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  1. Machinarium is another good indie game that runs on all PC platforms including Linux. Although, it is more of a point-and-click game that revolves around a linear storyline, with level progression achieved through correctly interacting with objects of the game environment.Unfortunately, other than small indie games and open-source game projects, you will be hard-pressed to find any 'best' games that run natively on Linux operating system. Your best bet would be to run emulation software such as Wine or Crossover to run Windows games on your Linux operating system.
  2. Anyone play games on their Apple Mac (either desktop or laptop)?I currently own both a Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch and a desktop computer running Microsoft Windows 7.I have never installed or played any games on my MacBook Pro, probably because I use the MacBook Pro for work and university education purposes. Although I am entitled to Mac copies of Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam, I have never tried any of those games on the Mac operating system. I think the reason that I do not like intend to play games is because I prefer playing on a larger screen (24-inch) and also at a higher quality (as my desktop computer has a better graphics GPU compared to my MacBook Pro). However, if I purchased a desktop Mac e.g. Apple iMac, I think I would be more inclined to try some top-selling games that have Mac versions.Unfortunately, Mac versions of popular games like Call of Duty etc. have been less forthcoming, in my view, due to a lack of interest by Mac users in gaming. In fact, I also think that Windows / PC versions of popular games have also decreased or been delayed due to a higher level of piracy when compared to console platforms such as the Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Wii. Recently, it has been hard to find a decent game for PC since that popular game titles simply have bypassed the PC platform and published exclusively to console platforms, or delayed several months (e.g. Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood). Although, on a side note, Linux seems to be even more forgotten than Mac and Windows / PC platforms, with a total lack of popular titles on these Linux operating systems.
  3. After spending a number of months using Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch, I can say that Mac OS X Snow Leopard is one of the best operating systems. Although Microsoft Windows 7 has improved on the failures of Windows Vista through better features and user experience, Mac OS X Snow Leopard has been nothing short of amazing. Apart from its sleek user interface, it provides an excellent experience to users. Some of my favourite features of Mac OS X Snow Leopard by far have included the multi-touch gestures, especially scrolling in all directions using two fingers; Expose, a cool feature that allows you to 'see' all the windows and applications that are open and running on your mac; the drag-and-drop installation process of applications; and many others. Compared to introduction of less-than-useful feature in recent Microsoft Windows operating system, these features have been implemented by Apple effectively as a way to assist user experiences.
  4. If you wish to cancel an order, I highly recommend that you contact Xisto - Support using the support ticketing system and discuss your situation. You will get a faster response through the support ticketing system since support staff rarely have the time to look through the forums to answer support queries.
  5. Back on the topic, the price of a domain on Xisto via the Xisto Billing and Support porttal is $9.99, which is equivalent to 999 myCENTs. Depending on the quality and type of your posts, this could take around 80-100 posts to earn the required myCENTs.
  6. Personally, Gnome is the best desktop environment for me when I am using Ubuntu linux. I think the feature of Gnome that appeals to me the most is the simple menu structure at the top of the screen. This simple menu structure is unlike KDE's menus, which in my view are overcrowded and lacking in organisation. Gnome simply has a better user experience the KDE,Also, the KDE desktop environment has become more Microsoft Windows-like that in the past, with the introduction of features such as the sidebar and modern 3D graphics for windows in the KDE desktop environment. I do not think this was a wide idea, because it does not do justice to the image of Linux being an stable and lightweight operating system.Gnome, on the other hand, possibly has these 3D windows effect but are more subtle, rather focusing in allowing users to use the operating system productively rather that play around the novelty 3D features.
  7. Have you tried plugging in an external keyboard and mouse setup to your Mac? You should do this to determine whether it a failure on the hardware side or simply a input device driver that is not responding.
  8. For future reference, you will have more luck getting Mac support on the official Apple forums (https://discussions.apple.com/welcome/) or even InsanelyMac forums (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/). Just a side note because the Mac section of Xisto seems to be a quiet when compared with other discussion topics on the Xisto forums.Back on the topic, I did a quick search of your error on the Apple forums and found another unanswered discussion topic there, which means that error you are encountering is quite rare. On other forums I have looked at, it seems that error usually appears when there is a problem with the DVD you are trying to install the Mac OS X operating system. Many suggestions have been to use better quality media i.e. DVDs from more 'reputable' brands e.g. TDK, and to burn the disc at a lower speed to avoid any burning errors encountered at higher speeds.Note: If you have a original Mac computer or notebook, you should have been provided with a official installation or recovery disc upon purchase. Those DVD's should work much better, because they have been manufactured with the data on the disc in a different way e.g. not burned by laser. Also, most of the errors mentioned above have been known to be caused by the use of 'unauthorised' modified versions of Mac OS X that have not been sanctioned by Apple and distributed by third-parties for installation on non-Mac computers.
  9. The only Apple product I own is a MacBook Pro 15-inch (Mid 2010 model). It is actually my first Mac computer, considering the fact that all previous computers i have owned or used have been running Microsoft Windows operating systems (from the days of Windows 98 to Windows 7). Nowadays I sort of spend time equally on the Apple MacBook Pro and a custom-built desktop computer running Microsoft Windows 7. Since my desktop computer is running fine with the latest games, it is unlikely that I will be getting another Apple Mac anytime soon, unless my current desktop computer breaks down or a significant change / update is made to the MacBook Pro line of notebooks.On a side note, I have also run Mac OS X Leopard on a virtual machine using VMware. That was mainly to see whether I would be able to cope with using Apple Mac OS X. I am pleased to say that my experience with the Mac operating system has been an enjoyable, especially since it is stable or very user-friendly when compared to Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  10. I agree with the posts above. Google Android has not matured enough to be ported for use on netbooks and other computer devices. Although the concept of an open source operating system for mobile devices was great, in my view, the primary market for Google Android remains for use with touchscreen mobile device. It is unlike iOS on the Apple iPhone platform, which originated partially from Apple's Mac OS X operating system (with decades worth of development). The iOS platform has been developed on the principles of Mac OS X combined with a touchscreen user experience. From this, the iOS has matured as one of the best mobile operating system, with the user experience so good that features of the iOS platform are being ported back to the next version of Apple's operating system, Mac OS X Lion. No doubt more work needs to be done by Google developers to improve the usability of the Android operating system on non-mobile devices.
  11. Having used Microsoft Windows 7 for the past few months since my computer was repaired (previously using Microsoft Windows Vista), I can say that the experience has been overwhelming (excluding my recent purchase of a Apple MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Snow Leopard). Not only have most applications I use and games I play have been compatible with the new operating system, the operating system has been stable and has not crashed as often has Windows Vista did. I have also found the Windows 7's interface to be much more organised and user friendly. I especially like the new Taskbar with the applications icons pinned to it, like the Mac OS X Snow Leopard dock (when I used to use Windows Vista, I had a RocketDock with the icons of applications I most frequently used.). Anyone considering purchasing a Windows desktop computer or notebooks should choose Microsoft Windows 7 rather than the old Windows XP, as Microsoft has produced a stable and excellent operating system from the disaster that was called Windows Vista.
  12. I must admit the interface of Jolicloud looks slick and simple, yet elegant and user experience centered. The focus of cloud services have become more popular with modern new-age operating systems. Hopefully, in the future with faster Internet and broadband speeds, that every application and even games can be stored and run from cloud services and that localised storage on hard disk drivers and USB memory sticks are phased out.Admittedly, the tab-like interface Chrome OS was not appealing as much and unfortunately, I was not able to test it properly because the Chrome OS operating system ran poorly in a VMware virtual machine (I was unable to find the reason as to why this happened).
  13. I can admit that LiveCDs of Linux distributions (or sometimes even Windows distributions e.g. Norton Ghost recovering CD) come in very handy if you need to recover files when your default operating system is unable to boot up, or even conduct essential computer diagnostics. For example, when one of my hard disks failed (containing the boot volume of Windows Vista), although I was unable to recover files, I was able to diagnose that the hard disk was not functional, and that it was not the boot sector or volume that was corrupted.Before the time of the LiveCDs, I used to keep a trusty floppy disk with MS-DOS and a NTFS driver as a diagnostic and recovery tool, in the days when I was using operating systems such as Windows Me and Windows 2000. Nowadays, most computers and notebooks do not come with a floppy disk drives, and LiveCDs and even recovery partitions of exisitng Hard Disk Drivers have become more popular as recovery media and options.
  14. I am currently using SQLite for databases since I have been learning and working at the same time with iiPhone development, in addition to the programming language Objective-C. Although I have accessed and modified SQLite databases directly from the programming code in my applications, I have more recently been using the Core Data framework, which stores its data in a SQLite database (technically, access to the underlying database of the Core Data framework is discouraged by Apple, since any changes can impact the integrity of the data stored in the framework system). As a result, I don't really get to do much SQL statement programming. However, having worked with lots of applications on the iPhone, it seems that SQLite was the right database for use in embedded systems due to its lightweight size and portability without having to host a dedicated SQL database server.
  15. I personally do not feel that removing copyrighted videos from Youtube has affected the quality or quantity of content significantly. There is still a wide breadth of videos available on basically any topic you can think. That, of course, excludes some 'dummy' videos that have a certain title or description that does not match the video attached. Recently, I have found Youtube game review videos more engaging and informative then say static review articles posted on blogs and news sites.On the side of copyrighted videos, the owner of thos videos have every right to remove their works and content from Youtube, especially if they have been upload without authorisation by a third-party. Not only do the copyright owners get no royalties, the person who infringed on copyright actually benefits as they earn money from advertisments displayed with those uploaded Youtube videos.
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