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Do You Prefer Light Or Dark Layout?


Do you prefer light or dark layout? I prefer light one (white, yellow, light green), because it's easier to read through it. On the other hand, dark layouts are "atmospheric".


I like light layouts as well. Dark layouts are just too... dark. I perfer the backgrounds to be a white, or light silver color (just like this forum ).Of course dark text is always better too.


I think if im going for a website that i want to be more professional looking then ill go for a light color, but for my site, then i like more darker colors, just because i think it looks better with gaming and everything else.


black & dark blue, no question. i use a modified version of blade theme from wincustomise. though for major text areas i changed the color to off-white as a dark scheme was just too hard on the eyes....................


Light in almost all circumstances. A dark menu bar is often not bad at all, but overall a lighter layout usually looks better, in my opinion.I never really got the black and red or dark blue layouts.


I always prefer light, its far easier on the eyes. I especially like the light blue, light green or silver schemes as I find those easiest to read and generally look better than a mish-mash of bright colours randomly picked from the colour palette.

Cerebral Stasis

I always prefer light, its far easier on the eyes.

That's open for debate. Some have said that staring at light backgrounds is like staring into a light source, while dark backgrounds don't bombard your eyes with bright lights. A lot of it is dependant on the color of the text as well; light on light or dark on dark are quite an eye-sore.
I've personally always been a fan of dark styles, although light styles can be very nice if done properly.


I agree with most everyone else...I prefer a lighter background. But if there's a compelling design reason to go with a dark bg, then that's fine. Without that reason, though, I kind of just assume a light background.I think it might stem in part from the fact that a great deal of the printed material we see is often on a light or white background, and the web is still largely rooted--for better or worse--in that model.It seems that sites that break with the "printed page" model, such as sites where images, animations or video surpass the importance of the written word, more often sport a darker design than sites where text is paramount. Just a subjective observation. :-)


To me it's basically the content on the site and the theme. I like using dark layouts sometimes and sometimes I prefer to use light layouts.


I like really clean-cut, light layouts. White, light blues, light greens, just light anything, especially because they are really easy to read...


I like light but it depends on which type of it is. some sites need a dark theme.


I persoanlly think it depends on the type of website your doing..liek this site..with the white / light colours, is nice , and .well awsome :Pbut dark colours, yeh i would say they are atmospheric, i preffer them to a certain extent.....i perosnally think its easier on the eyes if you have just woke up in the morning


To me it's basically the content on the site and the theme.  I like using dark layouts sometimes and sometimes I prefer to use light layouts.


yeah, i'd agree with Plenoptic on this one... sometimes a dark layout just suits the stuff on the website better.

Dark schemes look really good as long as they're simple - they just get annoying when they are cluttered and full of ads and heaps of different colours.


at the moment on my website (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ i'm using a black-fluro green colour scheme. I'm generally pretty happy with the look, although i'll admit it can get hard to read after a while. Generally it uses the idea of black vs a limited number of lighter colours.


actually, Razor has a really good layout on his website... it maintains an appropriate mood and is reasonably easy to read. check it out... razor.trap17.com.


peace out


I, too, am a fan of the lighter layout. I like the blues and a glossy look, but so much that it looks techie. I like the simplistic look, but not too much. I guess that I am somewhere inbetween, not an extremist.


i prefer light layouts, because they are more readable, and white is a good color to use with your designs, and dark layouts are good too, they bring you a sophisticated design, but at last i prefer light layouts.almost forget, if you use dark layouts, you will have to change your font color, and maybe some styles more, but in light layouts you will have to do it too, but there is less work with light layouts


okay,for my own site about myself (my personal blog eg) i just like the dard layouts coz the mood of mine always dark and grey.for the open site to lots of people,(like the site of my sig).i just wanna use the clearly layouts,but bad luck the forum i'm using is the skin of caliskinV6,you just checked that,you will find it's So dark.:Pi just don't know the more patient layouts or skin like dark.guangdian


light version (blue Color)I think visitors like blue color


Most people prefer light websites in most situations because it makes them feel better or more comfortable.I always preferred lighter websites too because it makes it look more professional. Wehn you have a dark website it usually goes way to overboard on the whole darkness bit.Its ok to have a dark website as long as you make the colors go together right. Like a dark background with a brushed silver graphic with hard lines always seemed too look cool to me. I tried a bunch of different site designs and the lighter one always really seemed to come out on top.One thing i would consider taking a look as is the actuall colors that you use on your site. Certain colors will naturally remind someone of something so it can be useful to play off this quirk of the brain to acheive the type of mood about your site that you are looking for.


I prefer Dark colors, like black and blue, for my personal website. Although some people may disagree but I just find dark color websites clean. But I find white spaces on company websites very appealing. They look so professional, especially when the pages have nice layout arrangements. It really depends on the type of company and their target viwers.


I like a light background with dark page features. I used to like dark, but light is easier to read. If you look at my blogs you will see that one is dark and one is light; I have varying views on this.

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