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Can There Be More Than One Universe?


Infinite universe

Can There Be More Than One Universe?


Dude the universe isn't infinite which means the universe is like one really really big house and the galaxies are like microbes which means that outside of this "house" there might be either more houses or an even vaster space with unknown stuff or some kind of a wrap of our universe.Think about it.The microbes and microorganisms contain even smaller microorganisms undetectable even for the microscope.Think about it.If the universe was one of those undetectable microorganisms and opens up the microorganism which can be seen by a telescope what does it mean.It means that it will see the rest of the lab and whats outside of the lab a great vast area and so on...


-reply by Daniel



Can There Be More Than One Universe?


Hi, I've fot the answer to that. MULTIVERSE. Why, you ask? Because "uni" means "only one." Therefore, you get the word "universe." However, "multi" means "more than one," hence the word "multiverse." Do you get the idea? You do? That's great(just a little humor, LOL:p)! But don't credit me with the idea. Thank the producers of the TV series TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! They came up with this adventure called "The Battle Nexus"(which, by the way, according to the series, is a "world between worlds, between dimensions, even"). My brother has it on videocassette, but we haven't watched it in a long time. OMG, LOL, it's hard to believe that a kids' anime could be helpful, especially with complex subjects such as the universe(or miltiverse), time travel, wormholes, and all that "jazz." And what's even more surprising is that I'm only a teen, and I managed to figure all this out(with a little help from a kids' show). Freaky, huh? Dang, I'm such a NERD! Okay, 'NUFF SAID. THNX to every1 who reads and considers/agrees with this "lil' piece of 'info!'"




-reply by Zutara4Life


Life in Universes

Can There Be More Than One Universe?


There is High Tech Science Male and Female Clone Humans that live in the Universes, on Planets and in Spaceships. They do have Eternal Physical Life After Birth, with their High Tech Regeneration and their spaceships to escape their planet with their Sun Novas.


They can also escape a Black Hole, when their Universe collapses, then regenerates into a New Universe. High Tech Humans can have Eternal Physical Life Forever, if they keep their High Tech Science, and keep their Bodies Alive. High Tech Regeneration is the Fountain of Youth of High Tech Humans.


Genesis is the record of these High Tech Humans, that Colonized Earth, Reproduced the Equal Asexual Adam and Eve male and female Clone Colony. Eve was made from Adam's rib, and today we call that Cloning.


When the male and female Clone Brothers/Sisters, for a reason not known as yet, started reproducing Humans by Heterosexual Body Birth, called the Original Sin in religion, Division, Disease, Killing and Death began on Earth.


Now we are back to the High Tech Science Knowledge of Colonization and High Tech Pure-brd Reproduction, and the Killer Human Society, has our Planet covered with pollution on land and sea and in the air. And nuclear bombs on land and sea. Are we going to obliterate all Life on Earth, or stop this madness and Unite in Peace?


Our Eco System is also about destroyed, and when the Ozone Canopy is ruined, Life as we Know it on Earth, cannot continue with the ultra-violet rays of the sun, reaching land.


The Bible translated with a High Tech Science explanation, will reveal many of the lost Knowledge of how Life on Earth was Colonized. Life may have Evolved somewhere in Space, but it was Colonized on Earth, like we are projecting in our Science today, to colonize a planet.


In Genesis, the Gods, Goddesses, and Angels were Astronauts, not Spirits, and their fiery chariots were spaceships. They also rode up in the air on thrones, which were helicopters or saucers. Anything called supernatural can be explained by High Tech Science.


In Revelation, when God returns, the New City Jerusalem will descend down from Heaven, park in our atomosphere, where every eye can see it as the Earth rotates.


I am not sure if they rescue the Humans left, before or after the Nuclear Bomb War, setting up in the Middle East today.


We need learned Human to do a High Tech Science translation of all scripture and myth. The Noah/Atlantis Flood did destroy life, lasted a year, and Humans today are the Ancestors of those saved. Atlantis split down the middle and sank, our land mass sank, and are split down the middle, with the Atlantic Ocean dividing the land mass into two parts like Atlantis.


Religion and High Tech Science, are both about the same Life on Earth, from the Colonization to the End Times Destruction caused by Earth's Humans, not God our Human Ancestors that Colonized Earth 'in the beginning'.


My web site:http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/




-reply by Dolores Lear




ADMIN OPINION (personal opinion)


We are usually trying to find the answers beyond our reach into infinity without knowing exactly the sole basis(foundation) of Creation in the first place.


I believe, finding an answer to LIFE is more important. The closest I have read.. which exists in a so called VIRUS (which it proves by its partial non-living property and also having GENES - the signature of every living organism)


What you call HIGH TECH science might NOT be a PHYSICAL phenomenon in the first place .. However, I do not say they are not connected to the physical plane.


When it comes to REFERENCES from Spiritual books, they can take you to a tour to ANY PART of universe without the interference of Time. Because Spirituality or its plane is above the Domain of Time & Space that you define.


Time + Space (basis of Material Creation) = a long chain of cause an effect with starts from say.. the BIG BANG. However, if this is a FIXED cause effect chain and I can RISE my conscience above the level of physical existence (which depends on space & time), I m no longer connected to the SYSTEM. There by at this stage, I certainly can walk ahead or behind time and ENTER this CREATION (dream world.. i like to call.. or reality). This ENTITY me will _have_ the form of whatever is my SOULs(the HIGH TECH me as you call) role(like a character in movie, but here i can even be an insect, mammal ..) at that instant of time. (where HIGH TECH me zapped in).


My point : We need not focus on INFINITY, but a simple whole hearted focus on yourself within.. at the point where you start.


What is Focus anyway, the mind :-) I m sure, it can find success within itself easier than going outside in infinity.


Could Science be a Religion? Could a Natural Born Humans Species on a Planet, that does not Know about the High Tech Science Human Species, of flying up in the air on a throne, and out into Space in a fiery chariot, become a religion of for Natural Born Humans?Did this happen on New Guinea during WW2? The Natural Born Natives that did not Know about the High Tech of the USA, in the 1940s, called our pilots Gods and started a Cargo Cult for them.Could this be how the High Tech Science Knowledge in Genesis was translated also, by Natural Born Humans that did not Know about the High Tech Science of airplanes and spaceships, and also started God religions?An interesting article on Salon.Com, 'What's wrong with Science as a religion', by Karl Giberson.http://www.salon.com/2004/09/10/when/ Salon interviewed me about my new book, "Saving Darwin", I suggested that science doesn't know everything, that there might be a reality beyond science, and that religion might be about God and not merely about the human quest for a nonexistent God. These remarks got me condemned to whatever hell (PZ)Myers believes in. -"I am incredibly impressed with the achievements of science. But I don't think science is omniscient and I am not convinced that science will ever know everything."That is why I call God, the Source of the Atom and Electro-Magnetic Force Elements. I do not think Humans, even High Tech Science Humans, can ever Know the Source of the Elements, that make Life as we Know it, in the Seen and Unseen Universes.-reply by Dolores Lear


Ignorance - to Fear - to Violence - Cycle

Can There Be More Than One Universe?


The Ignorance - to Fear - to Violence cycle.


Did the ignorance of the USA as to who flew airplanes into our towers, cause fear, and violence to Iraq, who was not involved in the planes of 9/11? They did have some violent weapons like the USA does, but is that enough to attack them in war?


Did we as a country do just as Adkkison did, and attack innocent Humans like he did? How can Government Morals be any better, than their citizens that approve of Killing innocent Brothers/Sisters of Life, and ruin GODs Planet.


We are all victims of the Inequality of Human Life on Earth. Not just in War, but in all other phases of Killing our land, sea, and air.


With all our High Tech Science Knowledge of the Universe, we still act like Animals.


Did we really come from the Animals and Cavemen, or from the High Tech Science Male and Female Clone Humans in Genesis? We still do not accept if Life on Earth Evolved or was Created Supernaturally by the High Tech Science in Genesis.


When are we going to put our Actions where our Mouth is, and instead of 'Saying' we love God, and our Brothers/Sisters of Life, 'Live' like we do, like Jesus did?



-reply by Dolores Lear


---- ADMIN REPLY ----


I feel we are going a bit off topic. However, when we talk as humans, its basically a living group who have the Gift of Reasoning which no other living thing has.


This gift of Reasoning is used by man to find happiness but Today, I feel its being sought in a very odd direction. Exploiting Human senses OR Mental Greed is what we are defining as Happiness..


The true gift of human existence is Wisdom. This Wisdom is only the basic cause which balances Goodness among evil. Humans are intelligent enough to use wisdom and discriminative intelligence to cast away the temptation from its root and eradicate ignorance with knowledge & practice of wisdom. When one wisdom guided person inspires another, the Good will just spreads :-)




The Pill

Can There Be More Than One Universe?


Many families are smaller because of the Pill. Since the Pill, and, not having sex during the females fertile period, the population of the World, went from 1 billion in 1900, to 7 billion in 2011.


Females had found ways to use preventives for pregnancy, use abortion, and males withdrew. But in the last 100 years, with the Pill and all our ways to prevent pregnancy, Body Birth has resulted in 7-1 ratio of more humans.


China put the limit of one child per family to try to control the population explosion, and Singapore has less than 2 children per couple, because the female uses abortion, instead of protection.


Pro-Life Proponents of no premarital sex, and marital chastity to prevent so many children, does not seem to work, and neither does the Pill or male withdrawal. So what are Humans to do to control a Pleasure Sexual Revolution Population Explosion? Nuclear War?


Our High Tech Ancestors, became Asexual, and Reproduced in a High Tech Lab, a Male and Female Asexual Clone Helpmeet, that Take Control and Care of the Life reproduced on their Planet. Is that the Way we are heading in our High Tech today?


We do reproduce a fetus in the lab, without the sex act, and Know how to Clone Copies. Humans need to accepted that Earth was Colonized by Human Male and Female Asexual Clones, that reproduced Male and Female Clones, Adam and Eve, not Reproduced by Body Birth.


We need to accept and understand about a High Tech Science Human Society, that has Eternal Physical Life After Birth. They do not do the sex act for pleasure or reproduction.


This is what is called in religion, Life After Death in Heaven, where there is no marriage or Body Birth reproduction, Inequality, Inhumanity, Pain, Sorrow, Killing, War or Death.




-reply by Dolores Lear


------ Admin Reply -----------


Eternal Physical Life After Birth. -> Not Possible. Physical Life = Death is Inevitable.


Sex is just a desire. Just like Money, Drugs etc.


However, the science of Spirituality requires Wisdom and going above the domain of MIND. The Qualities we are talking here assume soo much of Love and Wisdom that the question of sex does not arrive.


You cannot become HIGH TECH human by putting in a PLUG / Chip in brain. What will you do about Emotions?


Lets not confuse the THEORY of "More than One Universe" on the topic of sex and culture-less evolution.


-Shree (Xisto.com)


Death Practices

Can There Be More Than One Universe?


There can be more than One Universe, and when Humans on Earth use their High Tech Science fo Life instead of Death, we can make spaceships that can escape the Death of their Universe.


Ever since Adam and Eve Sinned, and Human Death resulted, many religious, and non religious Death Practices, have been passed down, through all the Races, Countries and Religions.


From cremation of a person on a bier, still practiced, to Cremation today, is the best Way to do away with a Dead Physical Body. Humans have used many good acres of land for the Dead, that 'do' return to GODs Elements After Death, whether on, or in the ground, or in water, in Urns, and today in space capsules rocketed from a High Flying Jet.


No matter how Humans are disposed of, there are different rituals and memories for the Dead, and many memorial icons and Cemetery buildings erected, that take up Land area, that should be used for the Living. Do we really need these grave reminders, to remember the Dead? Why?


What about all the people that burn up, or are drowned, and have no remains? Memorials are usually erected for them also. How does it make the Poor feel, when they cannot afford such a magnificent ceremony?


There are many roadside memorials. Why? To remind us we are mortals searching for immorality? Immorality for Humans can only happen, when Humans reproduce Perfect Humans in a High Tech Womb, and with High Tech Regeneration, keep their Bodies and Minds Alive, in Perfect Human Bodies.


Jesus is one example of this, and there may have been others in religious writings, 'taken to Heaven, Alive', like Jesus. We do have Regeneration High Tech Science, today.


I have been put in a deep sleep like Adam, and have new parts or corrections to help me Live longer, so High Tech Regeneration, is already a part of our High Tech Society.


Eternal Human Life, 'is' for High Tech Science Human Beings, on Planets and in Spaceships. The Dead return to GODs Elements.





-reply by Dolores Lear


Supernatural Gods

Can There Be More Than One Universe?


Where are Journalists, that could write about a High Tech Slant on Religious Writings? Where did all the Supernatural Gods, Goddesses and Angels come from in Religious and Myth writings? From people's imagination, or real events?


All parts of our Home Planet, have religions about Supernatural God Humans. Even New Guinea, with the Cargo Cult, that started in WW2, calling our pilots flying in supplies to our Army Base, Gods.


This proves Humans without High Tech Science Knowledge, that experience Flying Humans in airplanes or Spaceships, do Call High Tech Science Flying Humans, Supernatural 'Being' Gods.


Humans in the Past, also described God, as Higher 'Beings', Spirit 'Beings', (whatever a Spirit Being is) Goddesses, and Angels. Genesis, is about our High Tech Ancestors, taking humans with them in their vehicles, and 'spiriting' them from one place to another; ergo: Caught up in the Spirit.


Jesus, coming up from the water at Baptism; the Spirit like a dove descending upon him. Mark 1:12. KJV. "And immediately the Spirit driveth him into the wilderness." He was not chased, but transported, in the Spirit vehicle.


The Supernatural Creation of Life on Earth, and the Reproduction of Perfect Humans, is about a High Tech Science Human Society, that Colonize Planets, and Reproduces Pure-bred Humans in a High Tech Science Womb; Eve Cloned from Adam's rib.


Why is it so difficult to translate all this Past supernatural happenings, with our High Tech Science today? High Tech did not happen on Earth, until today? Fiery chariots and thrones up in the air? Impossible?


Because all the people in the Past, were ignorant of High Tech Science? Those Higher 'Beings' were not Human? Even though we are in their Physical Image?


The Noah/Atlantis Society, also had High Tech Science, before the Planetary Flood. Science Fiction is Fact today as it was in the Past!




-reply by Dolores Lear



Can There Be More Than One Universe?


When we consider that the Original Humans, the Adam and Eve Colony, lost their Virginity, with the Heterosexual Sex Act, that Reproduced Mis-bred Humans, Cain, Abel, and since, all Humans on Earth, we will understand what Jesus said, about Entering Heaven, as a little child.


Little children cannot reproduce by Heterosexual Body Birth, Until they mature. Heterosexual Body Birth, makes Human Inequality and Inhumanity, Killers, and Abusers of All God's Life on Earth, including their Home Planet.


Any Human on Earth, born in Sin, cannot enter into the Physical Heaven of 'God', our High Tech Ancestors, until they are 'Regenerated' by High Tech, to a Pure-bred Physical Body, like Jesus was.


Then Jesus was Seen departing from Earth, on the right hand side of our Ancestors, the Pilot of the saucer or?, that took him to the Spaceship. The Heaven to Fallen Humans without High Tech Science, is a Spaceship, the Chariots of the Gods, and, a High Tech Science Planet, the Mansions of Gods in the sky.


We do need a High Tech Science Translation of the King James Bible, All Scripture and Myth, to find the Truth of Eternal Physical Human Life After Birth on Planets and in Spaceships.




-reply by Dolores Lear



Little children = Babies have NEGLIGIBLE EGO. Only primordial ego of "I".


As kids grow, we all know what happens .. and how surroundings affect its virgin mind


-shree (admin-Xisto.com)


Humanae Vatie

Can There Be More Than One Universe?


Humanae Vatie is Latin for 'Of Human Life'.


Fallen Humans need to 'Know' Why their 'Human Life', is Born 'in the Original Sin'. Today we have the High Tech Science to Know what that Original Sin was.


'Supernatural' High Tech Science Peace Humans Colonized Earth, and Equal Perfect Peace Human Male and Female Clones, were Reproduced in a High Tech Science Womb.


Males, and their Female Clone Helpmeets made from the Male Rib, had the Same Equal Genetics, and Physical Appearance. With High Tech Science 'Regeneration', They 'do' have 'Eternal Physical Life After Birth', on Planets and in Spaceships. Humans made by Body Birth call them Higher 'Being' Gods.


The Clones Reproduced the Adam and Eve Peace, Equal Clone 'Helpmeet' Colony, in their Image. Why Asexual Male Clones, Started Unequal Heterosexual Body Birth Reproduction, with their Female Sister Clones, the Original Sin, still needs an Explanation.


This Original Human Sex Act, Reproduced Inbred/Mis-bred Unequal Human Males and Female 'Mates,' with different Genetics and Physical Appearance. Their Fallen Lifestyle resulted in Physical Death After Birth.


The High Tech Noah/Atlantis Society had a High Tech Science and Population Explosion, like we have had today. Their Weapons of Massive Destruction and their Pollution on land and sea, Caused the Planetary Flood. Not God.


Body Birth Humans again, Repopulated our Home Planet. In 1900, Earth had 1 Billion Humans. Humans again had a High Tech Science and Population Explosion. In 2011, the Population count will be 7 Billion, and we have Nuclear bombs and Pollution, on land and sea.


Today's Human Planetary Judgement Day Fire, Humans are setting up, will also get rid of our Population Explosion. Not 'God'.


There is a High Tech Science Knowledge, to support a Controlled Human Peace Population, with Eternal Physical Life After Birth, on Planets and in Spaceships.


-reply by Dolores Lear



Can There Be More Than One Universe?


God does not have, and did not make, the Evil Human Streak, Humans did.

God is not a 'He'. God 'Is' the Unknown Maker, of the Seen and Unseen Elements of Atoms and Electro-Magnetic Force. God makes All Life, visible and invisible in the Universes.


The Human Gods that Colonized Life on Earth, were Seen. They were our Human High Tech Science Ancestors. In Genesis, Our Planet was Colonized by the Higher 'Being' Humans Species.


Our Ancestors do not have a Cruel Streak. Earth's Eco System was in Balance, and our Ancestors Reproduced the Perfect Human Species, in their Image. The Perfect Human Ancestors that Colonized Earth, did not Reproduce Mis-bred Killer Humans.


The Original Perfect Human Colony, made Mis-bred Killer Humans by Heterosexual Body Birth. These Defective Human Fruits of the Tree of LIFE, have the Genetic Cruel Streak that Kill, not only Humans, but All Life on Earth.


Now Killer Humans have High Tech Nuclear Weapons, that will be used for the End of Life on Earth. God, nor our Ancestors Kill. Mis-bred Humans Kill.


For the past 100 years, Humans have re-learned the High Tech Science of Colonizing a Planet. We also Reproduce the Human Fetus in the Lab, and Use the High Tech Regeneration Science of Body Parts.


Humans Know how to Clone Life in the Lab, and fly up in the air and out into Space like our Ancestors. Fallen High Tech Original Humans, and the Noah/Atlantis High Tech Society, were translated as the Gods in Religion and Myth.


Thou Shalt Not Kill, and Turn The Other Cheek, 'spoken' by the Earth Gods, are not observed by their Worshipers, in Pagan Temples made by Human Hands.


GODs Temple is LIFE, and the Pure-bred Human Species 'are' the Caretakers, on Planets and in Spaceships.




-reply by Dolores Lear


The Family

Can There Be More Than One Universe?


I am glad there is an entity named 'The Family', with its Civil and Religious history.


I have suspected and written about, a Right Wing branch of Religion, that I thought began since the 1960s, in the Baptist Religion in Texas. They started organizing men and women, to run for local government, all the Way to Vice President Cheney and President Bush. I suspect Cheney is one of the big Honchos in The Family.


To me their Movement was all about using the Christian Religion, to Control and to Conquer the Governments in the USA, and beyond to the Whole World. The USA does have military bases, all around the Planet, and many nuclear bombs on land and sea. Do any other Countries have this?


I wonder if The Family is part of the Religious Right Movement? Or, if the different groups have joined together, as The Family.


All the Mysteries about Human Life on Earth in the Past and Today, are being revealed today. It is exciting times.




-reply by ggkaty -at yahoo.Com


Can we understand the Universes before we Understand Killer Human Species Life on Earth?

Can There Be More Than One Universe?


It 'is' necessary to read Scriptures and Myth 'Literally', to understand the Recorded Supernatural Actions of Gods, Goddesses, and Angels.


They are either, our 'Supernatural' High Tech Peace Human Ancestors, or, the Killer Human Noah/Atlantis Society.


Humans Caused the Noah/Atlantis Flood, with Unbalanced High Tech Pollution, and Nuclear Bombs and Waste. God our Human Ancestors, Do Not Kill.


Mis-bred Humans Kill. Humans will also Cause the Judgement Day Fire, not God.


Fallen Humans translated ancient writings as supernatural. In Genesis, 'God' Colonized Earth, made Adam, and made Eve from Adam's rib.


These Perfect Human Clones, lost their High Tech, when their Mis-bred Children were born by Heterosexual Body Birth, and Death began.


Body Birth Humans 'did' regain High Tech Science, in the Days of Noah and Atlantis, just as Humans have today. The Noah/Atlantis Humans, nor Humans today, Evolved from subhumans.


In Genesis 1, the watery atmosphere was changed, by High Tech Colonization, to an atmosphere with half the waters going above the atmosphere, making an Ice-Crystal Canopy. The waters below made the sea.


The Ice Crystal Canopy, did fall during the Year-long Planetary Noah Flood. The Ice is at our Poles.


I describe this Lost Knowledge, on my web site. Put Dolores Lear on Google, then on my web site under Flood.


The Earth had a Balanced Axis, that was tilted during the Flood. The seasons began. A rainbow appeared in the changed atmosphere.


Earth 'cannot' have another Planetary Flood, without an Ice-Crystal Canopy.


Ever since Perfect Adam and Eve, made Imperfect Killer Humans by Heterosexual Body Birth, Humans have been Killing All Life on our Planet Spaceship Home.


Equal Male and Female Clone Human Life, the Peace Gods of Religion, do Have Eternal Physical Life, on Planets and in Spaceships.


Maybe, the world is big, and living on earth is small conpared the the universe and how kings and queens rule and the government. Think about it, like is really crazy, but best not thing too far ahead.


Descriptive Title for Opinion/FeedbackCan There Be More Than One Universe?My understanding of space is that it is infinite. Current theory suggests that our universe was created in a "big bang" and it is expanding out in all directions. If this is true, what is the so called universe expanding in to? There is no reason why there can not be other big bangs happening elswhere in space. Just because we can not see them dose not mean they don't exist.-reply by Author Name - e.G. John, MikeKeywords:


It seams, to me, that in  infinite space,  our universe may just be held to the value of an exploding atom, in a chain reaction of infinite exploding atoms. With in a star of another universe. And so on.  That would truly be infinate, right?

-reply by RickKeywords: more then one univere


Many of us say that this is illogical, that there is only one universe, and that we cant travel through or reverse time.




The world outside of ours cannot be determined by our intelligence. You cannot possibly understand the whole universe, or universes.

We still have a lot to know about life. Maybe it IS possible that there is more than one universe, similar to positives and negatives of mathematics. A positive has a negative to it, so why can't there be a forward and backwards universe?


Have YOU ever traveled through a wormhole? No, I dont think so. Just because you think its illogical, it isn't illogical for a fact. If a reverse universe exists, it would be logical to that universe and illogical to them of our existence.


Theories and Myths... "You can't actually prove it..."

Tell me... Can YOU prove that there is no reverse universe out there? I guess this will keep you thinking.


How can one even know if there's more than one universe? And how can someone determine that there's only one universe? These are all just theories, so no one can know the true answer. Everyone says its illogical, and that we cant travel through or reverse time. How can you know that? We aren't even capable of leaving our Solar System. No one here will ever be able to even knwo if there is a reverse universe. How would you know? How do people even know that the universe is expanding? By looking at the stars and seeing them get farther and farther away? We are looking to simple devises to get all of these answers? They aren't even proven, which means that they're only theories and myths. And theories and myths are educated guesses.

-reply by SarangHae

Alex Cicala

My theory about different dimensions comes under one phrase/statement."Imagine, if there was a different dimension for every second of every day of every year, and every different variation that we know of."Please tell me what you think of that....


My theory about different dimensions comes under one phrase/statement.


"Imagine, if there was a different dimension for every second of every day of every year,

and every different variation that we know of."


Please tell me what you think of that....

I highly doubt we're constantly moving to a brand new universe every instant. That would mean that there are...


There are approximately 31,104,000 seconds in a year. If we figure that the universe is 10 billion years old (it is actually older, but these numbers are too large for calculators and 10 billion is easy to work with ), then the universe is 31,104,000 seconds * 10 billion years = 3.1104 * 1017 (311,040,000,000,000,000) seconds. Assuming that there is a whole new universe for every second, this is how many universes there are. If you assume that there is a different universe for every millisecond, then there are 3.1104 * 1020 311,040,000,000,000,000,000 universes in existence. If we assume a new universe at every nanosecond, that becomes 3.1104 * 1026 (311,040,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) universes.


The numbers are huge, and while it certainly provides no evidence against your hypothesis, it to me makes it seem kind of crazy.

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