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Mens "push Up" Underwear


Wouldnt the lady be a little pissed when she saw you undressed. I mean come on thats the dumbest and sickest thing I have under heard of.

lol, I think it's quite interesting. I can't really say if I think it'd be cool or not because it really just depends.

I think people need to quit being fake though. God created everyone in his own way -- people need to quit trying to change that.


I wouldn't need it :)HAHAHAHA


Codpieces have been around for a long time. Not quite the same as push-up underwear, but similar in that it's used to enhance a man's masculinity.http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/404.png absolutely ridiculous, but that's besides the point.


Codpiece? I have never heard that term before, and quite frankly i don't know why anyone would wear something like that. I hate it when my thing gets all tangled up in my undies, then I have to spend a half an hour readjusting, etc....Codpiece, that's great!


if some guy likes to show off his junk he may enjoy wearing this t-shirt. I personally like it because it gets me out of going shopping with my honey

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