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Help I Need To Build A Website


I am not an expert on building sites, I don't even know what's a web hosting service even, so call me what you want, in the meantime I use Piczo but it's have ads, does anybody knows where can I build a free ad website and with a minimum of 100mb?


try this free webhosting site




This free web hosting sites offer free 100+mb website. try it...


Thanks for these site, but I really want to know how to use them first of all I need definitions for these:1-FTP2-web hosting service3-bandwidth4-DNSTheir will be other ones in the meanwhile I need thoseThanks in advance,H.Z


Thanks for these site, but I really want to know how to use them first of all I need definitions for these:1-FTP
2-web hosting service
Their will be other ones in the meanwhile I need those
Thanks in advance,

1-FTP = File Transfer Protocol - a method used to transfer files from one computer (yours) to another ( the server at your Web Host) or vice versa

2-web hosting service - A place or business which you use to "Host" your Web site. They store your web pages and pictures, etc on their "server" and other people acces the pages through the Web connection the web host provides.

3. bandwidth - a measurement of the amount of data transferred by an account at a web hosting service. If you upload or download a 1 Meg file of data, you have just used 1 Meg of bandwidth.

4. DNS - Domain Name Server - It is a way for a web host to tell others who lives at the Domain. If you think of it as a road sign on the Information Highway, the DNS tells you what places (sub-domains) you can access at a particular roadside turn-off (domain). You must point your domain to a Name server for it to be found by others.

And please do not "sign-off" your postings with your name or initials, please. It is not allowed, thanks...


FTP- File Transfer Protocol:-Used to transfer files from your computer to a web server-I use Core FTM (google it)Web hosting service- Some place that makes files available to anybody with access to the internet:- This website is a webhost (allows you to make a website)Bandwidth- The amount of content that is allowed to be sent to and from the webserver:-i.e. If you have a 5 megabyte file on your computer, then if two people viewd that file, you would have used up 10 megabytes of bandwidth (5 megabytes * 2 people=10 megabytes of bandwidth used)DNS- Dynamic Name Server:-The places where a domain goes to.-If I wanted to use whatever.com hosting for something.com, the dns servers would probably be ns1.whatever.com and ns2.whatever.com (You can have 3 DMS servers, but usually it's 2)If I confused you at all or you have any questions, just ask. ^.^


Hey thank you for your help, but some websites says that I didn't indexed the website (something like that) I wonder what that meens?ThanksH.Z


probably means you don't have an index.html file in your main directory


Not to compete with Trap, but then there is also mxweb.co.uk/forums which also offer hosting. So yeah, I am competing. But anyway. Yeah, go to your main directory. If it is Cpanel, then it is the WW directory, then create a file called index.html, or whatever, and you will have your site. Then create all the rest of your files and link to them in your site. Hope that helps.


I'm not sure you should go onto a webmaster forum and ask such basic questions. i mean any of the things he wanted to know can be easily learned from searching google or wikipedia.org.acting like an amature will get you labeled as an amerture.


I'm not sure you should go onto a webmaster forum and ask such basic questions. i mean any of the things he wanted to know can be easily learned from searching google or wikipedia.org.
acting like an amature will get you labeled as an amerture.

he is only asking a few questions dude chilli out thats what forums are for you ask people for help and you get it. all got to start some were


A few questions about your website:

1) What kind of files are you trying to host? Pictures? Files? Or are you trying to use PHP?

2) If you want PHP or MySQL, use Trap, or try some of the other sites around. In my opinion, Trap has the best MySQL manager phpmyadmin. The others are somewhat outdated. I haven't tried them all yet. If you need PHP help, you're going to have to ask someone else, sorry.

3) If your just hosting a picture service or blogging, I wouldn't use Trap or any of those services. There are photo album and blogging services all over, google for them. I found these:

Blog sites ---





Photo Album sites ---




Free PHP enabled hosting sites ---

Trap (here)





And those all come with MySQL databases, and are all free.


Well I have no idea about how to build sites. All that was like speaking french to me. I dont understand any of it. I do know some but its an extremely small amout so I wish I could help but I cant sorry.


Like I said in a different topic, I owuld just use a template website maker from Fantastico, or freewebs.com. Both are evry easy to make and publish. Something else you could try is Microsoft Frontpage to make a site and upload to a site like tripod or geocities.


I'm sorry to say so, but i don't think that is a smart question to put in a forum of a free and pay hosting service, i'm not sure but i don't think they like that, i wouldn't if it was me.

Anyway, for free hosting service, i recommend, without a doubt, Xisto.com free hosting service, "you are standing on it"!

There are others, but they don't have as many goodies as Xisto.com has, that is just my opinion.


For building websites, and i know all about it, in many technologies, i advice you to visit:


and download bluevoda website builder, also they have more then 1.000 free templates, images, etc..., and many good flash tutorials for you to learn.

In my opinion, BlueVoda website builder is the best free website builder on the internet, i'm sure of it, i have been using it, and it's just excellent.


Thank you all for responding and clearing some things out but I don't want templates I want to create one of my own. I used once a free hosting service else then Xisto and I uploaded some files but how can I preview My site for example how can I place photos in the page? Actionnally how will I see the webpage and how to put things on it?


And Trace-uk you are NOT HELPING!!!

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Hey I would not have recommended this but...Assumung you know nothing abt HTML, go get Microsoft Frontpage and start from "design mode". You wont believe how easily you created a killer website without touching HTML.They say"WYSWYG" editor.I.e. What You See Is What You Get. Just go on adding photos, text and everything, drag them anywhere you want. Just do anything and your webpage will in turn look like anything.But mingd you Frontpage is strongly NOT recommended for HTML-Grown-ups.


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