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Christmas Is Comming Soon... And I dont know what I want...


I do not have a clue what I can ask for for christmas. I have 300 dollars to spend at best buy, and I have no clue what I want. Any suggestions?


Well let's see, there are video games for whatever consoles you have. You could even buy a PSP. Or you could look into some upgrades for your computer or a sound system if you have a car. You could get a television, dvd player. It really all depends on what you have, what you want, and what you like.


That's my same problem... the parents are constantly asking what I want... and for the life of me, I can't think of anything. I'm like -- uh, a cd? I don't know....It seemed so much easier when I was little and could just look through the Christmas Wish Book catalogue and find something that I wanted on every page.Come to think of it, ever since I've had my own spending money, I've really not been able to come up with a good Christmas list, because whenever there was something that I wanted, I went out and bought it.As for suggestions for you... are you into music, or movies, or books, or games? Do you need some new clothes or maybe toys. Hopefully we both can figure out something to ask for.


I've had the Christmas wish problem for while as well, and pretty much for the same reason. These days, it seems that all I need more of are more clothes (for home and for the workplace). Since I live overseas, just receiving the money to buy gifts is good enough, since I know what I want - even if I don't have a clue until the last minute.


That's true. Money is always good... just not nearly as fun to open up Christmas morning. But I really could do with some new clothes, but for that, I'd have to go with the money and buy them myself, because the parents are usually hopeless when it comes to that department.


I had the same problem. But think of it this way, this is the only time of the year where you can get something really good (Birthday too maybe) so don't waste this chance! Find something that you think you would really like and ask for it.


wish for something practical. how about a USB drive?


wish for something practical. how about a USB drive?


haha....a USB drive? That would be funny.


I think USB drive or practical stuff you can always ask your parents to buy you one anyway (no matter if it's christmas or not, because you need it anyway)...

So as a present, something less practical but more enjoyable would be my suggestion haha


I would go for osmething you are interested in. Not always practical, but always right Maybe a game, a TV. You can get nice ones these days. You could do a new computer games like a simulator if you are that type of guy. Like someone said, computer upgrading is always the right choice.I myself would do something like an electronic device. Maybe an Ipod, Radio, CD player? There is a lot out there. Maybe go sometime and check out what they have, then report back? Just a thought. Good luck.


ahhhh.. you have to remind me about christmas shopping. WOW. .lol.. I'm broek right now.. but i have to buy them for my friends since they're getting me something =(. Well.. i think you should invest your money in something useful.. like a new computer maybe. .or the one you're using are out of date =P. Or better, a new laptop. =P. .You could probably get a good deal from dell. (just find teh promotional code from stie such as https://slickdeals.net/ or http://www.digitaldeals.net/, but i don't hink you could buy a dell produce directly from bestbuy) Or another option is a digital camera.. Ipod would be nice too. .especailly the new Video ipod. =P


Okay, one of the things I never understood is why do people buy other people a gift card to a store?? I used to think that maybe to buy a lets say $50 gift card that you can use only at a store would cost about $40, but I realized that to buy a gift card to one specific store it costs the same as the money you pay for it. I wonder why do people like getting gift cards so much that restrict you to buying at only one specific store when you can just give a person money that you can spend wherever you want?


Well let's see,  there are video games for whatever consoles you have.  You could even buy a PSP.  Or you could look into some upgrades for your computer or a sound system if you have a car.  You could get a television, dvd player.  It really all depends on what you have, what you want, and what you like.


hmm hmmm i think im going to get a Xbox 360 but i heard it had alot of problems and i also am thinking about buying a laptop


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