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Howdy, I'm New Here

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Woohoo!!! Second first reply on the introductions section!!! I'm a genius... :(
(No... I don't think it works out that way...) But anyway.

Hello iconeo,

I like your name. :lol:

Glad to see you here. I'm surprised you don't really know what Xisto is all about... I was thinking that we will have a "hosting" term or a "Xisto hosting" or something like that term in every second of our threads, but I guess we don't.

Well, let me tell you what Xisto is all about... It's all about having fun and talking about lots of things on many different kinds of topics!!! But that's not the main thing /point. The main point of Xisto is for free web hosting.

See, Xisto is part of a bigger network, The Xisto Corportation Company.

This is a free web hosting company... it lets you host websites for free... but with a cost. (Yes, I know I said free...). You have to post on the forums often, enough to earn enough money to host your own website. Now, you don't have to do that if you aren't looking for free web hosting and making your own website, but I suggest you do sign up the the myCENTS thing anyway.

Remember to signup with the same email that you signed up with this account at Xisto, or it will not work.

Xisto also has lots of other mini sites like Xisto lying around, there's one other forum, Xisto, and a free hosting service that doesn't require posting on the forums at all, Qubis.

Once your registration order has been processed, you can get started!

You will be able to see a myCENTS thing under your name on the forums of Xisto after at least 5 posts (you have to wait awhile though).

The bigger and longer and more helpful the thread is, the more you earn.
Remember to read the forum rules though, as you can get negative myCENTS if your thread is edited, moved or deleted, but that rarely happens.

And that's what Xisto is all about. :P

Of course, you can just use these forums without using the hosting service. Lots of people do that, because it is just such a great community and all that.

Everyone helps, and they're very patient with all your problems, regardless of the fact that whether it is about money, life, sex. books, sports OR computers. We all do our best. :(

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Welcome aboard to Xisto. I've only been here for a somewhat short time myself, but I wholeheartedly recommend the service that's provided here. The forums are a great place to be, and there's something for everyone to discuss and friendly faces to chat with at pretty much any time of the day.I hope you enjoy it here like I do, and I wish you happy forum travels :]

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welcome aboard iconeo :lol: I hope you have a good time posting here at Xisto and get yourselves some quality hosting soon enough. Just keep yourself away from one-liners and you'll be fine here. If you have any doubt feel free to open a thread in the relevant section and someone will get to it soon....well see you in the forums!

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Welcome. All the people said what was suposed to be said but I'll say again. The objective in this web forum is actually post for money. Once you register an account in Xisto Hosting with the same email as here, every good, big posts without spam will add up to your myCENTS. Bigger the post, more the money you earn from the post. Xisto is a hosting company so if you wnat to host a website with this money, it'd be deposited on your virtual Xisto account once you get 100+ myCENTS. Adding with what I said above, since Xisto is a real hosting company you can also use your credit card if you want. PayPal, etc.
I leave you some interesting links so you get ready to post, n' rock! :P

You MUST also read the Forum Rules so you know them and learn not to spam, etc, all I said above.
You can ask your questions (if you're hosted (or not)) by submitting a Support Ticket to Xisto or visiting the Xisto - Support Forum Category to ask all your queries, search for them and get pre-sale support :lol: Remember, to have this all you must Register in Xisto Hosting.
Have a great time on Xisto, I'm sure you'll make great friends, etc :(

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