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  1. This is one game you will have to buy. It's better than ever and the battles are different. For more info on this game, check out ign.com to view the reviews and more.
  2. here is more guys if u havent read it already. It has been about a year and a half since FF13 unveiling, and the area of the game about which is most known is the setting. The floating city of Cocoon is the center of civilization, while everything that liees outside the city ( in the region Pulse) is thought to be somehow contaminated. Cocoon and Pulse are each governed by a crystal, which seem more intelligent and active than in previous FF installments. The main charater, Lightinting, has been chosen as an agent of change by one of these powerful beings. As one would expect, other characters besides Lightining will play a major role in events. There is a mysterious bandana wearing man, as well as a bow-carrying female. I have also seen the latest incarnation of Shiva, who is portrayed as two sisters melded with machinery. How summons will be intergrated into the combat is still unknown, but it could be similar to ff12, since the development team has confirmed that ff13 will use real-time battle system.Thats it for now. Keep posted for more info in the future.
  3. As all of you know, there hasn't been much info or updates on this game and it's counterpart, Versus 13. The information i have on the game is not much but its something. It is confirmed that the main character is Lighting, who is an agent that works in the city or nation of Cacoon. There were clips of a guy in the game who may take on a main or secondary role in the game. The battle system of the game is going to be in real-time just like ff12. But the way that the beasts will be summoned is still unknown. But the graphics are stunning and the environment is unimaginable. Playing this game will surely satisfy your rpg cravings. You can look forward to this game hitting stores and in your systems by the end of this year.
  4. This game is not expected to hit stores till like the end of this year. It's sort of like a mix between GOW and Zelda: Twilight Princess. It's mainly about a legendary horseman named war and it is not your typical save the world or destroy the world type of game. It has angels, demons, horsemen, and some other characters in it but its based on after the destruction of earth. This character War starts off like Krados in GOW2 and he fights a few enemies and then has his powers stripped from him and he fights a big boss at the beggining sort of like Krados did at the beggining. Then after he loses his powers he starts on a big quest to regain them back (GOW2). In this game he can find weapons and use them. Think bazooka type weapons not small shotguns and handguns. He can use a grappeling hook sort of like the one in zelda and he adventures into places that look like places from Zelda and GOW. I've got more info on this game which i will post later. But you can check it out in the August gameinformer issue. or gameinformer.com
  5. i think that this game is good. at first i didn't like it but now i do. Give your opinions. Notice from BuffaloHELP: Contribute with quality post. Short and brief post is considered spam. Topic title must be specific and descriptive. Modified.
  6. Mine would have to be Donte from DMC.
  7. I got more info on the game. This guy is actually european. He comes to "New York"(not real name in the game). He is there becuz his cousin who lives there got into some trouble with the cops, gangs, and other people. When he gets there he discovers that his cousin's house is empty and he's not there. So he stays there and when he's there he notices a car outside that has been sitting there. He hotwires the car and leaves. This game like i said b4 is set in 2007. So u can expect to see some of the newest cars from this year in there. The new thing about this game is that different people are seen when the day changes. For example: When it gets night time u start to see thugs and robbers on the street. When day-time comes everything is basically normal. The hand gestures in this game are unbelieveable he finally can move his fingers. The detail in the face is awesome. Well that's all for now but i'll keep u updated as i get more info.
  8. It's sort of like your typical gta, but on this one the story takes place in the year 2007. It starts off with a white guy this time and he is supposed to be some cop trying to get out of the agency. That's all the info i know now but i'll keep u guys tuned to this game.
  9. I've played it and it is RAW as hell. Notice from BuffaloHELP: Try contributing with quality content
  10. THe best character from an RPG would have to be Kratos in God of War. I also would say Donte' from Devil May Cry.
  11. So far from what i've seen i think that Final Fantasy 13 and Grand theft Auto 4 will be two of the best. but that's just my opinion.
  12. i would have to say World if Warcraft, simply because it is very addictive.
  13. 1.What year did Age of Empires make its first debut?a.1995b.1996c.1997d.1998e.19992.Which one of the tribes is not in the Age of Empires 3:War Cheifs expansioin?a:Aztecb:Iroquoisc:Comanched:Sioux3.Which Age of Empires spans a thousand years,from the fall of Rome through the Middle Ages?Age of Empires 1, 2, or 3?4.Which Age of Empires game was ported to the Nintendo DS?Age of Empires 1,2, or 3?5.In Age of Empires 3:Warcheifs,what are the warcheif unit's powers?a.Ability to convert guardians of treasure spots.b.Massive number of hit points make him powerful.c.Boost the hit points of units around him.d. all of the abovee. none of the aboveThanks for taking the time tro complete this.
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