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Can There Be More Than One Universe?


Parallel universes cannot exist within the same space due to the properties of atoms. However, other universes could coexist in different spaces. But the real question is what exists outside the multiverse.

Cerebral Stasis

The universes may not exist in the same place as we see it, but in the same place yet on different universal frequency ranges, so to speak, perhaps. That doesn't mean that if our earth would disappear all the other earths in all the other universes would as well - the atoms are not shared interdimentionally, but there may be identical earths in different dimensions that exist in the same physical place that ours does. Perhaps the atoms even are shared between universes, as this article states:

hen one studies the properties of atoms one found that the reality is far stranger than anybody would have invented in the form of fiction. Particles really do have the possibility of, in some sense, being in more than one place at one time.

If the atoms do not technically exist in more than one place in once, they may seem to, as is the case with .


If there was another universe it wouldn't be another one. It would have to be somehow conected to our universe somhow and then if it was it would be the same universe. It's kindof like sayong that inside your house and outside of it are two different sorlds.

Ever watch the movie men in black? A univers can be as small as a marble. If so it would be possible for 2 universes to coenside within eachother all the while remaining compleatly seperate. Here's a question though. where does space end? is it like pac man where when you get to one side you pop out on the other? is space round? how big is space? And correct me if i am wrong but a univers is when object rotate around a star, thouse objects could be other stars planets and debree.

Cerebral Stasis

I wouldn't base my ideas off of games and movies for the sake of avoiding ridicule if I was you, but in this case, who knows. Supposedly, the universe never ends, so it's like walking on an inverted earth, meaining that if you keep going in one direction you'll end up where you started (although I may be wrong and it's a bit hard to imagine).


Definitely there may be another universe, because what we humans know about the worlds other than the Earth is just like a specke or a drop of water in an Ocean. We may come to know about another Universe in case if the Science has grown enough to reach beyond the billions and billions of stars and galaxies.

Cerebral Stasis

Listening to audio books such as A Short History of Nearly Everything, it's amazing how much we know about the universe without even leaving our solar system. On the other hand, it's a bit depressing, since it really puts the size of space into perspective. The author of A Short History of Nearly Everything says that he thinks it's unlikely that humans will EVER leave their own solar system, simply because it is so unbelieveably massive (apparently the length of the sun to Pluto is only a small faction of the actual size of the solar system).


i really think there is more than one universe. it's a bit selfish of our part,humans,to assume we are the only ones that live in this giant universe,don't you think? i'm pretty sure that we have company somewhere in space and i also thing that we probably are a kind of a "recent" aquisition,i mean,the universe has bilions and bilions of years,numbers that i can't even tell and where we are,with only a "few" of them,comparativly. and we don't know a lot of our own earth,much less from the universe. so we never know.. maybe some day other habitants from this or another universe come knock on our "door" and then we will see.


There has been a theory put up in the recent years. They call it , the string theory. According to that theory, it is possible to have 11 dimensions. While we would get ourselves lost if we start getting to imagine about the fourth dimension itself, things could get pretty complex moving to eleven dimensions. And this theory ,does support the idea of parallel universes . And with worm holes, one can get to see parallel universes in a matter of time. There are an ocean of ideas to be explored which are in the same league as Parallel universes. But it would take an Issac Newton or Einstein to get that far, i guess ...


The term "Universe" is just to describe what everything there is, is in! You cant say there is another universe because then these "two" universes would just be inside THE universe which hold the two smaller universes.


is very difficult to explain, estiphen hockings said in his book that the univers vas born by the big bang, but only this univerce, to have the existance of another there should be another bigbang, in my opinion


It depends on how you see it. I saw somewhere that describes every decision that we make as a different universe. Basically, you start with an object and everything that can happen to it becomes an alternate universe.Let's take a human for example. If we use the theory we mentioned above, every moment of our life is an alternate universe. Because the above made no sense, I'm going to try explaining it again. Think of it as a tree. A tree starts off as a small seed and it gradually grows. Every branch it spawns is an alternate universe that is just exactly like ours, except it's slightly different in terms of what happens. And there is an infinete amount of branches.And because I suck at explaining stuff, I'm just going to say, if you want to know more, delve your mind into the depths of String Theory. It's really interesting.


there has to be more than one universe, but before anyone gets on me allow me to explain, if space just keeps expanding, which in theory it is, how would it be expanding if it was already the only thing in exsistance? i mean if it is expanding where is tyhe point of didfference from where it has started and where it is now? is there just nothing outside the expansion, even so, would this nothing be considered another universe anyway, because of it not being the universe, than it would have to be something else, also, i dont think there is infinate universes, i think there is just two, the one we are in, and an alternate mirrored universe, like ying and yang it keeps our universe nin check, as do we thiers, i just find any other concept ilogical, but thats just one guys opinionalso like abover, i would recomend donnie darko to anyone with any questions about the concept of reality. also it is a real entertaining trip


i don't know that is the whole reason i think there might be other universes just because we don't have the capability to go check doesn't mean that it is not there. I think that is even more reason to suupect that there are other universes because we can't go and see it could quite easily be that there are other universes out there. But it would be so cool if we could go and check and see if there are or are not. But then you could laso look at it int he other way that there can't be another universe because if our universes is infinate then that means it goes on for ever and then there could not be another universe beyond ours if that is the case. I suppose it depends just how your point of view is to what you will think about this topic but i still leaning towards the possiblity that there are other universes !!

Cerebral Stasis

Quantum physics is a science of possibilities instead of reality, and therefore it is quantum physics that gives us the proof of alternative universes. There is one experiment in which photons are shot through a slit one at a time, yet they seem to be infered with by another photon that we cannot detect, so scientists have concluded that a photon in a parallel universe is what caused that interference. String theory also has a similar concept of parallel universes.

For more on the "slit" experiments and the concept of interference without visibly physical means, I highly recommend this video. It doesn't talk so much about parallel universes as it does simply the concept of function collapsing due to observation, another property of quantum physics, but it is still quite informative.


I voted yes. But I think it depends on your perception of what in your mind is the universe, I think of it as an ever growing and expanding...everything in entirety, including what one might see as multiple universes or dimensions, but that they're all on different levels and frequencies, sort of like a radio (the kind you talk into, not the kind you listen to music on)


Nobody really knows what lies out there, maybe theres some other sort of life form out there! No one really knows. We dont have enough facts to prove if there is or if there isn't


this sort of thing actually interest me a lot ,i had seen a show on discovery which actually dealt with a guy who was making a time machine ,the show discussed many ways how a time machine could be made what they said was all confusing but ill share here whatever they said ,1. time machine could be made by revolving earth and reaching your initial position before you even leave now please don't ask me how that's possible because this is what they said ,they said that if we reach before we leave we can go to the past2. the other way actually goes like thissee if i run at 2 km/hr speed you run at 1 km/hr speed in the same direction you would find me running at 1 km right?but the case in light is different ,plz don't ask me i don't know whylike if i m going at speed of light and your are running at half the speed ,ypu'll find me running at the speed of lighti know it looks illiogical but they say these are the basic characteristics of lightyou can naver understand physcist!


If there was more than 1 universe it wouldn't change anything because space shuttles can only just about get to pluto and back so people would'nt be able to even get out of our own solar system never mind our universe. So i think there is only 1.


When we say 'more than one Universe', do we really mean to say multiple universes or is it Parallel universe that we are thinking about? These two concepts are phenomenal however the idea of Parallel universe doesnt seem to be logical to me for one. There sure could be (and I am pretty sure there are) more than one universes as the Space is almost Infinite atleast in theories but are these 'Other universes' linked to ours in a way that we can relate to them seems rather a far fetched idea to me.

Cerebral Stasis

When I think "multiverse", I think of multiple "dimensions" that share the same space as our universe, but all contain different matter (just in a different phase state, as someone from Star Trek would say). It's like a bunch of rooms lined up with no windows or doors - if you look at them from a certain angle, they will all line up and appear to be as one, but they are actually sharing the same plane. None of these "universes" (in this case, the rooms) would be truly aware of the existance of the neighbors unless they were able to punch through the wall from one to another. As odd as it sounds, this would be much more feasable than actually travelling from planet to planet by moving through space, since the distances between dimensions may not be as large as one would think.

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