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Best Audio Editing Software

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Here is a list of the some of the best audio editing software.




sony soundforge

sony vegas



dexter audio editing

goldwave digital audio editor

magix music maker

blaze media pro


FX audio editor

NG wave audio editor

diomond cut millenium

audio editor pro

easy audio editor


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The best software to edit audio files, which is also free by the way, is a program named audacity, forget about all the others, audacity is the one, i know, i usually use it to make ringtone, cut and paste pieces of musics (mp3, ogg, wav, et cetera) and to make my own mixes of music in conjunction with another program i have for that purpose, though the point in this reply is the best software to edit audio files, and audacity is.


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I use audacity for my audio editing needs. It is a very good program and is fairly flexible. There is a heap of plugins to edit your sound files with, etc. I use it to record and edit files for all three of the bands that I am in.

You can find it here:

Another program that I use is called FL Studio. I use it to create the ambient tracks for one of my projects. The demo version is available for free, and has practically all the features except that it does not allow you to save files. You can still export the finished product as an MP3, etc. though :).

It has a fairly steep learning curve, but once you figure out the program you can use it to program drums, create guitar tracks (guitar tracks are especially difficult and the end product isn't that great :P), techno tracks, etc. etc. It also has recording, mixing, and equalizing capabilities. The free version is quite useful, and if you need to expand the usability of it, you can always purchase the full program (although, its quite expensive).


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Audacity is great editing software - and the codecs are free which are used for it - but you need to get that separately.Personally however, Adobe soundbooth CS3 works the treat for me, and it has better effects than audacity - but i should see why since adobe needs licenses :)

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Looking for free software to remove vocla from audio fileBest Audio Editing Software

I am a senior and we entertain at seniors homes and sometimes wehear a song that we would like to learn and sing and we need to remove the vocal so we can use the audio track thanks in advance we do this for free so we don't have the money to bbuy software .

-reply by Ronald Gourlay


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