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Our quest as a community here is wisdom through knowledge. We encourage you to have intelligent discussions and hot debates at our community. By Sharing knowledge, you get that good feeling. You can also share a Doubt or Ask a Question. Every member of our community tries to help each other.

Start in the "Question & Answers" forum. Once your discussion has a sufficient conclusion, our moderating team will move your discussion to the appropriate forum/category where it will remain in Time forever broadcasting your Ideas along with others Opinions and Suggestions - which may help someone else.

FREE WEB HOSTING / Free Web Solutions
correctly put, POST TO HOST website hosting. (member testimonials)


We also offer Free Web Services to our Registered Members. Its our pleasure to offer High Quality Web Services which are otherwise charged elsewhere for FREE. These tools and Services are Essential to understand how Information Technology or Internet works. We want you learn and harness the True Potential of Internet. So, if there is anything you need to broadcast yourself Online - We got it all here for Free - You just have to be an active part of this Community and Earn points which you can use to buy Web Services at Xisto - Web Hosting.com.


Someday, you will need a Private Cloud or a Server or a Domain Name like yourCompany.com. Using these points, you may get all this for Free - anytime in Life. The Internet is changing the World rapidly. So lets Learn, Educate and Enlighten.

SIMPLE STEPS TO free Professional Web Services
( these steps are for those people who are extremely impatient and want to get started without reading the instruction manual )

  • Signup here (our forum), Contribute & Share knowledge by discussing here. Everytime you post here, you get points called "myCENTS". You will receive funds automatically when you post and you will be alerted on your email. Once your earning is about $2, you can buy a website package at Shopping Area. Participate in this forum to earn myCENTS. (Please observe forum discipline instructions strictly)
  • Signup at our Shopping Area, This is the area where your earnings (myCENTS) from forum participation will be deposited. This money can be used to buy any of our products using myCENTS. You are not required to have any credit-card and there is no age limit.


  • myCENTS: We have a point system called "myCENT". And yes, each myCENT represents 1 American "cent". The goal is to make good posts and gather 100 cents. Every time you cross 100, your cents will be converted to US Dollar and deposited into Xisto - Support.com Billing/Shopping area.

    You Get myCENT when you make a POST. ( the thing you are reading right now is also a post, posted by ME, OpaQue :-) ) If you are familier with forums, you must be knowing what is a post.


    - Size of Post
    - Post Title and Description ( Try to give as good title and description as possible )
    - Popularity of your post (will add to credit balance as it grows)
    - The Topic or category where you are posting.*

    * Some Forum Categories marked as NO POST COUNT will not give myCENTS. ABOUT myCENT SYSTEM

    What is the CATCH ??

    All you have to do is, Let us be a part of your life. Every person is unique with his ideas, thoughts and talent. Share your knowledge and help us build a Quality Forum! Thats it, Just your sincere participation is all that is required. We DON'T want a single CENT from you, infact we will be distributing a lot of myCENTS which will buy you hosting, domains, web-builder etc.. Just help us in helping others. This is the Forums section. Where people including you and me can make posts.

    Posts are made by typing data and including your views and comments etc... When you make a post, You get myCENTS. Each 100myCENTs automatically get converted to 1 USD and get deposited in your Xisto - Support.com Billing Area. Use these dollars to buy any of our services at Xisto - Web Hosting.com, absolutely Free. The THING you are reading right now .. is also a post. It is very simple.

  • If you are wondering, What you can buy with myCENTs, the answer is everything available at Xisto - Web Hosting.com. Yes, This is True. Xisto - Web Hosting.com started in 2003 as an individual hosting member of Xisto, is the official sponsor of all the accounts offered here for Free.

    REMEMBER :: No one is going to snatch away your account. So take your time, Relax and then post at the forums. Don't post in a hurry to simply get an Account. You will get it at any cost, provided you make GOOD posts. Get it in a good way. You are expected to be active at the Forums even after you get your hosting account so that you collect good amount of myCENTS to keep your hosting for years to come. You can read this topic for more details here.


    Some More Questions discussed..

    Why should I post?

    When you post, you help the other members and also help us to attract new members. Our entire hosting is supported and sponsored by Xisto - Web Hosting.com which is member site of Xisto. Xisto strives to be an Open Discussion forum targetting all topics connected to human life. This inturn helps us save marketting revenue and at the same time generate advertising revenue.

    We do not believe in advertising on member websites and hence, none of our sites have any forced advertisements. The forum ads if visible are only for guests and are completely disabled for logged in members.

    What is the *Active* thing after all, and why should I be active at the Forum?

    Staying active is to have a steady flow of myCENTs in your account. This money collects safely as a deposit and is used in future to pay any of your services purchased/ordered by us.

    How Active I should be?

    Depending on the quality of your posts which considers the title, description and body of your message, you get myCENTS. These myCENTS increase automatically as you stay active and keep posting depending on your activity, popularity and your posts performance.

    Each Post can pay upto a Dollar or more. This is sufficient to keep a 1GB Hosting account with mySQL worth $1.49 at Xisto - Web Hosting to be active for a month.

    Can I request more, why am i posting, UNLIMITED SPACE AND BW!?

    Yes . With more myCENTS accumulated, you are free to order More Services.

    How much Space and BW will I need??

    The following are our statistics as on 01 Aug 2004 Number of visits : 518 Pages : 13575 Hits : 86950 Bandwidth : 255.47 MB So Roughly, for 1 GB BW you can serve about 3,47,500 HITS and 54,500 Page Views!

    If you really get so much, why not plan for Paid Hosting.. Well the Topic does not end here, we give out more as you need upto 25GB! Xisto.com was using hardly 20MB space with about 4500 posts..

    Don't get carried away by other companies who claim to give UNLIMITED SPACE AND BW! If you really like those, collect myCENTS and order for IDEAL PACKAGE ( https://support.xisto.com/) @ $11 per month.


    What is the CATCH behind all this?

    SIMPLY NOTHING! Your Active participation at the forums is enough to support us. We get paid by the Ads and Marketing.

    Is this a Joke?

    Certainly NOT!, We have given away accounts to every member who has requested till date with Genuine posts!

    Is it safe and Reliable?

    Our Servers are completely Protected and your Data is SAFE. Your earnings and transactions are maintained in a SECURE control panel. We have been servicing internet community since 2004 and have been processing our company customer's Credit Card Payments. You have nothing to lose tongue.gif

    Can I use this hosting account to give hosting to Others?

    Yes, Once you feel confident that you are earning myCENTS like PACMAN, you are welcome to buy multiple packages and gift them to your friends. :-) You are also requested to invite your friends to our forums :-)

    What if I break the rules?

    We respect and honor every member on this forum but if you are found creating noise in our little peace, We maintain every right to ban your forum account any any services linked with it.

    Will Ads be put up like others?

    Alright answered, no.

    WOW! You guys are helping a lot? Is there anyway, I can help?

    Yes! and It is very much appreciated. Please Link back to us. Spread our Name. Refer us on Free Hosting lists. Refer us on another Forums (which do not provide Hosting for posting ;-) ) and Blog sites.


    What if I want to put up your ADS and help You?

    Can we actually stop you ;-)

  • Thank you for choosing: Xisto.com | Free Web Solutions

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