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  1. Hello, it would be great if you could post some of your links. Just to see what your works like.round
  2. it's nice but just too too monotone for me, you can try using other colors for the text, like grey's - darker and lighter and also maybe darker and lighter green's than your using in your template. It will make things much more easier to read. I would like to see it all cut up and functioning though.round
  3. not sure what the point would be to name scripts, but i get all my php scripts for hotscripts.com. You can do a search always find what your looking for. It's the best place for php scripts.round
  4. you might find what your looking for here. https://boutell.com/newfaq/history/firstsite.html and here is a history of web browsers http://www.livinginternet.com/w/wi_browse.htm round
  5. weird didn't load for me. The interface loaded but that was it, maybe it was just a mac thing. Looked good though, nice work.round
  6. I'll start off by saying that i'm a smoker, one who doesn't feel like quiting again. The patches and gum don't work. Seems stupid to take the drug that your having a problem with, and almost injecting it into your system. I think i know more people addicted to the gum than ever before. Try cold turkey, i've done it. Trick for me was whenever i felt like smoking, i just told myself i wasn't a smoker, never smoked a day in my life. Sounds stupid buy i'm awfully gulible in that way. convinced myself every time.round
  7. well my first tip would be to fix the broken link image on the page. and to just look around the web for pages whose designs strick your fancy and will some huge sweat and tears i'm sure you'll find ways to improve your site. The colors are alittle drab. I really should comment thought i think my site's still down.round
  8. I would just stick to meta tag refresh option. It's the one that all browsers recognise but would like to mention just one thing. I hate them, and i don't believe that people stick around on a site if it keeps refreshes, or reloads, especially if it's really heavy. I'm sure most things can be acomplished in a much better way.round
  9. Yup i don't think you'll be able to get really great greeting cards for free, so you can add to your site. I would just tell you to try your hand at designing some of your own and see how that goes, or just post for other people to submit to you some greeting cards that you might add to your site.round
  10. I would just take a quick class, photoshop intro to web design. One of those weekend things. I find it's the best way to get started. I mean their not expensive and they're not long at all. The most they will do is explain all the things you'll need to become a designer in general, not just web designer.round
  11. you might find this link useful http://build-website.com/guide/index.html There are hundreds of pages on google that will explain things in detail. Might make the whole process much more clear and speed up the process for you.round
  12. I would avoid forwarding if i could. I've used them before and when i track the pages they really don't do so badly. Just keep the page that's going to forward people to another site or page really really light, so it'll take like seconds to load and forward. Also do as others do, put a link to the page your redirecting people to, just in case.round
  13. can't play, doesn't run on my mac as far as i know. Shame thought i watched the movies over and over again.round
  14. If i could sleep for a week, that would be the thing i would love the most. It seems like i'm always missing it. I would be asleep right now but i have to post to get my site back up and running.these are fun and interesting times we live in.round
  15. I think that browsers should start moving backwards. Just like the mail() function being restricted on free servers cause people abused it, browsers should just stop allowing those js and other functions that allow it to spawn new windows. It really shouldn't be to hard and anyone working on the web can find away around their little problems.round
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