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What Are Pros And Cons Of Ipods


Yeah yeah, I know, I'm sorta' late comin' in to this convo but then again I usually am, anyways:There are some very good pro's to IPOD, as mentioned however there are highly consequential cons to owning an IPOD as well, as also mentioned above, however one new factor that we should focus on is whether one outweighs the other. Hmm, let's examine this like a see-saw in which we weigh the good vs. the bad. One strong pro is that IPOD is capatible with ITunes which works both on PC and Mac. A strong con is that it's durability is so weak it's to the point where dropping it merely for the first time will screw with the screen interface (as seen on several occassions). These are just basic examples thus far, as I'm sure there are many more that'll turn the tide thusway and which. If we weigh the good vs. the bad in this way I do believe we'll arise to some form of outcome that we can all agree on based on the . Or at least a reasonable consensus. Anyways that was my two cents right there. Hope you got something strong out of it.


I have an iPod Video 30GB myself.Pros:Mods available - not supported by Apple, of course (rockbox is a good one)Supports mp3, mp4, aac, Itunes Lossless - not wmaMost popular out there! :)easy to use iTunes softwareCons:Too easy to scratch - buy a case once you get itdoes not support Atrac3, wma, ra - iTunes should be able to convert it automatically - I thinkEasy to break - only hard drive ones - drop from table onto conrete should break hard drive one.iTunes store too costly - use some other music service that give you unprotected content onlyEarphones they give you are not so great - but new ones at store, 30$ ones are ok.


i have only noticed one thing wrong with the ipod and its just the fact that it cant take as much abuse as the microsoft zune. other than that though i say get an ipod, i have a 4gb mini and it still works even though its like 5 years old, just recently i have saved enough money to buy the ipod touch and cannot wait to get it.


I got an ipod for the first time, an 8G 200$ so far it's great, I've got a case for it so it wouldn't scratch the "mirror" on the back...If's good for vids and pictures and of course music...-reply by c0mander


iPod vlunerabilityWhat Are Pros And Cons Of Ipods

The BIG problem with the iPod is the lack "portability" between computers... If you download the iTunes on your computer and then hae to change computers or wipe your hard drive clean, you are screwed!



Ipods in general are great mp3 players. They are a little on the expensive side (or used to be, when I got mine) but I think they're probably the best devices out there.The battery life on the new ipod touch is questionable according to a few of my friends but that could just be their expectations as my old ipod video battery life was pretty good in my opinion.They also look great, very sleek, compact and modern.The default earphones they give you aren't very good but that's easily fixed by going out and buying a higher quality pair (if you require the higher sound quality).You should probably buy a case also because stratches can become very unsightly. Personally I haven't had a single problem with my 4 year old ipod video and am very happy with it.I guess the main con about it is that you (generally, unless you use plugins or addons to other programs) HAVE to use itunes. It's the easiest way to update and maintain playlists etc on your ipod BUT it's not one of my favourite programs by any means.


I tunes?What Are Pros And Cons Of Ipods

Is it true that Ipods can only download music from Itunes? Thinking of getting one for pre teen granddaughter, but I'm sure her parents would balk at having to pay an arm and a leg for songs. There appear to be a few FREE sites for MP3 players and I'm thinking that might be the way to go. Thanks.

-reply by Joel


Hi!If you are planning to pay $220 for an iPod nano that can only store 4GB, I'd suggest you get an iPhone instead. You can get the iPhone for about $299 and you would have at least four times the storage space while having the ability to play video and make phone calls.The disadvantage of iPods/iPhones is that you have to use iTunes to sync your music. However, the availability of software applications from the AppStore, the quality of the device itself (especially the touch screen), and the frequency of firmware updates make it worth buying. It wouldn't replace a USB MP3 player - those are tiny enough to carry around everywhere and are cheap enough that you wouldn't mind losing them - but it would make a good addition to your electronic gadgetry.


I have the chance to get a 4 gig nano from best buy for $220... I'm wondering what the pros and cons of the ipod is, as I've heard a lot of mixed emotions about them... How is the quality of the device itself?Also, I don't have internet on my computer that has all of my music on it, will I still be able to transfer them to my ipod?
And what all file types does it support? I have wma, atrac3 and mp3 files, so would I have to convert my whole mysic collection?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

I have an iPod Touch 8GB and a iPhone 32gb 3G S, I have found no cons in Apple or iPods nor iPhones. My iPhone broke after me Dropping it (ops ) I said Apple the entire truth (it just broke I never dropped it ) I then get an email saying they will replace it with a brand new one. I think Apple are the best at customer satisfactory and will always buy an MP3 or Phone from them again.

Next point, Apps store & iTunes music. I have found the prices on iTunes for music very good and very easy to purchase on a iPhone Touch or iPhone. Though the app store I do find some that are quite expensive for some to entertain you for 10 minutes.

iTunes does transfer most of the files so it is compatible on your iPod or iPhone I have found this with mine I have downloaded a piece of music that is another file type once I import it, it will ask me if I want to convert it to a .whatever file (Can't remember) and it works fine.

I really do recommend an iPod or even better an iPhone 3G S.

- Ash.


I don't think any of the older ipods are worth getting..only the Itouches :)Pros:- tons of appications/games that you can install for free (that is if you jb it)-able to browse internet anywhere so long as there is wifi - it's like a personal PDA- Great battery life althoguh I can't say the same about the older ipods..Cons:-Battery life starts to loose charge after using it for a couple months..but no fear you could still replace the battery-Not really a con but the headphones that come with it is crap

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