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    Being opinionated to the point that my enemys are my friends... If you don't get it, thats your problem.
  1. Some of these replies are incredibly sexist, it's almost tragically hilarious. I don't even feel like pointing out the obvious sexist and ignorant comments, because some are in fact obvious.
  2. Maybe she is apart of evolution, maybe in the next ten years all babies will be born with extra limbs?
  3. I have so many questions so many times... So my precious ball of fat aka my dog seems to be... pregnant. Now my aunt and my uncle tried to keep my aunt's dog away from her, but it seems recently her stomach has swelled and she has become more "developed" if you get what I am saying? And I could have sworn that when I was petting her I felt something move. Anyway, I don't care a whole lot if she's pregnant, but I just am worried she is too old. She's around 10 and pretty hefty for her size (she is a dachshund btw), she's had two litters before, the first little she only gave birth to two puppies, and the second litter 6 (then 4, two died). Aside from her weight she isn't too bad of a dog, I mean when it's cold she gets a little slower and lazy, but she's not like falling over with arthritis you know? I just want to make sure it's okay for her to be having babies so late.
  4. I feel bad now, I gave my dogs grapes before. I can't remember if they actually liked it though, it's either they really liked it, or they didn't like it. I knew cats couldn't have grapes, but i didn't know it was the same for dogs too. Any suggestions on how to make a dog stop going to the bathroom on the carpet? At my uncle's, where my dogs stay they seem to always go to the bathroom (his dogs too and my aunts), and it's really frustrating because it smells so awful. The back door is always left open, so it's not like they can't do outside. Also how do I get my Aunt's dog to stop attacking me when I leave? If i am by myself, i have to coax him into the backyard, give him like a toy or some dog food, hurry and run through the house, open the door and leave as fast as I can. I don't always know if/when he is going to attack me either, sometimes he watches me leave and doesn't care, other times he has me pinned up against the door trying to calm him down. And last but not least, I'm moving out of state next year, and probably will not be taking my dogs. I've had them since they were puppies, but my boyfriend already has a dog, and we just got a cat, and my dogs are kind of old and seem to be content staying with my uncle. Is it okay to just up and leave them?
  5. For the past two months my boyfriend has been coming home telling me how people are acting strange to him at work. First his friend, and boss was eying him suspiciously and asking him questions like if he had stolen anything, or if he knew of anyone stealing stuff, or just in general knew anything suspicious. Which at the time we just assumed maybe they were asking him because they knew he didn't like to lie. However now the main boss is being very cold and rude to him. She is snappy at him, accuses him of doing things, or of not doing things (depending on the situation) and now has forced him to do a daily report of what he does everyday at work. Currently they are doing a clean up of people at the work, and a clean up of projects that need to be done/don't need to be done/were never done at all... and because he is *now* in charge of some of those projects, he is being blamed for them not ever being started/finished, even though the projects that aren't finished were around before he took the job, and he was never told of them, it was someone else's responsibility to do them before he went into the projects. To boot I have seen his daily report, and while he does everything he is supposed to, he ends up also doing other people's jobs, because he knows if he doesn't do it, no one will and it will eventually land on his lap because he is right above the people who are supposed to be doing the things. Then there is the fact that he has worked there almost five years, and someone who has only worked there for two is being paid almost as much as he is- that in my opinion is very unfair, they have the same schooling, the only difference is my boyfriend is not related to the boss, like the other person is. The other person ALSO just sits around all day, and talks about non work related stuff, and gets maybe a quarter of what my boyfriend gets done each day. He started to get really worried the other day when people were calling his extension and asking him if he was okay, as if they knew something they thought he knew, but he really doesn't know. He is pretty sure he knows who is telling lies about him, but she is so far up in the ladder of the company, that to bring her down, is pretty much impossible, especially since everyone seems to like and trust her. I mean if he does get fired, i think it will cause the company more problems, but I'd prefer him not to get fired because we need the money right now, and the next job he will be having will be out of state, so he needs to stay at this job for another four months, but honestly I don't think he will be staying that long, with the way people are treating him. And he's sick right now, but because he is so afraid of losing his job, he refuses to take a couple hours off of work, just to see the doctor. I just think for almost five years of working there, and for him never letting them down- to be treating him so coldly is not right. (By the way, the fact that he is leaving i don't think has a lot to do with it, because this has been happening since before he told them he was going to be leaving/moving out of state).
  6. It depends on who and why they died. When my grandma died, i was very sad. I wasn't depressed, but just sad. I remember I couldn't get passed the bargaining stage of grief, maybe it was because she had cancer and i felt like she could be brought back if they just tried. But mostly i was just filled with sadness, and a little bit of guilt. But when my friend died because he committed suicide, i was more depressed. I think this was because he died so suddenly, and i felt like i could have prevented it, had i known he was as depressed as he was. It actually made me very suicidal. There's been other deaths, but the two above were the ones that hit me the hardest. But you can't know how you will react until it happens.
  7. I am a vegetarian for several reasons:1. I do not really find the taste of meat that appealing, the idea of eating an animal's cooked flesh makes me grossed out. 2. I get sick when I eat meat, maybe it's because I never ate it a lot growing up so my stomach is unable to adjust to it, or what but it makes me physically sick.3. I like animals and think that if we can live without eating meat (which we can) than we shouldn't really eat meat, animals shouldn't be eaten because people like the taste of it, they should be eaten because we NEED to eat it. But since we (unlike other animals) can live without meat, why eat it?
  8. It isn't so much that practice makes perfect as much as practicing makes you as perfect as you can get at whatever you are trying to do. Practicing does help a lot though, I mean I used to never do my homework and now that I do I have realized that it helps me with my tests. Even if you do not know how to do your homework, but you keep doing the same problems, you will eventually figure it out, regardless if you didn't know you were doing it wrong before.
  9. The whole experience with my grandma dying of cancer was hard, I wasn't the one dying, but to watch someone you care a lot about dying, is very hard on your spirit. Then being told you have something also sucks, it makes you want to crawl in a hole and die, or live to be left alone. Other than those things, I have had embarassing things happen to me, but for the most part they are just silly oh my gosh i can't believe i just said/did that things.
  10. In many cases it depends on the context in which the word is being used. For example I am gay and I despise being called the "f" word (it starts with f has two g's and ends with t). Because there is really nothing nice about the word, and it is 99.9 percent of the time being used to put me down for being gay, or used offensively to call me gay. Then there is the word f word that starts with an f and ends with a g, I don't always consider it as offensive, because it has more meanings. For example f*ghag does not bother me, even though it bothers some people, and it depends on the context of course, theres the girls who just happen to have a lot of gay friends, then theres the girls who are overly obsessed with the gay community, in which to call her a f*ghag would be an insult to/at her. I have been known to call other gay guys the f word, if they piss me off to the point that I am ashamed they are even gay. Which is rude, but good god are some gay men annoying.As for the N word, I don't use it. I don't have a reason to, I think the ER ending is offensive and should never be used, and I think that the A ending is kind of lame, I mean there's no reason why the word (no matter it's spelling or meaning) needs to still be in anyones vocabulary. It just gives those who are ignorant the idea that it's okay to call a black person that, or allows a bigot to assume that if people are still saying it, then it must be okay for them to call people it. As for DOG, he probably is racist. I mean he goes around chasing people who tend to not even be white, so maybe a part of his problem with people of another race is that he just assumes everyone who is not white is guilty of some sort of crime. I've personally never liked him, he bothers me. But at the same time, why is it when he says the N word people flip out, but on shows that have a group of non white people, and they say something rude about white people (whether it be that they are stupid, or that they aren't in the know of what is popular, or that they are all racist etc...) it's just shrugged off. Why can't people just be nice to each other for once?
  11. My boyfriend's license got suspended because he didn't show up to court, which was his fault, even though he forgot he even had court (he's been extremely busy at work and life in general). Anyway, it was suspended and he was told he couldn't get it back until he went back to court, but it didn't give a date or a number, nor even a warning stating if he didn't go to court by this date, he will lose his license. He was, of course upset about it, because it's hard to go to work if your license is suspended. He got it all taken care of and stuff, but how it they chose to do it was rather ridiculous, and caused so much confusion.Anyway it sucks that you were sent to jail for 8 days on a count of a warrant for a ticket not being paid. Especially when there are people out there who have several unpaid tickets and also people out there who are wanted for far worse crimes. But hopefully everything will turn out to be okay, and if not you can at least take this situation as a reminder of how unfair life is, and that you should always expect to be kicked when you are down - though wouldn't you rather be kicked while you are down, then be pretty high and brought down by someone tragic?
  12. What an extremely unnecessarily long post, with such a small question... Anyway, personally I am not a big fan of cloning in general. There's just something insanely creepy and unnatural about it all. But to answer your question, it is wrong to clone a human (or an animal) just to use their organs. Just because they were not made naturally (sexual reproduction) does not mean they aren't a real human being. Therefore, their organs should not be harvested. Plus who is to say that their organs won't malfunction in the future anyway, granted that most organs are damaged from the life you life, it's possible to be born with bad organs.
  13. I actually really like kids, I don't really want any but as a whole a lot of kids are great. I think it's a lot messed up to hate children because of certain behaviors they express. I can understand how annoying some kids can be, especially when they are not acting their age. For example it is perfectly acceptable for a two year old to be crying and fussing around for not getting something, but it is not acceptable for a five year old to be doing the same thing. You really can't get mad at kids for a lot of things though because they are too young to really understand that their behavior is wrong.What was written in the original post has some extremely ridiculous comments, like throwing a child into a freezer for crying about wanting ice cream. Can you honestly say you never cried for something you didn't want when you were a kid? I think not. I remember when I was four I cried and cried for my mother, all because she was taking a shower. I cried so much that I actually made myself sick. Why did I do that? I have no idea, I just wanted my mother, even though I knew she'd be out within fifteen minutes. I know it's easy to just say all kids are bad, but the truth is they just aren't mature and can't be held responsible for many of their actions. If anything you should say you hate parents for letting kids act the way they do. Because sometimes it is their parents faults. I mean a kid will misbehave, but sometimes parents don't handle it well. Sometimes I don't understand what is going through a parents mind when they let their kid/s run around and scream. But I also hate when parents do too much, or do the wrong thing. Like my cousin is kind of bad when it comes to disciplining, because she likes to use threats and take things away or give her stuff to make her daughter do stuff, when she should try to handle the situation itsself, and not bring in other factors. I do understand about the kids with certain ages think the universe revolves around them, but I think it just has a lot to do with them struggling with getting older, but still being treated/looking like a kid. Like my cousins daughter is four and she already wants to be a "big" kid and often acts way older than her age, but then reverts back to pouting and throwing a fit over stuff. She's specifically into rolling her eyes right now, which recently annoyed me because she was rolling her eyes at me because I said she couldn't have more candy, and after she rolled her eyes I was like, Hey, don't roll your eyes at me, it wont get you candy. She stopped, because she realized her "adult" attitude wasn't going to charm me into giving her candy.But if you don't like kids, don't have any. But kids are our future, so you better be nice to them or else they wont take care of you when your 80 and can't even speak anymore- since you know, you wont have any kids yourself to take care of you, because you hate them so much. Even though kids really grow up so fast. Ten years go by so fast if you think about it. After ten, it's like they aren't really kids anymore.
  14. I personally cannot tell you why you should or should not believe in god. The main reason is that I am not you, and therefore I refuse to hound you into believing something just because I do. If you feel no connection to a "God" of any kind, then that is okay, a lot of people don't. I personally don't. If you really are in search for a religion of any kind, I'd suggest you simply read up on every Religion you can find, and maybe you will find the one that best fits you, but maybe you wont and thats really okay. Some people have this immense 'connection' or faith in God, and they assume just because they feel it, that everyone else does and should feel it too, which is untrue and frustrating. Just believe in whatever *you* feel is right.
  15. I have a lot of pet peeves i guess you could say, but um they are turn offs for me in a way. Guys who shave their legs...not hot. I'm gay, why do i want a guy who has smooth legs, it's a total turn off for me.Certain moles on faces, i hate moles on faces unless positioned in a certain way. They really aren't sexy at all, on anyone... but sometimes they were tolerable depending on where they are on the face.Bad skin, like moley skin...pretty much the same as above. I just hate when guys have lots of moles on them, it's distracting and I want to gag.Guys who wear flip flops, i hate feet...which is why i wear socks and/or shoes constantly and why my boyfriend is forced to wear socks constantly, so i most definitely hate when guys wear flip flops, especially since most guys don't keep their toes and feet healthy/clean/trimmed. It's disgusting and i wont date a guy who likes to wear flip flops. I just have so many turn offs it's not even funny. Though acne isn't one of them, like so many people say "ew acne, i'd never date a guy/girl with acne" and i'm like...it's really no big deal, especially when it's acne they can't control... i just don't even notice it.
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