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Resource: How To Build A Successful Website A Book on successful web development.

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How to Build a Successful Website


This is a free book online, and I am hoping some of it's contents will be useful to fellow members here.


[To all members of Xisto]: You can freely ignore the 'finding a good webhost' chapter, I think we've managed that part successfully :D I hope I'm not violating the TOS by linking to a site like this, perhaps one of the mods can let me know if I am.


Chapters Overview:




Choosing a Site Model

Choosing a Site Topic

Choosing a Domain

Choosing a Hosting Company

Researching Competition


Content and Copyrights


Webmaster Copyright Primer

Building Content

Choosing the Right Keywords

Keywords and Writing Effective Content


Building Your Site


HTML Aspects of SEO

Meta and Title Tags

Creating Effective URLS

Why You Need A Quality Design




How Directories Work

Submitting to Directories

The Open Directory Project

Looksmart and Zeal



Search Engines


Introduction to Search Engines





All About Link Popularity and PageRank


Communities and Newsletters


Community Primer

Newsletter Publishing Primer



Traffic Analysis


Traffic Analysis Primer




Advertising and Affiliate Jargon

A Publisher's Introduction to Internet Advertising

A Survey of Ad Networks

Affiliate Program Primer

Affiliate Gold

Charging for Content


I found the chapters on copyright issues and SEO quite interesting. Hope some of you here will find this useful as well.


*whisks off to read what's in the Revenue section*



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This does look like a very interesting service. I was about to start creating a site and apply for hosting, but I think I'll leave that for the moment! Thanks very much for this resource.

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Yea...I cant open the link too. Something wrong with it I think. And you got a lota good things in there for us to read. And itis a very good start for the first timer.Good work man.

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it seems like a good read i dont have time to read it at the minute but i'll try and skim through bits of it later, the bit about SEO really interests me becuase i would like to optimize my site to get a higher page rank and more visitors

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