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Can There Be More Than One Universe?


I think this universe we live in is trhe only one. It is totaly against science. The science predictates that our universe is endless, and I dont know why, but I trust in science... I can not imagine this space with no borders. From the begining of my life, evrerything I saw had an start and the end... But, look in the sky, you can see there are many, many stars, a long distance is between us and these stars, and again, I belive if someone lives on planets can see further than us...


I think this universe we live in is trhe only one. It is totaly against science. The science predictates that our universe is endless, and I dont know why, but I trust in science... I can not imagine this space with no borders. From the begining of my life, evrerything I saw had an start and the end... But, look in the sky, you can see there are many, many stars, a long distance is between us and these stars, and again, I belive if someone lives on planets can see further than us...

Like he said....they say the universe is endless....but isnt the univers defined something like its everything (nice summary huh?) but seriously how could there be another one? if the universe is EVERYTHING then how could there be another universe?


well i believe in God so i think that there isn't another one, however if you are an evolutionist (believe in evolution, big bang etc.) then thats a different story.FOR (if your an evolutionist): our universe was created by a peice of dirt suddenly appearing and then deciding to spin around really fast. so it plausaable that other universes was created like this too.AGAINST (if your an evolutionist): As i said above you universe was created by a peice of dirt that decided it wanted to spin around real fast, However our universe is still growing at the speed of light so if there was another universe it would be so far away that the expansion of our univesre connot colide with the other universes expansion. or maybe this would be the end of the universe...........


But think this way too.... There is no space for two universes... If one is endless, where you can put other one??? If this we live in is endless, there can't be another becouse there is no space to put secound, becouse if you have two or more universes, you must have a barriers to make them separate... But scientists belives our is endless... So... What can I add?!I belive in God, and in one universe...


I agree with the above post. Look at the definition and general statement when you see the word "universe". Since the universe is endless, and there is no end, then how could there be more than one? It is up for debate and thinking though. Think about things closely and recall the ideas of the big bang theory. The huge explosion caused the expansion that is still progressing today. But remember, everything in space has a beginning and an end. Once the universe has stopped expanding, and it will (although billions of years from now), it will obviously then contract. What will be left? Everything will condense once more into a big ball of crap, and that'll be all there is? A very interesting topic no doubt.


well to be true nothing is impossible it may be possible that we may have more than one universe.infact i strongly beleive that there are more than one universe all we need to do is to discover and we may also find life existing somewhere.In this world we have a lot of things that one cant explain and they are still undiscovered.Well there must be a way which caused life to be generated on earth.it must have come from some permutations and combinations.so if the same permutation and combination could happen elsewhere why cant there be another universe wher life exists.


I don't follow the finite/infinite or bounded/unbounded concepts, but I do believe that by definition the universe is all space and time. In other words, if we discover something "else", wouldnt we would just classify it as part of the current universe we never found before? Or we would redefine the term "universe", or even just call it something else.


My opinion is that there is another universe.At the beginning of the school year, my history teacher has briefly explained the universe story.The universe was created in a fraction of a second with the Big Bang theory. Galaxies were seeded soon and as the Milky Way galaxy develops etc,etc.We haven't explored enough to find out possibilities. I think that all we have explored are around the Milky Way galaxy (by bots).Maybe we will discover this in another 3 million years. LOL Our universe is approximately 15 bya (billion years old).


Well, maybe it wouldn't be an alternate universe. Maybe ours just goes on forever.


Even though universes may have no end, that doesn't mean there can't be another one out there. I might not be right next to our universe but there may be something in between. No one can definately say that there isn't another universe because no one has been outside our universe to prove it. Look at it this way, we all once thought that everything revolved around the Earth thanks to Aristotle. Everyone believed it until Copernicus came along and said now wait a minute, everything revolves around the sun. That changed beliefs of everyone and started confusion. Galileo confirmed that not everything revolves around the Earth, but the planets revolve around the sun and moons revolve around the planets. Everyone also once believed that things travel in straight lines until we found that there is some mysterical force pulling down upon them to make it curve. (gravity) So really we might think there is one universe now but there may be others out there, we don't know how big space is, and we might not ever for generations. But I like to keep open the possibilites. If there is one universe that's cool too, doesn't really matter at this moment in time though.


I dont know why there are some who are voting for a single universe. It has already been proven that there are others or at least i thought it has. It would be ignorant to think there wasnt. What makes humans so special to think that we are the only life in the universe? There are planets in our own solar system that could have supported life at one time or another.


I dont know about other life forms out there. Statistics point to the probability that they do exist.


It is very difficult to say that something couldn't exist (except perhaps in mathematics), although the proof lies with the claimant if that person says an additional universe does exist.


But what qualifies an alternate universe? What item of evidence would point to it? What piece or sets of pieces combined would show that its not just an extension of the current universe? I'm not up to speed on physics, but to my knowledge no-one has a clue.


I think the best we can do for now is say that it's possible. But then again, few things arent.

I can see why people enjoy the relative finality of mathematics


I do think it is possible to have an alternate universe. Anything is possible and can be unusually mysterious. I think people should keep an open mind until someone can prove that such an alternate universe exists.


the definition of universe is something along the lines of "everything" (cliche i know!) so i really dont think that there is place to be open-minded here. because nothing can be outside of everthing...just my thoughts


I love ther idea of there being an alternate universe - the thought that there's an alternate 'me' out there and that she's different due to the choices in her life. I like too see how her life turned out opposed to mine, but I find it a little hard to believe. I suppose, rationally, there has to be millions of alternate universes out there splitting off from every choice we've ever made but I just have difficulty picturing it is all.


what is the scientific definition opf a universe anyway? you would first have to know it before being able to determine if it's a possibility of more than one. "uni" suggest 1 of something....but 1 of WHATuni is a prefix of verse....so what is VERSE. it can also be possible that uni is NOT a prefix of universejust some things to think about that i have no clue on. maybe someone can inform me...


Who knows. Just imagining something like that is crazy. Just the size of it all.


I think that it's possible not like as a fantasy, but actually as different "states" of the universe.It's not something like "going through a black hole and ending up in a different universe"... more like "time isn't constant and hence we conclude that some parts of the universe are in different time states and space... etc."Somewhat going past the 4th dimension, but like I said this isn't supposed to sound like some comic book or a crappy sci fi movie.

amit nigam

actually its not as some people hav put it....tht universe consists of everything....actually universe, as we know it, consists of everything that is in this universe.....it has been proved that their are wormholes thru which one can go from one universe to another...and as far as i know this is not a concept of some fiction writer but the result of work done by or done over some theories of great scientists like Albert Einstein and others..

Cerebral Stasis

I don't see how that could possibly have been proven, amit, since in order to "prove" something scientifically, you must be able to test it, and there is no way to test to see if an object going through a wormhole will arrive in another dimension, at least not at this point in time.And no, alternate universes have not been proven, although multiple dimensions are highly probable, as is quantum entanglement, but neither necessarily point to a multiverse.

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