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  1. Invision Power Board does have a modifciation that you can install on Xisto that will send out emails on people birthday, I think it is personally a good idea and I am sure some other members for instance like you will agree to this. It's like the other day when I havent been on a forum for a year and I recieved a birthday email from them, I am active on that site now.
  2. Its simple, Your children will pick up words from the DVD that you have brought and will learn what they say. DVD's such as singing, ect will help them learn the english language and alphabet even more.The price is a little to high for those DVD's though mate.
  3. Maybe put the URL in your signatures and optimize your site SEO.
  4. -Sky- you cant exactly make accusations towards Ash-Bash without solid proof.
  5. I personally haven't played this, But if you say it is a good game, Why not? I shall try it. I hope I dont have any trouble :/, All games are made harder now days, Much harder. What level is that? You could give me a heads up...
  6. Tramposch looks just like the blue one :DI am loving it though!
  7. I have never fished there to be honest, I can understand what you mean and I personally think that this idea is ridiculous. Is that how much it costs? , Much more expensive there then where I live. In the worst cases anglers wont fish at all and/or just go else where. Its to bring money in and rip people of like most states/country's.
  8. Lol, It makes you think why they or a person was recording it :)Funny though, Made me giggle.
  9. I mean who sits there and thinks of these ideas? xP I have no idea, Apparently humans are dumb.
  10. No, This is illegal and you must have a legit license. Too see the license's currently no offer by the, please visit there website at: http://http://www.vbulletin.com/en/purchases/ I know the price may seem high, It is well worth it to be honest. What the board produce's is amazing.
  11. Yeh, Amazing. Maybe a bit less mate, Not sure many people will pay that, Could be possible though.
  12. I take it you no longer need this as the site you are on has this sorted.
  13. This could possibly be a virus, I had a virus before that done exactly this.Try doing a virus scan, That may help.
  14. Shame I couldnt enter this one, Sorry guys.Anyways, I am putting a good rep against deadmad7's signature, Looks like so much effort and thinking also time has gone in to this piece of design.I cant think of anything negative about the signature.
  15. Ne0n

    Blah Blah Blah!

    Members that post in old Xisto's threads that are a year old or older should be warned, This is what I personally think and others have there own thoughts. When posting in a category such as 'Introductions' is ok, But if you keep on repeating the same reply over and over again just changing the members name is very bad. Me too have made many mistakes, Probablly the worst member Xisto has registered. This thread is very respectful as you say. Again this depends on such things like, Are they a good moderator? Has she got the time? Would she like to become a moderator? I cant see the administration team turning down females that want to be moderators. Correct,I think they are always open to suggestions like this.
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