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Kfc Does Not Use Real Chickens


Did you know... That KFC dosen't use real chickens?? Heres what they use. They use some kinda mutated beakless, featherless chickens. They keep them alive with tubes in em. Its kinda bad how fastfood places do what they do to save money now.

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Is that "HOT NEWS" or is that a plain rumor?
Do you have any links to confirm this?

I know that major fast food companies use "battery" chickens, and I think that scientists have engineered a featherless chicken a few years ago, but I don't think that they keep them alive in any sorts of tubes...

This is disgusting enough: http://www.downthelane.net/battery.php


Yum! Yum!I'll be getting me some KFC next trip into the city... (glad this town is too small to have one)


Yeah i heard that but every time i go to kfc i cant resist my self uhm-uhm-uhm uhm-uhm-uhm UHM


I heard this a while ago on the news or somewhere so if you dont mind me saying but its a bit old :PI dont really know what to believe, they may not use real chicken but does that make it wrong? And to be honest, when you ever buy a KFC do you taste the difference from another fast food place? Maybe they dont use real chickens :PSomething to thing about.


This is why KFC and all the fast food resturants are so cheap compared to all the nice resturants. They are fake and unhealthy. The expensive resturants give you the real deal. The tastes might be the same, but not the quality of the food.


eww.. My mum has been telling me this since I was four.. and NOW people just realise.. I mean I'm not being mean or anything... but people here in UK and USA are a bit stupid when it comes to these kind of things...they believe anything as long as it's tasty. I still eat all that junk though... Yeh my mum also says a lot of weird things.. like KFC causes you to start puberty at an earlier age.. and thickens the tashe's on the girls.. mostache... i mean. .whhat?oh yeh. Some girl got ill from eating too much kfc.. not ill.. but something to do with her body and it broke down and couldn't handle all the crap.


KFC would probably be broke if they gave you real chicken. I never go to KFC anyways. I mostly go to McDonalds for burgers or Popeyes for chicken(probably aren't real chicken either). It is kind of nasty when you come to think about it though. Like chicken nuggets served at McDonalds are made from the chicken's fats and feets grinded.


Heh, as long it tastes ok.


I wonder if you guys are right. And if you are, that is gross. Really gross. I prefer real chicken.


I don't know if this is true or not. But that would hurt their chain if people actually knew that the chicken isn't real. I can't believe it. It will be sorta of weird if you ate "I can't believe its not butter" brand and its really just butter. The same thing. I can't believe I'm not eating real chicken. Here's a site that is really true. I know its sort of like a tree hugging type of site as in environmental loving people made this site.


its quite interesting if you ask me. My teacher showed us that in our class one day and its just disgusting how they do the things to the animals. Its in humane yet they taste so good at their expense. I'm starting to sound evil. I can't believe it. But I don't eat KFC chicken. I eat Churches chicken only. Maybe its cheaper or something. But I like Churches. lol. okay. just look at the site. It won't dissappoint you.


I would have to get the email once i can get it i will put it up. The only reason i know this is because someone i know told me about this and it was kinda nasty


That's disgusting! I am glad I am vegi! I can believe it though. People think chickens are just animals at their disposal. I hate to see chicken crammed into trailers. It is cruel. You can do that with any animal, but why not humans. It makes me mad. I say down with inhumanity! And up with chickens! Okay so maybe not, but I still say animals have some rights. To be treated kindly and with respect, and make sure that they are comfortable. when shipping chickens, they wil travel over mountains in freezing cold weather, many will die, but what does the company care? They just grind em' up and put them in the soup.


Seeing how the person who made the original comment did not have a creditable source I would say this is not true. This is a myth that has been confirmed false.

Here is the link for this myth at snope:


Having a chicken genetically engineered to have no beak or feathers and dependant upon tubes would probably cost a lot more than just using normal chickens because they most likely would be unable to reproduce meaning that every egg would have to be genetically modified.

Some of the people here should learn to criticize what they read before believing it. I don't see how people can believe something that sounds so false.


who cares... it tastes good, what can i say. When you drive past a kfc with your window down, do you think about how they make their food or where it comes from? Nah, it smells good, and then before you can think, your sitting in a booth with a leg in one hand and a coke in the other.


Well I love fried chicken and that rumor doesn't change anything. KFC is good. It could be a good thing though. Maybe they won't get the bird flu and we won't all get it from eating them.


Perhaps it's a good thing for me, since I usually have the chicken wraps, rather than the fried chicken itself at KFC recently.


Is that "HOT NEWS" or is that a plain rumor?

Do you have any links to confirm this?


I know that major fast food companies use "battery" chickens, and I think that scientists have engineered a featherless chicken a few years ago, but I don't think that they keep them alive in any sorts of tubes... 


This is disgusting enough: http://www.downthelane.net/battery.php


yeah I wonder the same thing if this si a rumor or not, Ive heard about it before. And the link it pretty nasty. Now I dot even want to eat chicken. Never eally did liek it in the first place.


I've already heard about this and frankly I don't care. I also heard the same about McDonalds but I eat there almost twice a week. I go to KFC maybe twice a month and I eat the fries because I'm not to big of a chicken fanatic. I will eat the gravy though, I don't know if they use the chicken to make it so yeah. I don't care either.As long as it isn't meat from where I use to work I am all for it.


lol just rumours... received a spam e mail about it like 1-2 years ago. still tho i don't like KFC

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