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Hi Im New!

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Welcome to the forums Algo, hopefully your posts have improved since the last time I saw you around :P

@yordan : I actually googled "algo meaning" and this is what I got

"alĀ·go Adverb :somewhat, a little bit, some, sort of, to a certain degree, to some degree, to some extent, sorta;
algo Pronoun: something, anything, aught, some;"


So maybe algo will tell us which is the correct meaning. Make sure to read the rules carefully and ask us your doubts :)

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@Velma : This is more complete than what I learned at School.At school, in Spanish class, I learned that "algo" means "something", which is included in your the more enlarged definition you found.

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algo - sounds more like *I'LL GO*

ha ha ha ah a ha ha lol i'll go what?

Ouch! English algo instead of Spanish Algo!

english algo???? hmm dont know that and no my name has nothing to do with spain or mex
Googling algo english...
wikipedia reulst:
nothing foucd
english and spanish : something ( omg omg omg)
short for algorythem ( i can program i think is is getting creppyr )
algo is my first middel and last name(s)

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