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Google Web Accelerator Speed up the web


I used to use Google Web Accelerator. My total accelerated Internet loading time was 1.2 days. It saved me a total of 1.2 days loading time for pages. But after reformatting my hard drive, I decided it wasn't required. So now I don't use it.Get Firefox and try it out if you like.


I have tried this. It works worth beans. I have dial-up, So naturally, I try to speed this up any way possible. But this was the worst this I have tried yet. In fact, I would have thought it was slowing me down. So I took it off.


The Google Web Accelerator does nothing but simply caching all your visited webpages so it will load from cache if the site is visited again. The cache is stored on your computer, hence loading from it will be alot faster than loading from the original site. It is similar to Opera's way of being the fastest browser. However Opera includes additional pipelines to grab site contents faster than any other browsers.

However there is a disadvantage. Say if you are visiting a stock exchange website, everytime you visit you will be expecting updates and changes to the site contents. Having this web accelerator running would most probably load the previous visited site from its cache to load fast, hence you will not see the updated information from the orginal page. You will have to do a manual refresh to the page to view the up-to-date contents. At the time, it also updates the cache stored on your system. Every time you visit the page, it may happen again.

I used to use Google Web Accelerator. My total accelerated Internet loading time was 1.2 days. It saved me a total of 1.2 days loading time for pages. But after reformatting my hard drive, I decided it wasn't required. So now I don't use it.
Get Firefox and try it out if you like.

It is not a great requirement for browsers. Since you've reformatted your harddrive, your cache will be cleared off as well, leaving your system as a brand new one. Surfing webpages will be slower than having the web accelerator installed, whether or not using a Firefox browser. It will load as slow on Firefox still. Hence doesn't make any difference using Firefox or not.


This google web accelerator would only be good if the website you are visiting limits your download speeds of the webpage, using separate proxies so that you can bypass the ?limit?


Do we really need web accelerators?? Really? I don't think that with broadband speeds ever increasing, there will be a market for them.


i've always had bad luck with web acceleerators. quite frankly, my current connection is fast enough to keep me away from these things even awhen i'm capped. i'd only give something like this a go if i was on dial up... ahh good old dial up. ;]


I had used google web accelerator of late. Seriously i did not like it. It was a piece of crap just occupying somevaluable portion of your browsers. I personally hate stuff like web accelerators, toolbars and similar stuff.


I did not notice on difference. It seemed nice to get at the begining but now I unistalled it and am done with it. Most web acelerators never work. I learned that through other people i know experiences with the, Its not worth the space.Sorry Google it was not good enough


I think who can feel the advantages is only for people that use DSL connection.....with dial up...i think...it nothing different...


I tried it out, it doesn't seem to be much faster at all, but it claims that after an hour of surfing, it saved me 5 minutes XP


this program helped me out 0% i think that it sucks honestly


If you want to speed up browsing, get a good hosts file. It will block all the ads that could slow things down


There are several pieces of software which do this (som can be quite expensive)The way it works, is their servers download the information, compress it, and send it to your computer which unzips the information, and displays it.this can increase broadband speeds by up to around 400% but id be interested to see that google have created a version of it.woo - this is my 100th post!!


What isn't google going to make? They make everything, it's brilliant really. Soon they may even take over Microsoft lol!


Google Accelerator is really a failure, at first couple of uses you notice some increase in speed but as you browse more web pages, articles and images it will get slower and eventually be unbearable. If you want to speed up your internet then you should upgrade your bandwidth from your ISP, that would be your best option really.


I have just instaledgoogle web accelerator, and so far, it seems to have made mt internet run slower. I hope things will inprove when i restart my computer, or as i use it more.Anyway, its only the BETA version, so hopefully, the full version will be better!


I needed to switch Google Accelerator when I used IE as my browser and I needed some ActiveX stuff on the page. It did not work together at all. This time, the ad about google accelerator was not accurate. Even the info about saved time was like really science fiction ...BRs,M.


I don't know it really is, but it sure didn't increase my internet speed.After downloading it, i ended up sacrificing a chunk of my hard disc space, with nothing really in return.I doubt if it's meant for internet speed increse.


I'm not sure how long some of you tried these for, but I was reading on the site (No I haven't tried it yet, I'm a mac user and there's no release for mac yet.)To my understanding from what I read, it's the idea of keeping saved versions of your most frequently visited pages, and each time you visit them, instead of re-loading information you've already seen, it only loads the changes. I suppose for something like that to work you'd have to use it for at least a week, if not longer.Just my 2 cents worth.


it is similar to the experiance I had with google desktop, which guzzles your ram.
but if anyone else has different opinions and experiance I am not disagreeing with them I am just stating my own experiance.

I have used google desktop and love it, just a comment, let it index your hard drive, then its doesn't use so much ram.

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