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5th Generation Ipod!


my sister is pretty much interested on this 5th generation ipods, would anyone share their experience on this? I know for a fact that you can play video with it, how about the resolution, at that tiny screen is it really worth it?


Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing as believer, I told my wife tonight when the commercial for this new Ipod came on t.v. that there was no way it could be worth it with that tiny screen even if the resolution was great. C'mon apple can do better than this for that price.


I think the ipod is great, I mean think about it. You can listen to musics, look at notes, play games, look at a clock. It makes a lot of things easier. I know you can listen to it in school if teachers are being boring, or you can go jogging with one. I myself have a ipod mini. Its not color but I don't need color because its not like I am going to look at a picture all day, but I will be listening to music and 1,500 songs is enough for me.


I think a lot of people are now using the PSP to watch videos because the sound and graphics are good and the screen is big enough. I really do not see the point in watching movies with such a small screen because personally i own a laptop and I watch my movies on a train. Now that experience is truly enjoyable. I cannot ever imagine myself squinting at a small screen watching a movie, getting to know the plot, but unable to enjoy the action and cinematics. I think that is a pity.So if you want to watch movies while on the go, go get a laptop with a DVD drive and you will not even have conversion and uploading to device headaches.

Cerebral Stasis

I have to agree. I can't stand watching tiny videos (when I watch videos on my computer, I always have to have them either full-screen, or at least half-screen in order to stay interested). There may not be a limit to how small a music player can get (within reason), but there's certainly a limit when it comes to video. Any screen that shows a fullscreen video at less than two or three inches square is too small for me; any less and you can't really tell what's going on, especially when there are minor details or small bits of reading that are essential to catch in order to understand the plot.


5th gen ipod, such a waste of money, they should just reduce the size of the 40gig ipod for people who want lots of songs, and dont want to watch a tiny video with a short battery life anyway, thats what portable video players are for


Precisely! I think everyone one here sort of agree that the idea is not a good one. However probably if they could work on battery life, a bigger screen and have say the screen on one side the buttons on remote or on the other side then the size of the screen could equal the size of the device. That means a fairly big screen without too huge a device. I also think that recent power technology has improved tremendously so if one is willing to pay for it, a powerful long lasting battery should not be a difficulty.


I got my 5th gen ipod not too long ago, its not a waste of money in my opinion , the older versions cost the same anyway . When i first got it took me some time to understand how to get movies and music ans tuff on but its great after you download everything! video is crisp, music is to and so are the photos


Hmm, if what you say is true, that the price is the same and the quality is good, then maybe the bargain is not all that bad after all. But you forgot to mention the screen size. Does it affect your enjoyment? Entertainment? Please share with us


Yeah I was at Compusa and it was awesome. It can do like everything now. It is like a hard drive. Just store a movie or music video and just play it. It is great for boring classes. Its like the best it can get. I dont tihnk there is anything else an Ipod needs to retrieve. Maybe like comcast or like direct tv but that i dont know if that will ever happend. BUt as of now i think they achieved everything. Especially for the size of the thing.


What fffanatics said is true. The usb 2.0's speed is 480 and firewires speed is 400. Though the firewire people released their new port a while back wich is 800 and something, and then guess what, the usb people are probably going to speed up again. Its like a war, which only ends up in our benefit. Well enough of that, it might seem like im hijacking . I really think that Ipod really needed video to stand up against the iriver and other players. It doesnt matter if people will see it or not, its just about technology and competition. If people dont like it with video they can get the shuffle or other versions anyway.


PSP's are great for movies and games but the iPod is purely movies and photos they should maybe stick to that. PSP's are not good for music because of it's lack of space but then you just buy umd movies if wanting but the iPod has the Gb's of space for all the music but not the screen for the movies. I would rather not squint at an iPod screen. PSP screens have great quality for movies and games and you don't have to squint.


i have the new ipod in black. its really good. i can get any video on to it because it takes mpg format. we went to buy a wall charger but we returned it because it was for firewire and we had usb so maybe they do have firewire for it. we have 650 songs on it right now which takes a measly 2 gigs. we can put full length movies on it but the battery cant really handle the movie playing. the screen seems bigger than the old ipods and its thinner which makes it even better. i would recommend it to any1.


I have got my hand on a 5th generation Ipod with video as so they call it on .It took me the whole day to figure out how to make it work. It was previously owned and now I got a hold of it. I tried the proposed method of resetting the ipod by pressing the select and Menu button together. That didn't work. Kept flicking back and forth with the Apple logo and a folder with a triangle that had an exclamation point in it. At this point I am a little frustrated because it should've work. I then plug it into the computer through the usb drive and it said to format the thing. So I did and what do you find out?? It didn't work. You can tell that right now I'm pissed. So then I decided to install the Ipod Updater on the Ipod site itself. Found out that didn't work to reset the Ipod to factory settings. Then I found out like an hour later that I had to download iTunes. Gosh. Now the darn thing is working. Gosh why does it have to be so hard to make it work. RIght now i'm just listening to music off of it. Finally! With a little headache in the end, I survived the test of Ipod retardedness.AFter you figure out how to work it. Its not so bad after all. All you need is patience. I know some people who send it back and get another one. That cost some money. I don't have that money after getting an IPOD. So just work at it and perservere. The transfer of usb is fast. In my opinion it is.


n00bs, the new nano uses flash, it has 8gb standard, although you can get them in 4 or 16. And 4gb is 8 times what their dad had... It was only a 500mb. About the compression issue, there is no issue, movies take up around 400mb for the ipod. The battery life is amazing, lasts a good 24+ hours during playback, and can go over a week on standby with minimum playback. The only issue I've had with it, is taking music off of it in windows vista. The old way was to go to the drive, type ipod_controlmusic, and pull all of the audio files off... Now that folders empty on a half filled ipod. And vista doesn't show hidden files or folders. And watching movies on it is cool when you're riding passenger in a car.

Alex Cicala

Would I recommend a Microsoft Zune to people. It is faster, more reliable, and has great feature plus inbuilt radio.


I know it's bigger than an ipod and may be slightly heavier but it's still great, and I think cheaper. Also the Zune Social is a great place to hand out.

I never liked the Ipod's cause I bought one, it had hardware failure within 2 weeks. Then I bought a Nano and that basically froze, [software] And the shop couldn't fix it, they offered for it to be sent out. I said yes, when I got it back I sold it on Ebay and then bought a zune. I have had the Zune for nearly 2 years now, and it lasts.



SO I'm not sure what exactly is broken, but I know that my battery needs replacing due to the ipod coming apart and somehow the orange strip that is connected to it broke. There is another orange strip that goes from underneath the head phone jack to underneath where the lock button is. The orange strip that is torn here branches off from that and connects to something else that I am not sure. PLEASE help me out with any information you have regarding repair and cost. I REALLY miss my 5th generation ipod, thats only four years old. I know its time of use is not yet ready to be over.

-reply by Hattie


Ipod Nano 5th Generation Issues5th Generation Ipod!I have recently purchased an Ipod Nano 5th generation 16Gb and have used it for approximately 30 days. Today while running the music (song) that was playing started going really slow... I turned it off, then reset it with the hold button and tried turning it back on and continued my run but it started doing the same thing but worse the song lyrics almost had an echo effect to them with the tempo being very slow (not I don't use drugs so no imaginary stuff). I am tempted to send it back to Apple but don't want to deal with the run around, has anyone else experienced this problem and is so were you able to fix it? Comments appreciated. Thanks,-question by Suzanne Norman


Headphone - sound coming out of jack5th Generation Ipod!

This morning I attempted to listen to the radio and it told me the headphones were not plugged in and yet they were. I tried resetting it, but the sound is still coming out of the jack and the earphones.  I also noticed the battery seemed to be discharging fast and I just recharged it last night (following all the instructions to eject first).  I leave the headphones plugged and loosely wrap the cord around the device, making sure the jack is not stressed.

 I just bought the 8gb iPod Nano two weeks ago and could it already be broke?  Any suggestions?

-reply by Mary


Mary- I also have this problem with my 16GB 5th Generation Ipod5th Generation Ipod!

  Upon waking up this morning and placing the headphones into the jack on my Ipod, I noticed that the volume was not being affected by the actual scroll on the Ipod. This, in turn, made me take the headphones out of my ears, and  I was dumbfounded to find that my Ipod was playing through the headphone jack, with the headphones plugged in.

I also recently purchased my Ipod, and to find that it is already disadvantaging me is quite irksome and disappointing. If anyone has any suggestions for a solution, please contact me.


I have gone through the trouble-shooting and restore options, I need out of the box ideas, please.



-reply by Alexandra

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