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How To Become Domain Registrar? Domain Registration Related Topic

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I don't know about lower down, but the highest ones own the servers which answer the questions about the domains. If you made your own top level domain (net, org, com), then made a dns server, add entries that could be internal or for the whole internet. You'd need to get people to use it, eg ICAAN, OpenDNS, or just your network, your building/LAN.

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If you want to be a domain registrar, you will need to attain ICANN Accreditation. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names and is the peak body that controls basically anything to do with domain names.


In general, accreditation involves checking your qualifications and financial considerations, among other things.


However, there are significant financial expenses that are involved in being a domain registrar with ICANN. This includes a US$2500 application fee, US$4000 yearly accreditation fee, and a variable fee of $1200 to $2000 per quarter. On top of this, you are required to have at least US$70000 in working capital.


In conclusion, there are very significant financial hurdles in being a domain registrar. The costs of being a domain registrar are quite high, with it not being economically viable for a single person to start up their own domain registrar business (unless you happen to be a rich person and expect to have a lot of customers). It is not a business that you would really want to start up.


More information: https://archive.icann.org/en/registrars/accreditation.htm

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It cost a lot of money to make you own domain regestar i had a look into it but the cost is so expensive because you have to have money on your domain reseller account account all the time etc its abit cheaper to make y9our own hosting reseller well alot cheaper $20 bucks a month on this one i used once

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However, you could become a domain reseller with ResellerClub, a Directi business. If you register as a domain reseller, you can sell domain and hosting at a price you set, with Directi getting a set fee of the reseller price. The set fee charged by Directi includes the ICANN fees for registering a domain name and some profit for Directi.

The link to the ResellerClub is:

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Hi Everybody,
I have a question regarding domain name registration. I would like to become a a body which can register any main name. What are the basic thing to become domain registrar? Please help me.

Maybe there is an alternative way to do that.
How many domain names do you need to register each day ?
Probably one per week, or less.
So, if it's for your friends or for one of your customers, there is a simple way.
Let's say you want to register the name brishisharma.net
First of all you have a look to see if this name is available.
Then, you pay the first year fees to any provider (Xisto can sell you domain names). And then you ask the money back to your friend or customer.
A domain name is not so expensive, simple remember that you have to renew the subscription every year.

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