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Windows Vista Tranformation Pack Make you computer look like Vista


yeah i've had this for awhile but it slows down your computer like you wouldn't believe so i stopped using it about a month ago. brilliant if u like vista but don't have the money


If by transformation pack you mean changing the look (GUI) of XP to Vista, I think would work out fine depending on the software you use and the ability of your hardware to change it. If your computer has RAM under 1 GB and/or a low-memory integrated graphics card, I would suggest doing the above as I have tried it several times and failed miserably.If you mean using the Vista Upgrade Edition or the upgrade option in Windows Vista installation, I would definately advice against it and recommed that you install a fresh copy of Vista.



Windows Vista Tranformation Pack


It can if you don't have enough memory in your computer. Before I upgraded my memory it slowed it way down. Did anyone else have that problem??




before installing VTP, it is recommended to install windows media player v11 and internet explorer v7, huiks., my PC not install them yet., so i still confuse to try VTP


I LOVE VISTA TRANSFORMATION PACK!!! I installed it about a week ago, it's brillant, truely is. Pretty much everything is changed to the style of Vista. I did have the Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 ages back, that was okay not brillant but okay. I installed the vista transformation pack 8.0.1 last week and love it. So much more has been changed for the better I think. Everything is smooth and slick and works prefectly. I have no problems with the Vista transformation pack at all!


Hm..I surely won't try that at home! I ADVICE EVERYONE TO STAY OUT OF THIS, because I really tried so so so many of these "your computer will look like...." crap! It harms your system and usually slows it down a lot! I tried various Mac transformation packs, Vista transformation pack, on Windows 2000 I used XP transformation packs, I had Desktop X, Windows Blinds,...bla bla bla! So many of them...and I also tried, Windows Vista, Mac Leopard 10.5.2, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and am currently using a normal updated version of XP - updated reguralry. It is the best operating system in my opinion...If you keep everything up to date it is great...So my advice: get away from transformation packs...and kill your boringness in some other way!


ThaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanksThank you very much


about vista

Windows Vista Tranformation Pack


I LOVE VISTA TRANSFORMATION PACK! I installed it about a week ago, it's brillant, truely is. Pretty much everything is changed to the style of Vista. I did have the Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 ages back, that was okay not brillant but okay. I installed the vista transformation pack 8.0.1 last week and love it. So much more has been changed for


-reply by vijay kumar


I agree that the transformation packs are very attractive, but is it really worth slowing down your computer and potentially making it unstable? Windows isn't built like Ubuntu or the other Linux distros. Microsoft doesn't want people freely playing around with the software, modifying and redesigning what they have already made.


I was so surprised to see how long a thread on looks can get. I thought looks are nothing when it comes to computing. My girl used to tell me I was so bland coz I was using XP in the classic theme.

This is so totally awesom! I am going to download this. I have been wondering how i was going to pay for Vista when it came out but now with this Windows Vista Transformations Pack why pay for a whole new operating system? it is so cool! I am getting this as soon as a can!

I don't think pple who use Vista are buying it for the looks. I can't believe a power user would choose OSes basing on looks.
Now that u guys are so into looks I think I'm gonna try and be a normal guy but I'll only go as far as installing the topdesk coz it's the most attractive of all the apps u mentioned. I found th torrent here.

Have any of you people have IE7? The one which comes out with Vista, I heard the is a beta going around.

I've taught myself not to download Microsoft products whn they are still in the beta. XP Sp3, IE8b, Vista RC1, Windows Live8b, Hotmail beta etc. They all dissapointed me.


looks like vista

Windows Vista Tranformation Pack


How can I make my 256 mb windows media centre edition looks like vista?


-question by sujith mathew


Its funny the two times I have tried this transformation pack, it keeps on erroring out me for some reason, that pre and post Sp3 installation as well. So odds are this transformation package doesn't work on all computers and what not.


Yes, I use this. It does use a bit of the ol' ram but it's worth it. You get all the benefits of XP and the good looks of vista without the trouble of upgrading to vista.SM, I had the same problem for a while. I randomly start working and installed, which is totally weird. Keep trying I guess.


That's pretty cool. I looked at one of the screen shots that someone posted of it and it really does look like Vista. It looks like something I want to try in the future, but I don't want to do it right now because it will probably slow down my computer - with all the visual effects and stuff. I might give it a try sometime.


hey but these transformation packs require a lot of ram nearly 2gb.and uninstalling might be a problem or so i heard..


I have tried this transformation pack on my 512mb of ram crappy compaq desktop computer. It makes it look like vista very well. It did slow down my computer quite a bit, but did not make the speeds unbearable. I kept the transformation pack on my computer for about a month before i removed it. I only removed it because i wanted to speed up my comuter. If you have a computer powerful enough to have one of these transformation packs but do not want to buy windows Vista i would definately recommend it. When I uninstalled the transformation it went pretty smoothly. Everything went back to normal just the way it was before.


transformation pack 2.6

Windows Vista Tranformation Pack


I was installing windows vista transformtion pack 2.6, while it was being installed, windows shut down and the display went blank. I restarted the computer but it no more boots. The power is on, fans on, cd rom off, key board off. Please help.


-question by ntja bohola


I wouldn't install the Vista Transformation pack. I looked it up on google and it had lots of negative comments such as it changing registry files and screwing up your computer. I would just install visual themes and not go too big into the transformation. Maybe I will consider it if everyone seems to not have problems. =)


I, myself, don't use the Pack, but my friend from school does and I must say that the VTP (Vista Transformation Pack) looked cool/genuine enough to fool the majority of my class into believing that the OS my friend was using was actually Vista (when in fact, it is actually XP =]]. Personally I think it's pretty cool, although I don't really find it necessary... and it costs money apparently.Oh and I've seen some themes actually SPEED the computer and improve it's performance, although not by alot.


I had installed Vista transformation pack last year...I don't remember what it's version was, but the results were just not good...I didn't like it...For me, the looks weren't worth the troubles it gave me....It was very slow and there were problems of corrupted files...there was trouble uninstalling it too...like even if i uninstalled it, some things still remained....ultimately i had to reinstall XP....but I think it must have improved by now and you should try the latest ones...

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