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  1. Seems a bit silly, I have it and have tried it but I just can't take it seriously. No real view on it, it's had exclusives but youtube is youtube.
  2. I got some wireless headphones a few years ago and they were pretty bulky, at least evenly weighted. I'd rather earphones and carry something in my pocket.
  3. Sanctions won't work with this country, they are used to being fairly shut off. China hasn't bothered with much of the sanctions, which means a lot.A lot of the rewards for deals are so big that they accept them, then break the agreement a few years later, then repeat.
  4. Gnome was first, being default. It's okay, the basic pre-installed options were good. I was happy with several combinations I could make in GUI in ten minutes. KDE was a lot worse, again only GUI in ten minutes, nothing good. I then tried Compiz on both and it made Gnome better, KDE worse. I ended up with XFCE + Compiz, which is dumb but pretty.Now unmodified Aqua (OSX) ftw. Never seen anything better.
  5. Google voice isn't out yet.Hotmail is pretty crappy, but I still use it the most. I spend most of my time clearing out spam. I found it hard to use the +bla stuff of my gmail address.
  6. Chess is a logical game where man can only think ahead so many moves of so many options. Deep Blue took longer than Kasperov, because it thought through every possible move for something like 60-130 moves ahead.I saw Click earlier, it had some pretty clever stuff. VERY little does anything more than one job, and then it's poorly. Toyota's robot is about the all-round best, if you marked all robots on 20+ things out of 100 it'd win.
  7. If you meant external screenwise, only one computer and its cpus/gpus do the processings for all screens. It seems laptops don't have input of this kind.
  8. Ram is so cheap that this is a lot of effort compared to buying another stick. 512, even if you got 4/5 of it, won't be enough for new stuff to be smooth.
  9. This is very high quantity, I'm not sure many people would pick this over a hard disk. I have smaller (Mozy) online backups plus an external hard drive, what makes this better?
  10. I think you have to have a nonreferrer link and I want one anyway, http://sharecash.org/ Your text is copied from the website, complete with errors such as well not we'll.
  11. How much needs emulating? I thought the register thing was simple, deep.
  12. No, it was when I was on Windows, I uninstalled it maybe June last year.Clutsy means clumsy, it didn't flow well, and stopped for too long too often.
  13. You chose to just get 99s, you ruined it by yourself for yourself. Other people play it properly.
  14. This gets you to it, it doesn't let you use it if you can't anyway. I used .bat files, to the same effect, I can't do much.
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