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Invision Board Forum 2.0.3 + 125 Preinstalled Mods Check that out guys......

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My! my!! my!!! my!!!!


Just finished the installation of my Invision Board Forum V2.0.3 and guess what is superb about this my board.....it has 125 preinstalled mods in it. I mean, u dont need to install any further mods after installing this board cos all the mods have been already preinstalled and all of them installs with the board as you are installing ISnt that great?


Well here are the list of preinstalled mods



001-Invision Community Blog v1.0.0 Final

002-Invision Gallery Module v1.3 Final

003-Unreal Portal v2.0.2

004-Download System v2.1.6

005-Links System v2.1.5

006-IBStore v3.0.2 PF3

007-MunjPets v3.0 RC2

008-ArmySystem v2.1 RC3

009-ibProArcade2 v2.5.1

010-IBRpg v2.5 Final

011-Unreal RPG v1.0 Beta

012-ibProBattle v1.0 Alpha2

013-RPG Inferno v4.2

014-Kenka v2.1

015-Shop-Bank Module SE

016-D2-Shoutbox v4.1

017-D2-Statistics v2.2

018-D2-My Directory v2.0

019-D2-Planner v1.0

020-D2-Member Map v2.0

021-D2-Affiliates v3.0

022-D2-5 Random Images From IPB Gallery v1.0

023-D2-Board Panel v3.1

024-D2-My Buddies v1.1

025-D2-Mod Options In Fast Reply v1.0

026-D2-Special Administration Access v3.0.5

027-D2 View Attachment Downloaders v1.0.1

028-D2-Admin Member Notes v1.0

029-D2-Admin PM Logs v1.2

030-D2-Allowed To PM Certain Groups v1.0.2

031-D2-Show Signatures Once Per Topic v1.0

032-D2-Hover Prompt v2.0

033-D2-Mass PM Groups v1.0

034-D2-Member Comments v1.0

035-D2-Members Online Today v3.0

036-D2-No PM Title Required v1.0

037-D2-PM & Email Stats v1.0

038-D2-PM Trash Can v1.0

039-D2-Quick Edit v2.0

040-D2-Forum Visibility Permissions v1.0

041-D2-Recent Topics v1.1

042-D2-Topic Preview Hover v2.0

043-D2-Multiple Attachment Uploads v1.0

044-D2-Manage Uploads Directory v1.0

045-D2-IP Address In Validating v1.0

046-D2-Active Members Per Forum v2.0

047-D2-User & Admin Validation v1.0

048-D2-Rate Members v4.0

049-D2-Pre Defined Topic Fields v1.1

050-D2-Quote System v1.0

051-D2-Demote Inactive Members v1.1

052-D2-Password Protected Topics v1.0

053-D2-[Task]Rebuild Members Post Count v1.0

054-Delete Trash Can Topics v1.0

055-Task Daily AutoBirthday Greeter v1.1.4

056-No-Posts Auto-Locker v1.0.1

057-Task For Optimizing Database v1.1b

058-Task Autoprune Inactive v1.0.1b

059-Remove Old Link Topics v1.0

060-Archive System (Task) v1.0

061-Easy Ban v1.0

062-Bulk Admin v1.0 for IPBGallery1.2

063-(FSY2) Global Forum Message v2.0

064-(FSY2) Number of Topics Started v2.0.1

065-(FSY2) Detailed Online List v2.2

066-(FSY2) Calendar Title Length v1.1

067-(FSY2) BBCode & Emoticons in Word Filter v1.1

068-(FSY2) IM Links Restored v1.0.1

069-Auto Send PM to New Users v5.0

070-Welcome PM v1.0

071-Individual Member PM Permissions v1.0.1

072-Bypass Password Protected Forums v2.0

073-Anti Key-Logger v1.0

074-Topic View History v2.0

075-Bo Last Seen Online v2.0.0-PF1

076-Rating Points v1.0

077-Unreal Forum Offline v1.1

078-Unreal Hide Hack v2.0.1

079-Unreal Jukebox v2.0.1

080-Prison v1.0

081-Topic Ratings v1.0

082-AdminCP Access Log v1.0

083-Anti-Bump v1.2

084-[iPBr?] Forum Permissions Legend v1.0.2

085-Advanced AntiFlood (Post Merge) v1.0.3

086-Block Incoming PMs v1.0

087-Users Browsers in Online List v1.0

088-IPB Dynamic Sig v2.0

089-[NTD2]Plugins v1.2.2 for Unreal Portal v2.0.2

090-Purchase It v1.0 (Trial)

091-Upload More Emoticons v1.0

092-Toplist v1.5.1

093-Count Bots in Online List v2.0

094-[NTD2]Not Require YEAR for Birthday v1.0

095-PHPWned Tutorials v3.0

096-View Who Voted in Polls v1.0

097-Help Desk X v1.0

098-Limit Total Topic Replies v1.0

099-Thx Machine v1.0.2

100-Multiple Choice Polls v3.0

101-Favorite Topics v1.1

102-Banned Misery v1.1

103-[NTD2]Custom Profile Fields v2.0

104-WishingBoard v2.0

105-Music Box v2.65

106-Music Online v2.1

107-eFriends v1.1

108-Resend Validation Emails v1.0

109-Guestbook System v2.0.1

110-Post Per a Day in Topics v1.0

111-PM on Topic Move-Delete-Approve v1.0

112-Lulu's Levels Hack v1.0

113-Post Indicator at Topic view v1.0

114-Forum Images v1.0

115-Pip Identifier in Topic View v1.0

116-More Post Colors v1.0

117-Anti Spam Reg v1.0

118-IPB Includes v1.5

119-Image Resize for "http://forums.xisto.com/ Tag v1.0

120-Forum Activity Levels v1.5

121-Rebuild Skin from Cache v1.0

122-[NTD2]Disable Post Count for Short Posts v1.2.2

123-Age in Posts v1.0.2

124-Time to download this attachment v1.0

125-[NTD2]Calendar Admin Mod v1.0


Wanna have access to this superb IBF installation file? write to odomike2001@yahoo.com or to odomike@gmail.com or to odomike@odowebdesigns.uni.cc


1st 10 people are gonna get it free and after that, you will need t register at my Forum before you can have access to the file and you will need to make a specific number of posts before you can have access to the file.


This is no joke..............For confirmation, have a look at my forum.... http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. I bet you will LOVE what you will see in there and all those came with only 1 SUPERB installation.






Michael Odo




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You definately have to have something faster than dial-up to install this.. right? lol

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well I am using wireless broadband and it is kool. All you need is to upload to your web's directory and start the installer and everything is done.But, dial-up will take lots of time to upload it cos there are lots of files in there (3000+) and it took me more than10 hrs of continues upload with my wireless braodband.You can still give it a try though...

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Do you have a MSN passport I can contact you at Odomike? I tired adding the AIM screenname in your profile but you don't seem to be online. I don't want to miss this great offer of yours!

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Don't need half that stuff, most of it won't even get used! ;) I guess if you really wanted it though. If it took you 10+ hours with wireless broadband.. it is not even worth it! Just install them as you need them.. I prefer PhpBB anyways.

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I tried Odomikes forum and it doesn't seem slow to me. If it is illegal to hand out copies, I didn't know. I thought IPB2 was in beta stages and you can use it under the trial. :S

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Yea the IBP 2.0.3 I am using is the Beta version and there is nothing wrong with giving it out to others and besides, I took my time to configure and preinstall all those files.Anyways, the preinstalled mods doesnt slow down the board cos my forum and that of Xisto is loading with the same speed.Not bad you know.

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Well, I do not know what to do next. I thought I was being heplful to Xisto members but I never knew that my kind gesture will be rebuked by the Admin himself. to obad for me then.Well, I am sorry for trying to be as helpful as I can Admin, I am not gonna have to post anything I wanna give out to other Xisto members anymore.I am sorry for disappointing you.

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Don't go all sulky... It's for the best you know..And it did kind of sound like you wanted to get more members at your forum by bribing them... Your making it sound as if you're the victim here... .>;) And very very childish "Well, I am sorry for trying to be as helpful as I can Admin, I am not gonna have to post anything I wanna give out to other Xisto members anymore." That is kind of an immature thing to say for a grown man like you.

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this download is i belive around 50 mb of webspace so if ur hosted by here ur going to need one of the larger accounts.....i was about to install this on my forums but then i realized it was kind of a waist i didnt need all of those hacks...i got the normal version and added the hacks that i though were essential and used half the amount of webspace

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Odomike, the admin always shouts dont worry. But you should watch out with such web programs because Invision might dislike it.. If 1 guy uses it it might be fine, but if more people are gonna use it invision might get mad and sue something... Maybe Xisto for not deleting this post, or the makers of the scripts...

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Now, I can see that something real spooky is going on in here. WHy should someone ever delete my post in this topic? I dont know who exactly did that but I am not seeing the ast post I made in here in which I cautioned Becca to mind the way she talks to her seniors/elders.Now, honestly speaking, i dont like the way things are going on in here and I dont fancy people deleting my posts for whatsoever reason.I am gonna report this to OpaQue.

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