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My Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data, regaining data, and freezing


Ok I just loaded taylor swift and lady antebellum on to my zen and now the first song on lady antebellum plays for 5 seconds then starts over goes for five seconds then skips 3 or 4 words but the rest of the cds fine-reply by meaghan



My Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,


I have an ipod 5th Gen, 80GB video I've had it since August last year. I use AAC format for downloading tracks but just suddenly out of the blue it as started skipping on tracks. Usually about the last 30 seconds or the first 5-10 seconds on the start of the next track.


I always have shuffle mode on and it as never been a problem till now. Also it has not been the same track twice. It started only yesterday, it skipped the end of one track and the begining off the next track,then today the end of another.


I just hope I havent got to by a new player, can some one please help





-question by thgun2


Found a fix on mine!

My Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,


I have a 160GB Classic and I was having a similar problem with whole albums. I would begin listening on track one and it would just skip through the tracks and flash the titles and not play a thing. I'm assuming it has something to do with the bit rate because once I re-ripped them as AAC files @ 192 CBR they played fine. I used a program called MAX for MacOS not sure if it's made for Windows. I hope this helps someone else out there.


Here are some suggestions:1. clear the ipod of all music (I would do this by Making a dud playlist that's empty and telling it to sync ONLY that dud playlist) after doing that maybe try putting on some of the offending songs into that dud playlist and try it then. See if that works. If it does, then re-sync your library (or the songs you had on it) and see if that worked.2. Format the iPod unplug it (it should give the message 'use itunes to restore' or something to that effect) plug it in, and let her rip. see if that sucker works3. Call your apple store and ask for their advice, if there's anything you can do, if not take it to them.Hope this helped


Replying to beesevenTry rebooting your ipod by pressing "menu and the center button at the same time, for about 7 seconds.


Try this steps

My Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,


Replying to beeseven


Dude last option is to restore you ipod & update the latest software version I.E 2.1


Note: this will erase all you data which is stored in your ipod


Then try doing that all most your problem will get resolve






-reply by asif


iPod skipping songs...My Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,

 None of the above suggestions works.  I have an 80 GB iPod that recently started doing this.  I bought a new 120 GB Classic, and once I loaded it with my library, it skipped at the same spots on the same songs.  The weird thing is that the songs play perfectly if I play them off iTunes.

I suspect that the files must've been corrupted during a routine back-up of my music files, and while my computer can adjust for the corruption, the iPod cannot.  I'm making a note of which albums contain these supposedly corrupted songs, and will try to erase and re-import them.  This is gonna take ages...

-reply by James


My ipod skips songs that have a pause or a break.  I listen to comedy sketches and they have only started skipping when I went from my 30G (broken when dropped) to a brand new 120G.  I originally bought a 80G which did the same thing but it was an open box so I brought it back to get a 120G which does the same thing...  I talked to apple care and they have no idea why its doing this...  Reformated the ipod and re-imported the tracks to no avail...


Painfull but SuURE solution to ipod skipping songs, stuttering songsMy Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,

Hello everyone,

This problem started with my ipod about 6 months ago and I tried everything to rectify it, reformatted my hard disk, re installed itunes, used the old one used the latest version... Everything!

Stumbled on the solution by accident yesterday: it is a virus (trojan) that causes the skipping by invading mp3 files and leaving in a marker that forces iexplorer to go to a certain website that wants you to download a codec to play the file. Bad idea!

Use Soundforge or any sound editting software to open any of these files and delete the marker that shows up. This is painful I know, but it works; and if you're like me and value the music accumulated equally painstakingly, you'll want to try this out on your favourite collections at least.


-reply by Sofia



It worked!My Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,Hi there,I tried what iguest suggested: push the menu and middle buttons together for 7 sec and it worked. My nano which I've had for 3 years and no problems just started to skip every song until it finished!-reply by Scott



Does not workMy Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,

Restoring and reloading the mp3s from a defragmented computer hard drive DID NOT work.  Songs play OK in computer. The program "MP3Checker" is a waste of time.  Other files fail but the real songs that fail on ipod pass the check.


How to fix an iPod that skipsMy Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,

buy a zune.  

I have an iPod that does the same.  I dropped $300 bucks on this P.O.S. And I have to have iTunes to keep track of my music, it can only be repaired and keep the warranty by an iPod repair shop... Just as they have before, Apple is way too proprietary...  They didn't learn their lesson the first time.

-reply by iPods are overrated


My nano is skipping 7 songs...Since I only have about 250 songs on here so far, it is only playing about 30 songs...

I tried reseting it by pushing the menu and middle button but it didn't work.

 *If worst comes to worst... I'm going to start my ipod over, then I'll check with the apple store... But if you have any suggestions besides "erasing everything" and "going to the apple store" please feel free to suggest.



My iPod's just started skipping songs at random points through tracks, hasnt done this before and the files arent corrupt or have any imbedded viruses in them, checked all of that, I have a 120gb ipod classic, I think its the HDD, possibly faulty? if not that then faulty OS software on the ipod to **** it up if its been of shuffle too much! it really is pissing me off as I've only had it about a month.

 if it carrys on then I'm just taking it back to the apple store,... Or it could just be driving itself insane with the 15000 songs on it atm... Could b a reason... And to the person  who said to "get an mp3 player, mines got 500mb" **** that, burn a cd in MP3 format! thats 700 meg alone! how do you expect to fit 90 gig of music on CD... Its a lot of CDs!


Menu/OK button reset workedMy Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,

Just had this problem happen to me today and was perplexed. The songs would never start, and the Ipod would just skip to the next one...Then the next...Then the next, etc.

A quick Google search led me here, and the suggestion of pressing and holding the menu+middle/OK button for a few seconds did the trick.

-reply by Dave


Skipping SongsMy Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,

I had the same problem which only started after I had entered data for 'sort album artist'. I deleted all those entries and the iPod seems to be, touch wood, fingers cross with my lucky 4 leaf clover in my pocket, working fine

-reply by Simon


OK the problem regarding the iPod skipping songs I think is because of different problems. I might have a solution for one of them. One of the problems I think, is due to the iPod itself (that explains why it played the song before but now it skips it.) I also had the problem before where a song plays for 30 sec and then skips to the next song (this was fixed by setting the end time, just check the end time, you don't need to type in the time unless it says something like 30 secs) The other problem is when the song you just transfer to your iPod and it won't play and it just skip to the next song. 

I recently downloaded a song and it wouldn't play on my iPod. It was fine when I played it on iTunes but not on my iPod. What I did was, and I read that some people just converted it to AAC but mine would give me an error and I didn't want to decrease the quality of the song, so I used GoldWave (you can download it for free) I opened the song and click save as, you can either replace the file or save it with another name just make make sure that if your file bit is 320 save it 320 stereo or if is 225 then save it 225 stereo. Then it will promt a message saying you need LAME version 98.0 or later or something like that just click download and it will do it automatically and it will be saved. The only thing is that when you do that, you will lose the art work but that's not a big of a problem. 

 I hope this help because it did fix my problem. 

-reply by Diana


Just had this problem happen to me today and was perplexed. The songs would never start, and the Ipod would just skip to the next one...Then the next...Then the next, etc.Now I know what to do,"Just had this problem happen to me today and was perplexed. The songs would never start, and the Ipod would just skip to the next one...Then the next...Then the next, etc.A quick Google search led me here, and the suggestion of pressing and holding the menu+middle/OK button for a few seconds did the trick."-reply by Tad Nelson


ipod shuffle didnMy Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,If your ipod shuffle did not support or play more than 7 or 8 songs then download SWITCH SOUND FILE CONVERTER by searching in google and decrease the bit rate of songs in ENCODER OPTIONS donot decrease it so mush that it has no effects-reply by K.A.ATEEQ AHMED


same hereMy Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,

this has been happening to me too. The songs play fine in itunes, transfer fine also, but when I play them using my ipod touch, it is like the song data has rearranged itself, it plays a track, but skips within itself loads, and drives me ****ing nuts! I have done many resets/restores etc and followed all common solutions but nothing is working. Any ideas?

-reply by lewis

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