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5th Generation Ipod!


Good Buy or Not??5th Generation Ipod!

This ipod nano 5th generation is nice the camera is good but the thing is I charge it until its full then I listen to it and it looses battery super fast wats up with that??

-reply by muah


Same Issue, 2nd time round...first 16GB one was worse. I5th Generation Ipod!

It is interesting to read your report about your I-pod. After returning my first which also had this problem and FM radio that didn't work, I have had it with the 5th generation. Seems to have more bugs, but then with all the extras they included it is no wonder.

I expected more from this product and it hasn't delivered. So, back to my 3rd generation and will make do until I can be certain they have a product that works.

There is nothing else you can do other than take it back. I didn't spend all my money for something that doesn't work. I'm sure there is a better product out there without all the bells and whistles, that isn't going to give me headaches every time I use it.

It was just a waste of time, energy and effort. Twice burned, and much wiser!

-reply by Barbara


I am a new iPOD  user and I have a iPOD Nano with video camera.I think it's a 5th generation. I find the lowest volume to be too loud for me and I would like to know how to lower the volume or if that is even possible.Any help appreciated. 

-question by tidy 7


Were not in the stone age anymore5th Generation Ipod!

Well... Lets think about this... Not every person in the world is computer-friendly, so most don't even know what FireWire is. Nobody uses FireWire these days except for those who are sitting in their cave with a rock and a stick trying to make fire... These days, computers don't really generally have FireWire slots... If you do, than I recommend that you come out of the Stone Age

-reply by N3rd


Problem with Ipod Nano 5th gen -Music without any bests or effects5th Generation Ipod!


I have issue with my Ipod Nano 5th Gen Nano-8GB ,somehow volume is not great ,no beats no bass no effects just plain music

Is it something to do with settings as when I play the same song with Nokia Express Music 5310 phone I have found it better there

I may be enraging few ipod fans but need your opinion




-reply by Dheeraj


i heard about it but i didn't see it with any of my friends

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