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  1. I'll take 3 of each... I'll just give away my ejection seats.hehe...now who to give them to?
  2. I'd go with GIMP as well... Paint's alright, but not NEARLY as powerful.
  3. After some expert analysis, I'd recommend you go out and buy a ZUNE or something, ANYTHING without Apple on the package. You should find that it'll work flawlessly then.;D
  4. The Macbook Air would be great for the traveling business man who needs something light to take around the airport... that is, assuming the TSA will let him past security.I'd take one, but I'd first load Vista on it and I would DEFINITELY have a desktop-replacement laptop to use for everything but traveling. Kudos to Apple for trying to start a true light-weight revolution though.
  5. I use an RCA Opal as my Mp3 player, and it has a very nice built in microphone and line-in recording.It's also cheap, I got my 8GB for under $70 at Wal-Mart.'The downside is Tech Support for it SUCKS, but, overall, I'm more than satisfied with it.
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