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  1. 1) Yes, you can use any capacity or speed, but you must only use a 2.5" drive, and it must use the same connector. Check your computers documentation to find out what connector you need to use?2) steam will allow you to backup games, then reinstall then on another system with steam installed, anything else (unless it uses a similar client which allows backups) must be reinstalled from scratch, so if you cant find the disks or installers, you will have to buy new games. Copying them over wont work because of the associated registry entries and links into the operating system.
  2. While I can see what you mean about this. I think its unfair to say that Open Source has killed the industry. Yes, many people will use open source over paying for software, but there is so much software which doesn't have an open source equivalent, and so much which is well worth paying for over the open source equivalent.For instance Microsoft office. Yes, you could use open office, or get star office for less, or use google docs. But everyone uses MS office, and most people find it easiest. I use lots of open source software, but I still buy Microsoft office when new versions come out because I like it, and it is quicker to use, in my opinion, than the free or cheaper versions.
  3. Google is an incredibly clever search engine. Its robot is very very clever as well. Google have grown wise to these "google bombs" and if im not mistaken, it will ignore many "bomb" attempts by checking the context of links. links, or course, aren't the only thing that effect a sites ranking. the best way to get ranked, is to just run a good site, and get genuine links from legitimate sites. Google are always going to stay on top of attempts to gain an unfair advantage. They also blacklist sites which use bad methods to gain rankings. Its best just to use legitimate methods and work your way up.
  4. I think its fair to say that there is no good host that is absolutely free. Although the closest thing is Xisto. Obviously its not what people might call "free" because you have to post. But posting on a great forum like Xisto is hardly a bad thing :-)...I gave up in the end and paid for hosting for my sites. Its not a decision I regret, but if you don't need unlimited bandwidth, storage, databases etc, a host like Xisto would probably be ideal.
  5. A friend invited me. I haven't been able to use it much yet, but from what i've seen it looks like its going to be another great service from google.I don't use my google account much, but hope to start using it more so I can try out wave!
  6. I agree with deadmad7. I'm currently running avast and it seems to be keeping my system clean with no obvious performance drops. Another advantage is avast's ability to perform boot time scans - some viruses will infect system files, these cant be changed while windows is running, so avast scan the hard disk before windows starts and removes any viruses it finds.A good antivirus (like avast) actively protects your computer, so if something tries to get in or tries to run, it will stop it, and tell you.
  7. Its difficult to know what you need without more details. I couldn't understand from what you said weather you are trying to make a banner or a chart, or both. If you post some more details (size, audience, content) i'm sure someone will be able to help you.
  8. I'm running skyfire on my smart phone at the moment and cant complain. Its fast and i'm yet to find a page it cant display (including flash)I'm running opera on a different phone too, also fast and displays a variety of content."the best" really depends on you. Just search around for the features you want with a good search engine and i'm sure you'll find something to suit your needs.
  9. Depending on your router firmware you may be able to do this via its configuration. This depends on your router entirely though.
  10. If you plan to make a mobile version of your site (or write a script to change your current pages when requested by a mobile browser) ASP.net has built in functions for WAP, so makes it very easy to make mobile sites.
  11. Install the latest drivers for your video card, make sure your using a recent and reputable media player, if your PC is slow generally the problem may not be caused by graphics, in many cases a total OS re-install will speed things up a lot.
  12. Its possible that you have a keylogger or spyware on your computer that could have allowed a hacker to gain access to you email account. alternatively, the email could have been sent by an anonymous email client - there are tools that can be used to make an email appear to come from an address it does not really come from.Make sure you run an anti-virus/anti-spyware, dont log into account on PCs you dont trust, dont save your password in insecure storage (use an encrypted password store) and make sure all your passwords are unique (dont re-use passwords tat you are already using)
  13. I dont really see why you need to remember the last frame if you are making a toolbar.Just have a link to all the [ages you need the most in the toolbar frame which targets the main frame.
  14. You have to look out for scaams like these, there are so many out there. Use one which you know is used by other people.Getting your money back wouldbe difficult to impossible. If you paid via paypal or a similar service you could request a refund via that, and they would make an investigation. Otherwise its difficult.
  15. If your using javascript, you can open a new shild window with the same paramets, and it will replace the current one. If you want the page to remain but the content to change you can use ajax with a database for that. There are someother ways, but i havent done anything like that for a while so cant remember, look around on a good search engine.It kind of depends on what you want to use it for.
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