hour but that is unlikely as it's never appened every hours for me before!!!
  4. Well I got paid today, $21 and spent most of it already on my new host...
  5. Well i cannot wait for it, gmail is the best email provider in the world, well to me anyway, they have great features as it is and i hope the add some new really really good ones..
  6. I know there already a post on this in the tutorial forum so take a look their and ask me if you need any help at all...
  7. Well im a wap master and i know of a few here on trap. also it s a good system. the ads one your members don't have to buy anything, just once they <- snipped -> you will get between one cent and one dollar depending on what the publisher pays.But with the mobile content one, you get paid for each thing which is bought off their site.. i've got fifty dollars on my account at the ad site which is supposed to pay at first monday of the month but they not paid for two months so just will wait...}}
  8. First of all, i think it would be a great idea to allow users to comment on your tutorials to let you know any feedback they have on if it was or wasnt helpful... etc..As for the ratings, im not sure exactly how to do it, but if i'm right you want it so the users have to login to rate on it??? Well im sure you can find a script like it, at php.resourceindex.com, i think thats the site, it has lots of pre made php scripts to easily add to your site.
  9. Yeah your absolutely right... i mean i shouldn't rush into telling everyone because no one could really give a damn... i mean like i said i've told some friends, but always denied it to others...But alot of people at my school are gay haters and i fear what will happen to me once/if i come out at school, i just would really love to get it off my chest so i can be treated for who i am, a gay guy so i don't have to try and hide it anymore...But even without coming out i manage to get dates and get to do all the whole flirty stuff anyway :-P So i'm happy anyway, Lol...
  10. Well i am a gay teenager of age sixteen and i am not out of the closet as you would say. i have been gay for at least three years now, so i've know since i was quite young. i being so young haven't found someone i can love just yet, but am not rushing.I mean i have told my three closest friends that i'm gay, and they taken it well, but there are many gay haters in my community and i would love to come out, but i'm just really really scared of what will happen to me. any advise on how i could come out.
  11. Yes i have a beta version on my sites forums. it runs great and has many features of which ipb was made good for. it isn't perfect, but they are getting closer and closer. the best thing is that it's free. that is great for people who don't wanna pay...
  12. couldn't you please give some more information on the site and how it works
  13. Yes I just got this game and I absolutely love it. After I got it, I went home and played it straight away. The graphics on the game when you first turn it on are excellent. It's basically the same graphics used in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The graphics just blew me away at how great they are. The controls of the game were different than other games of this type and it took me a bit of practice to fully get it right but the controls are easy once you learn them and get to use them. As Lobosque said the main character is Vincent Valentine and he is basically a chracter from the original Final Fantasy VII game and he uses guns. In Dirge Of Cerberus you get a choice of 3 guns to use, a handgun, machine gun and a rifle, each of which can be customised with barrels, attachments and add-ons to create hundreds of different combinations.The way you get items such as bullets and gil is each enemy you destroy will sonetimes drop an item or when you destroy boxes items may be hidden in them. Itmes include potions, ethers and elixers, ammo, limit breaker (which transforms vincent into a beast like creature) and of course gil. Gil is used to buy things in the shops (which look like jukeboxes) during the course of each level, and after each level. You can buy upgrades for your weapons and parts of weapons making them more powerful. Also you can buy and sell any items you want. Another great feature of this game is that you use Pheonix Downs before you die, so that once you die, you will be automatically revived.I think the soundtrack, like all other Final Fantasy games (except XII) is excellent and it really makes th game more enjoyable. One bad point though, is that I found it way too easy to complete, i finished it on normal in under 8 hours with no problems. Even the extra hard mode was just as easy.Well I give it a 9 out of 10 and I think Square have done an excellent job, this will be a keeper for me, so enjoy.
  14. Ooh i've been waiting ages to play this game and i'm finally going to get my chance today. Yay. It has just been released on pal in australia in last few weeks and hadn't noticed it was released until i say it in th shops and i couldn't afford it with christmas and all until now. I'm going to buy it today and play it and write my review for it finally. I've heard good and bad reviews for it but it is different from the other final fantasy games.And because it is different I can't wait until i get to play it. Well i'm going to go buy it now and will come back on when I've played it a bit and tell you guys what I think of this game, even though it will be great most likely.
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