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Need Help With Joomla Template title says it all

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Well I decided to learn how to use Joomla so I'm going to make my site with it.

I'm using Joomla 1.5 RC3 which I hope by the time my site is done, they will have released the full release.

Anyway, I'm working on the template first using http://compassdesigns.net/ for a guide and help. If you go the the page called "Creating a Simple Blank Template" it has about the files needed. One of them is templateDetails.xml which you need to install the template and to make it function and includes all the files required to make up the template.

I've gotten up to the <positions> section, I've just finished the files. Now I have no idea what I'm actually meant to put in the positions and position things.

Here is what I have so far

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><install version="1.5" type="template"><name>habbo_front</name><creationDate>December 2007</creationDate><author>Stephen Jackson</author><copyright>Habbo Front</copyright><authorEmail>sjjackson@bluebottle.com</authorEmail><authorUrl>http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Front Template</description><files><filename>index.php</filename><filename>templateDetails.xml</filename><filename>css/template.css</filename><filename>template_thumbnail.png</filename><filename>images/background.gif</filename><filename>images/logo.gif</filename><filename>images/transparent_pixel.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_background.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_top.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_left.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_right.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_bottom.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_top_corner_left.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_top_corner_right.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_bottom_corner_left.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_bottom_corner_right.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_top_corner_left_t.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_top_corner_left_s.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_top_corner_right_t.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_top_corner_right_s.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_bottom_corner_left_s.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_bottom_corner_left_b.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_bottom_corner_right_s.gif</filename><filename>images/main_box/main_bottom_corner_right_b.gif</filename><filename>images/content_box/content_top.gif</filename><filename>images/content_box/content_left.gif</filename><filename>images/content_box/content_right.gif</filename><filename>images/content_box/content_bottom.gif</filename><filename>images/content_box/content_top_corner_left.gif</filename><filename>images/content_box/content_top_corner_right.gif</filename><filename>images/content_box/content_bottom_corner_left.gif</filename><filename>images/content_box/content_bottom_corner_right.gif</filename></files>

What goes in the <positions> part? do I just copy the things in the tutorial or do I need to have my own? Does the CSS have anything to do with it? Because I haven't got round to the CSS yet, this is the first bit I've done.

Also, after the positions thing, there's also the params bit. I think that's just for like colour changes of the template and advanced template functions, which I don't think I'll even be using. So if anything needs to go in there, can someone tell me what?

So basically I need to know what goes in the positions and if I just put anything like header, navigation, content, extras (those are like the 4 different sections of the site).

Thanks in advance.
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I think that the positions are for putting modules in. Joomla comes by default with a lot of position(names) like user1, user2, ... you can use those in your template, but if for example you want some more meaningful names like 'searchbox' and 'newsticker' then you could add them to the list (I run an older version of joomla, but there you could find the list in Site>Template Manager>Module Positions)

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Yes Wutske its still the same now on the latest release of Joomla.
For instance this is the code for loading the main content module.
<?php mosMainBody(); ?>

So you make your template and insert that code in the div (dont use tables ffs;) ) that should contain the main content for the site.
OK next you need a menu at the top over the content?
Here is where it can be complex or easy depending on your template layout.
<?php mosLoadModules ( 'user1' ); ?> ok then so that loads module user1 in that position..So inside Joomla goto the module manager then select main menu..then change its position to user1 and its sorted..Also like Wutske said you can change all the names of each module position inside Joomla also, something I never bother to do- I got used to just using the obvious positions like "top" "left" "right" etc as well as user1 user2 etc.
OK here is a more complex way of loading user1
<?php mosLoadModules('user1', -2); ?>
This is the same module with a "-2" switch on it, this switch determines how the module will be outputted, if you look at your tutorial, there is a page explaining what all the switches do, I am only ever interested in the modules being outputted wrapped in its own DIV and thats the -2 switch.
Without any switch the module gets outputted in a table - something i NEVER want!!
Also look on your tut or elsewhere on the net such as here..https://help.joomla.org/component/option,com_easyfaq/task,view/id,25/Itemid,268/ and theres a full expample with code to show what the output looks like with the different switches on or off.
-3 is really cool if you know how to use it right..this one wraps the DIV in layers of DIVS that make it easy for you to for instance..to have a rounded corner edge.with a background on a fill and gradient, and that the whole effect resizes to any size that the module is.Here is a great tutorial explaining how its done.

Also I have to tell you i do not use the "Joomla" copy of Joomla, I use http://www.a8ejoomla.com/
now this copy of Joomla is a hacked copy, the reason well, go back to the first line of code I explained..
<?php mosMainBody(); ?> notice there there is no switch? there cannot be a switch that controls the main content page - It is ALWAYS outputted in a table..no mater what you do ;(((
Now I have got round this with the standard copy of Joomla, I just published the <?php mosMainBody(); ?> in an ivis DIV thats hidden, then I published a module that allows content items to be published in there, and used that as the main content, only drawback is..the site is not very dynamic..more static this way because every page has to be really linked to the module etc..
A8eJooomla to the rescue;) every component/mambot/module I have thrown at it so far works, A8e is also on the same release as the current 1X Joomla so theres no downgrading to use it.
Tha gain? well your site can be totallly table free!! not many sites can boast that using Joomla!! My own site itself is still on "table" joomla ;( now I got A8eJoomla working on two production sites I think its time I went for a redesign of Mokum Design to take the main content table away!!!

Hope this made some sense to you, modules and Joomla are easy once you know how :rolleyes:

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im gonna have to use tables for my site, theres no way around it. the design is really complicated. if u look at all my images that ive got (they are in my first post) then u might pick it up.

so why is it called user1? cant it just be called menu? oh wait i think im starting to get it. so in my templateDetails.xml, if i put like a position called menu, will it show menu in the list of positions and i just put the main menu module as menu?

yeah now its starting to make a bit more sense, unless im thinking wrong...

ok, so for the positions, is something like this right?


in the header bit is the logo basically. the navigation bit is obviously the navigation (which is on the left side by the way). the main section is in the middle which has the actual content and then. the extra bit is on the right which has the poll, login box, whos online and latest news (just looking throught the modules for them, my add more if i need them or download them)

so is my thinking right, is that how it works?

oh and sorry for being a pain, this is the first time ive been serious about joomla, im not that good. im gonna buy a joomla book maybe. theres this one i want that isnt out yet that i might buy.

oh and by the way, what is the "breadcrumbs" module? lol
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Ok by standard there are 28 module positions on Joomla.Inside Joomla on the top menu for Site Templates theres a section called Module positions - in here you can rename them anything you want.To be honest your going around things way too deep for messing around with Joomla.I normally do NOT make a template xml file etc untill the site is 100% finished.Theres no point..cos if you start swapping images over etc..if you try to install in the template again you will get a checksum error.You now how I start with most sites?I copy and paste my code into the "Madeyourweb" template,I delete everything inside the images folder etc, I keep Solarflare there just incase I need to check things - most things work 100% in solarflare so its a great test template.Also I keep all the CSS info in the HEAD of the index.php file - yes in time you too will get SICK of changing the CSS and having to upload it or change it inside Joomla.Once again when its totally 100% working I break out the CSS into its on file.Its also very easy to test locally also this way.Oh yes the Breadcrumbs...ok these are navigation helpers at the top of a Joomla site.Ever seen on top of a "content" panel something like this "HOME > Products > Tshirts" these are "section" and "category" names for the content you are viewing at the moment, they should be clickable also so you can get to the "Products" page just by clicking on it.Of course they got thier own CSS rules so you can make them do anything.Also there is no reason ever to use tables in any site...CSS will do it all belive me B)P.S. lol this thread os great!! Ive earned 20 credits in 2 days off it!! :rolleyes:)Pity im not hosted here anymore and have a paid hosting here;)

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thanks Xisto.im not being mean but the email address i put in the first post was one that i use for only certain things and didnt want to get it out exactly.well today i look on that email account and what do you no? spam! so i googled my email address, and this is where i ended up!i changed the email address to the one that i already get loads of spam from thanks to my web hosting application having it in there :l

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lol i no, im never puting that email address on any other site again.its more of my... self email address that only like 3 people know about until now. i hope that google gets rid of it soon, i dont want spam on that account.yahoo doesnt do much of a job at spam filtering though, it didnt even put it in the spam folder.

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