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  1. If there were no piracy life would become better for some ie: the Head of some game manufactorer can buy a whole new mansion in south of france... (just an example) and harder for others ie: some who can't buy the expensive games or the seller who needs money to live.. (that's not an excuse) I'm not for piracy but the fact is: it will be there until something like a 128 bit alagorthim is introduced into a game... Sure owning a psp and seeing people get away with great games which you had to give an arm and leg for! but we have to live with it and accept such actions.. Then again if you are caught in my country with pirated software you are left for dead...! (in prison, Africa!) So all you can really do is be happy accept other peoples actions and do what you think is right.. Sure no-cd hacks can be a great help esepecially if you have a laptop but to use them for games which have been pirated and bought for 1 tenth of the price then i feel deeply sorry for them (or not), because they are criminals and have broken the law...!!!!.... Less pirated software = Lower prices and better games it's the way life works. So all you people who pirate software go be a better person and do everyone else a favour and don't pirate software. Yeah and homebrew and the stuff is nice and all but really whats so great in have to play GBA games on a PSP!! sure SCUMMVM games on the PSP was great especially sam and max but I seriously don't see the use in having a PDA psp where you can just use your phone or PC.... The psp is for games, the odd movie and maybe showing off your pictures but having things like quake or doom please get real (oh now there is things like windows ) .. There are some great games now like GTA:LCS and Burnout. Good thing sony is making people upgrade using games like GTA you have to upgrade but they still overide that oh well that's what I say and all opinion.. Enjoy Xmas and new year
  2. Sure you actually do need something like 10,000 views but not for a day but for a month... This gives businesses a sense of hope in their ads.. Also places like gamespy they have lots of ads, imagine how much poeple pay for them.. but until you have a site with over 10,000 a month don't expect much.. Try looking at Pointroll for it shows whats required also look at similar sites. Try get alot of links back to your site and try getting better google rank to get more cash if any..
  3. It does a few things:- Transfer of data between devices that have the bluetooth function- This can include images, videos, addresses and more- It is used to link devices so sharing of files is possible- Made to get rid of wires so things could get easier- Can be used for a headset, speakers, laptops, computers, and basically anything else that has bluetooth....It was done because infared sucked on phones because of the distance where as bluetooth had 10m distance Now you know
  4. mmm... not to be evil or anything but i'd rather keep my iPod than buy a whole new mp3 player cause it looks nice... my iPod is colourand has 40gbNot to forget the touch button thingy
  5. let's just chill and get over it... I've never has such probs but then again maybe it's because i use Opera ... Oh and if there were no rules then life would just get worse and there are rules so it lets others and you stay happy Rules = Control + Happiness + Security + + Opera = Great web browser
  6. I use fireworks but i havent used paint shop pro so i dont really know about it's features and so on. But i have used Corel Paint/photo which i find quite similar to fireworks but a tiny bit better because of it's features. But fireworks seems to do the job and im quite happy with its performance and it's features. The only real benefit of using it is because of it's ability to work with dreamweaver 8 and flash 8, cause ive been doing alot of flash buttons and banners lately. The top three i rekon would be:PhotoshopCorel StudiosFireworks
  7. First thing to really actually do is put your games on the FASTER drive, as this makes your games better and more enjoyable. So if your drives is something like 5400 rpm or 4800rpm (I don't know the exact) but you should or must put your games on the 5400 rpm etc. So depending on drive spead thats where i would put your games.With my drive 5400 it was good but when i got a better one (7600rpm) it was a big noticeable change of performance, the computer is only fast as it's weakest member !Then transfering you can just copy paste, then use Windocter to fix all the links etc. or some sort of familiar program. This one guy had an external and the drive letter changed so all his programs got messed so he used the program (win docter) and it fixed it all.
  8. Yeah i heard about that, also the error problem when playing some games. clearly microsoft rushed this so they could get in before the xmas end. All a comercial game for defective products. Wait and get it for your b-day next year when there are more games and it's been fixed up.Or you could just play PC games, there are some great ones ie: Half-Life 2 and Civ 4
  9. Now that's a bit dodgy, if it were so great then the quality would also. These days with so much type of photography and the such it makes you wonder whats real and whats not. I remember a seeing a picture where a shark was attacking a helicopter in a river, now that is dodgy.
  10. Mmmm.. kinda saw it when i went out earlier... There was the PC and PSP one not really noting if there was a PS2 one or not.. But there were lots of them, xbox hasnt launched yet so there wont be that here.I rekon it's where you go, the games thats going to be short is GTA:LCS and Earth 2160.
  11. Hey im also just getting cash or am i? But i'd rather get cash and buy stuff after xmas when all the prices drop.. Like instead of getting small stuff you can also add it to other cash thus getting bigger, better xmas presents.
  12. yeah there is also another one called the Aqua Car, search google and there is a whole site and everything. The only snag is it can't yet go under water, but atop it is fine. Quite nice looking and pritty fast.
  13. Now this is intresting, not to be a ruiner but every like 8th e-mail i get dies something similar, like adding ad's to your website or doing something like amazon etc. this all to make some cash. I do understand that is the way to gain a profit online, like Google adwords or something on those basis. I would really like to hear for what you have to say as I'm truly looking at new ways and differant opertunities. Thanks for helping others and myself achieve more online.
  14. fusionx


    At a demo perspective it's great becuase of the way it adds new features. The graphics are the best out of all games at the moment, physics are great and gameplay can't get any better. If using an average computer it should run like Far Cry grpahics or Half-Life 2 equivilent. I have a average computer and the experiance was good. I rekon it's better than Quake... < I still have to try this <So the try the demo from a mag or something... But i'll hopefully get this Doom type game. I can't recall any settings but I have a P4-2ghz, 756mb ram, Gefore FX 5600.
  15. And it's only coming out next year, how does that work? firstly it must be a prototype like the one at E3 and so doesnt have all the features such as full graphics support like the one with KillZone. But it must be pretty weird having the 'PS3' a whole year before....
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