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Growing My Own Venus Fly Trap! Updates weekly :D

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Hello Xisto Members, mods and admins :o I've always loved venus fly traps, and for my birthday, my girlfriend bought me a "grow your own venus fly trap". The reviews on the websites says it works, so hopefully it will!


I've read several websites on it, saying that they like warm weather, some sunlight, and not to use tap water! I also read that using a fish bowl is a good idea to keep it steamy, and also using rocks/pebbles to keep it elevated from the water (but obviously still touching it). So, I went down to a local(ish :angry:) pet shop and bought a plastic fish bowl, got some pebbles from the garden (is that ok? There was very little mud (just little smidges) on them) and I've set it up :D so hopefully something will grow! The instructions said to use warm (I didn't use tap!) water to mix with the compost tablet, then put it in the pot, put the seeds in, put a little bit more on top. However, I also put warm water in the bottom, to keep it "steamy, swampy" and hopefully warmer. I can see condensation on the bowl, so thats a good thing, right?


So, whats the point of the topic?


Well, I'm going to be doing weekly updates to see what grows, but also asking for peoples help! I don't have a thermometer, so I'm not sure what temp my room is at. However, I know it's a few C's above normal, as I've got the water boiler in here. I have it on my desk next to me, where sunlight shines onto it. Sadly, my window gets sunlight on it pretty much whenever the sun is out (I'm in rainy old UK btw). However, I have got quite a wide spawn figure shadowing it, so it will get sunlight, but it wont be direct sunlight all the time.


I do have some questions though:

1) How can I tell if its at the right temp? Would I really need a thermometer, or would just guessing be ok?

2) How often should I refill the water in the bottom? Whenever the pots not touching it would be my guess, but am I right?

3) Should I use warm water, to keep it swampy/steamy? should it even be steamy or swampy?

4) Is my "rig" that I set up good enough?

5) If it grows (and I hope it does), what can I feed it, and how often?

6) It says I can use "distilled" water, is "still water" bought from shops the same?

7) Would it be a good idea to spray warm water onto/into the bowl, instead of pouring loads into the bottom?

8) The instructions say "cover loosely with a bag"? Is this a good idea?

9) A friend suggested using a lamp light facing down on it to act as the sun (and shading it more) and also give it heat. Would this be a good or bad idea? Obviously I couldn't have it on 24/7, but maybe an hour or so a day?

10) Is "Vikkela" the Finnish word for "Snappy"? :D If not, what is it? :angry:

11) Will the questions stop?! :angry:


I know thats alot of questions, but I'm hoping that I can get it to work :( So I wish to know as much as I can, thank you to anyone that can help!


Also, I'll be taking one or two photos every sunday, and updating this post with progress :( The first several weeks will most probably not have much, but then if all goes well, it should hopefully sprout and then if the snappers grow, I'll be able to take pics of it eating things :( So here we go!


Week One - 20th of Feb

Posted Image

The set up, kinda hard to see


Posted Image

As you can see, it's close to the window, but the Spawn figure should hopefully shade it. Hopefully not too much.


Posted Image

Top down view of the pot and compost! I hope all goes well!


Week Two - 27th of Feb

Nothing new. Not suprised to be honest. But i've not taken any pictures, since there's nothing to see.


Week Three - 3th of March

Still nothing. But it takes 4 - 8 weeks to grow, so I'm still hoping :(


Week Four - 10th of March

Guess what?


Nothing new still. I'm starting to think it might not be growing at all.


Week Five - 17th of March

Nothing at all. :angry: I think I didn't do it right :angry: I might just buy a fully grown one, anyways, so that the plastic fishbowl wasn't a waste. I'll remember to NOT use still water this time :angry:


Week Six - 24th of March

The only thing that has grown is some kind of white moss. Well, I think it's moss. It's along the sides of the terracotter (spell?) pot. I'm not suprised, really. Damp and warm place. And I think it came from the stones I used, I probably should of properly cleaned them.


I'm going to just buy an already grown one, and use all the same stuff. However, I'm going to completely boil the stones to try and get all the crap and what-ever it is that's on them.


I'm half tempted to dig up the mud, to see if anything actually grew. However, I might just leave it another few week. Since it said 4 - 8. Any suggestions people?


Week Seven - 31st of March

Stopped paying attention tbh xD


Week Eight - 7th of April

Can't really remember...probably same as above...


Week Nine - 14th of April

Yup, still didn't look...


Week Ten - 21st of April

See posts: Number 21 and Number 23 for pictures.


Week Eleven - 28th of April

Well, the venus fly trap had a big boost, but now it seems to of stopped and slowed down...


Week Twelve - 5th of May

Previously, the venus fly trap was sucking up alot of water. However, when I cleaned off all the white moss/fungus/whatever, it stopped "sucking it up" so fast. Which makes me think that the moss and venus fly trap may be fighting for the resources (in the composty mud mixture, the water, etc). So I went and did something that I probably shouldn't of done.


I've flooded the bowl :angry:^_^ I used very warm/almost boiling water, and filled up the bowl to just under the rim (not right at the top, just the larger rim bit at the top of the terracotta pot) to try and give it plenty of water, but also make it very arm, as I also "trapped" in the heat by loosely placing a plastic sandwhich bag over the top.


That was at the start of the week, and we're now coming upto to the end of it, and there doesn't seem to of been much progress. The shoots have grown a small bit, I think, but they're curling inwards...so I'm not sure what's going on :o

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Wow! That is sooo cool. I've never seen (or even heard) of anyone that is trying to grow one of those plants, but it sounds like so much fun :o Hopefully what you've set up works well with it. Sounds like it should all work, but since I really have no idea about those things, I can't really be much help :D But I can't wait to see more pictures and read about how it's coming along!

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Thanks, I do too! Cant wait to get some snaps (sorry, terrible pun I know :D) of it eating stuff

Yeah, I've been wanting one for ages...but if this doesn't work, I'm just going to buy an already-born one :D

It's only about Ł5 including postage + packaging from HERE :o

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6) Distilled water is different then still water.
7) If you are going for a swampy/steamy thing they yes, using a misting bottle with warm/hot water would be best

Sorry I can't help with any other of your questions

Here is some info for you:


Also you have inspired me to get my own and try keeping it (I am fond of odd plants/animals)

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Cool :o thank you!Crap...I used "still" shop water, coz I don't think it's gunna rain for a while (whats the ----ing chances in the UK, eh?!)..but it shouldnt have as much chemicals in it as tap water, shoudl it?And, yeah, warm water was what I was gunna use...the warm water from over 6 hours ago is still kinda warm, which is good.And I'm glad I could spread the joy xD you should use the link above, only about ?5!

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I am actually looking locally first (note I live in the USA)


However if I can not find anything I'll use your link.


When I get mine set up I will keep you posted on its growth as well.


I found this as well when looking for info:


[quote name='http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Cycle of the Venus Flytrap:

Year 1: Tiny seedlings emerge, their first two leaves are very small green petioles that will push the plant out of the seed and into the growing medium. Next tiny trap leaves will appear, fully functional despite their size of 1-2mm. The entire plant will rarely get larger than a penny the first year.


Year 2: After the first dormancy the tiny plants will perform pretty much just like their larger relatives. Traps will reach up to 3/8 of an inch, and the plant will grow to an inch or so across.


Year 3: Getting larger still with traps up to 1/2", now capable of catching something larger than a soil gnat. Third year plants will get to be a couple inches tall, and some more robust plants may even flower.


Year 4-5-6: Plants are now considered mature and will flower each season, and can self-pollinate to produce seed. These may also start to split beneath the soil level and can be seperated and repotted. Leaf cuttings may be taken to achieve more plants.


Year 7-8, beyond: Venus Flytraps will live as long as they are kept in proper conditions. They will sometimes form monster bulbs the size of a golf ball or larger, producing traps well over 1" on larger leaves. Sometimes the plants will continue to split and divide, producing many larger sized bulbs each year.


I think that based on this info (and my lack of patience) I may look for a year 2 or 3 plant.

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Hmm...yeah, a bulb might be easier...if this doesnt work (and im having doubts having used still water. It was boiled slightly though to make it warm, so it might not be too bad) i'm going to try a different kind, or just maybe buy a fully grown one for now...

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oh, that explains why mine died, lol. I used tap water, little tempermental I guess, well, i'll keep that next time I decide to try and kill a venus fly trap :o

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Wow... I had no idea that they took that long to grow! That's crazy, but it's still cool that before hand, it still makes the traps that catch things, even though they start off very small.It might be worth seeing if I can get a couple then. One that is already grown, so that I can see it in all it's glory, and one that is started from scratch so I can see it in all it's stages. But I hope I can find one that is already started too, cause I'm impatient :o

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I love venus fly plants they look really cool, I would like to buy one but they are sort of hard to find. I didnt realize that they needed so much care.

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wow! I've always been fascinated by this plant! Sorry I know nothing about taking care of it to help you. My country doesn't even sell it. It would probably die here. But good luck with your progress, I hope it will grow well and you can take nice photos of it to show us.

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