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I've seen links to imgbucket but doesnt work *BLEEP*. Imageshack however is the best! I've tried picgoo, but after a while it just goes down!


here's a nice, quick, and easy image hosting site:



Yeah, thats what i host all of mine on But really, dont worry abut the bandidth limit when hosting with Photobucket because i read it was 500mb and even though this site gets 1000000 of visitors i doubt a gif or jpg file would go over (unless its over 450x150 id say)


I don't do that no more.....:)I'm clever...and yeah imageshack.us does rock......But sometimes they do delete your images that you upload....for some reason... o.O


great now we have a increasing number of image hosts which people can use to save their bandwidth.

If you have an account with graphics design,, etc and design for customers or friends, I reccomend you don't host their files for show and tell using your account. As they may hotlink your image and further increase your bandwidth use. I have talked to a few people who have done this and exceeded their bandwidth limit. So it is probably smart to use the above image hosts or another host for instances such as this.

Deaths Aprentice



I am using ImageShack and it hasnt been using up my BW.
Thats kool. Go for ImageShask and you wont have to loose your BW to ppl signing in from SEs.


I am using ImageShack and it hasnt been using up my BW.

Thats kool. Go  for ImageShask and you wont have to loose your BW to ppl signing in from SEs.


Thats who i use and they ARE THE BEST! Lol, use them and dont even bother about other providers!


it doesnt use "that" much bandwith, does it?


every page view, saying your sig is 20 kb, 50 vieuws would take 1 mb5000 viewers at trap 17 means 100 mb, the more popular the forums get, the more bandwith it takes you


i use imageshack.us it's very good and fast, i would never use my hosting account for avatar


Also, please do not use image links directly off an external website. Do not hotlink images from other website because in that case, the web site owner of that site is going to suffer. I had an issue a month back, a guy from an external site was blaming Xisto for his BW drain. That site was not hosted with Xisto but some user had hotlinked the image. Also, it is better that members who have cool graphics on their site, use the image hotlinking option in the cpanel to protect their own graphic files.



easy to use, they display a browse form right away, you select your pic and it gets uploaded instantly with multiple results:

forum link (clickable thumbnail):[url=http://http://www.picsplace.to/5/1112/sneeuw1.JPG;forum link:[img]http://http://www.picsplace.to/5/1112/sneeuw1.JPG;

html code (clickable thumbnail):<a href="http://http://www.picsplace.to/5/1112/sneeuw1.JPG src="http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; alt="Image hosted by PicsPlace.to" ></a>html code:<img src="http://http://www.picsplace.to/5/1112/sneeuw1.JPG&%2334; alt="Image hosted by PicsPlace.to" >
direct link:http://http://www.picsplace.to/5/1112/sneeuw1.JPG


Anyone who needs up to 1 meg of space per picture and you need unlimited picture storage try ImageShack.


I personally was thinking about putting all of the pictures needed for my site on an external host...Either another free host that has unmetered bandwith or an image hosting service...Any ideas for one I could use without getting either side angry?


I use photobucket to host all my images.. I haven't had a problem with it yet. I've never tried imageshack so I don't know if its any better or worse, but I do know that photobucket has never caused me much of a problem


yeah thats where i host my images at photobucket and if it was a quick thing imageshack, but sadly though in order for me to do my sig rotator i have to have my images on my account and then some.


prodigy,you are the group of "unregistered"?i have noticed the problem long ago,i erased the avatar and image on my signature.now I am tring to build the new forum on my site just with text but no images,(the same as the Xisto's,like "New Topic" " Reply ",so so).This not only speeding the load time,but also discrease the bandwidth of my account.It was built by punbb,which the designing based on the xhtml 1.0 stict and css layouts.

electriic ink

Prodigy (I believe) was an ex-admin of Xisto but his account has been inactive for such a long time that the member pruning script removed his account.This may be an old topic but it is still relevant to today.


yeah it is a old topic i saw the saw october so i was like huh how did he post in here and thus saw the 2004. yeah for me im in a situation of having my images on my site and on a image hosting i could pm everyone with the new url hmmm. maybe i should do that save up on bw and change the scripts around just a bit.will take some time but will be fixed.


I use Simpload (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/). It's free, and has unlimited bandwidth. I use it for my sig pic and avatar, and I haven't had a problem since day 1. It also gives you the HTML and BBcode to quickly make use of it. One small bottleneck: You have to renew the hosting of a certain file after something like 100 days; just log in to the site, check the Extend time box for each shortly expiring picture, and click process.

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