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  1. That's too much money I wouldn't know what to do. So I'd just probobly take a six month vacation and spend 900k of it on partying around the world with my friends. Just think of how many different types of alcohol you could try. After six months of being wasted everyday in a new place daily I'd probobly go back to doing what I do now, work and buy a coke Save that 100k for a nisan 350z and put the rest in my retirement fund.
  2. An update on what I did/happened. I saw her 3 times after that night, and made sure to get drunk(but not totally wasted) before each time. I was able to pull of the usual, ended up getting multiple hugs each time and she would just mess around with me poking fun of me(alot of physical play), however then the fourth time I was completely sober and I froze up cause I didn't know how to talk to her casually. Usually it's not nearly that bad, but after acting foolishly around her using the escuse of alcohol to flirt with her relentlessly, I couldn't muster a normal conversation. End result, we are friends, second time meeting her sober I got some talk going, but couldn't get funny, had some physical flirting, she makes it easy cause I can't help laughing every time she looks at me, and she does it to me every time I stop smilling. However the attraction dropped significantly, and I don't know what to do to reignite it. She will hang out with me almost daily so I still have hope, I just need some confidence to act drunk by her with her knowing i'm not drunk.
  3. A close friend of mine is very liberal and she sleeps with a different guy every week and continously sleeps with a few of them steadily. She's also very open about it and let's her friends know. This dosen't bother me much because shes a normal person otherwise and is great to talk to. But alot of people we know especially other girls call her a **** behind her back and constantly make fun of her. Is it really that bad to be open about sexuality, are social laws so unforgiving. I just want to know what some of you would think of her, and be realistic, like you know some of the guys who've she slept with and if you would act any different.
  4. Alright, i'm usualy a more shy person, but yesturday, i was drunk out of my mind, went out smoking and met this girl, i can't remember how i started, but after a while i was hugging her every minute and even got on my knees asking her not to go when she went half an hour later. I also got her number sometime that night that I can't remember. Anyways, the next day she was telling everyone around about how funny I was and wanted to see me again. Now being the shy person I am, I'm not sure how to go about pulling off the same, and don't wont her to lose interest in me as I very much liked her when I was drunk and had fun playing with her. I need advice so this dosen't die.
  5. I've been shy all my life and not too suave with girls, but lately in the past month I've had some success with a few helpfull tips from friends who helped me out and told me what I did wrong. Here is what I changed.I started looking into their eyes when I'm talking to them, now that I notice it, I've been locking eyes maybe 10% of the time, I put that up to 50% and it really helped make a connection. I didn't stare, just politely kept eye contact when she did. Plus it seemed to have a hypnotic effect on me making me feel more in love.During the conversation, they made me play a game, where the goal was to keep her talking about herself and all I did was lead her back into talking and see how much I can find out about her without talking about myself. Not only was it fun like a game, but it seemed to work and she did all the work in the conversation.Third, I don't know if this one works, but I've been told by all my friends so I don't do it. Don't pay for her lunch or movies, don't buy her flowers, nothing beyond a very special occasion.
  6. One has to realize the United States has great authority given to it by housing the world's largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. This threat gives it power, I doubt N. Korea would ever use it's weapons in reality, because then it would lose it's greatest power, the threat of using nuclear weapons. N. Korea is using survival tactics, the US has it's eye on N. Korea for a long time now, battle plans ready. This is their protection from a military takeover by the United States of America government. You are also horribly wrong by assuming terrorists would allign themselves purely with N. Korea and Iraq. It would be a terrible mistake for terrorits to assist a nuclear assult as the end results would punish them likewise, not with a retaliation, but with the global effects. In fact I surmise terrorits will rise in revolt against against any power getting close to using nukes.Not to mention the inherrent suicide invovled in the attack. Constant ballistic nuclear subs patrol the world's oceans, along with carriers which are basically mobile airbases.
  7. First off I should have mentioned this is a 2 month old laptop. I only had internet access during the first week, and I've gotten spybot, adaware, norton(new definitions) anti-virus and they found nothing significant on my computer. I use my computer for legit business purposes so I didn't expect more then the occasional adware/security vulnerability. I don't have current internet access(I'm in internet cafe) so I can't get HiJackThis without effort. About the bad sectors, I should have more precisely stated it found an enourmous ammount of bad sectors, not the usual few, but my whole screen was filled with rewritting bad sectors, and then out of memory to rewrite bad sectors outputs. I ran a scan again, and more sectors poped up. I have no doubt in my mind the hard drive is getting progressively more physically damage. I backed up my files, and attempted a complete reformat. The end result was reformatting stuck at 0% for 8 hours while I went to work.I'm certain the hard drive is faulty, but I've never dealt with faulty hardware before, and it could be many things such as the hard drive knocked out of place, scratching while reading, or just overheating creating bad sectors in the hdd. I suspect the intense heat my computer generates compared to other laptops I've seen could have been caused by a malfunctioning fan(which I don't know how to check, never opened a laptop before), or a blown fuse.My main problem right now is if I replace my hard drive, will it face a similair fate or what should I do to address the posible heat problem. I have no warrenty even though it's a 2 month old laptop. Thank you for the input.
  8. Being in the Navy we get a lot of statistics and training on keeping together when we are at sea for 6 months at a time. The main key is communication and whenever you can set up a huge romantic vacation. If the guy isn't willing to do that, then I suggest you find someone better for yourself. Cause it'll just get worse unless you fix it and open up talking again, thats the secret and you can't do it with just one person. I'm sorry hun, but its hard and both parts need to be working together to keep it alive. Good luck.
  9. My computer has been slowly getting slower by the moment, I have no current internet connection but I've had one before. I've ran every anti-virus program I could think off. It seemed to speed up my computer, but only slightly in a few programs, but windows, for example display properties would take over a minute. I figured it could be a hardware issue, but I don't know where to start, I ran a bad sector scan and my harddrive and it found plenty bad sectors that it had to rewrite. What could be causing this and how do I fix it or make sure it is my hard drive. Is it overheating, my laptop here is hotter then most of my friend's laptops, but I haven't overclocked it or anything, and I keep it on a normal desk, shouldn't have ventilation problems.
  10. no co to? polacy?Zawse jest wiecej polakow. Jestem z Gdanska
  11. Well the problem definatly isn't money in the United States, the government spends over 10k a year on one studay yearly. Meanwhile a private school can reach better results with 7k and slightly larger classes with more interactivity and better grades. Unfortunally parents still have to pay taxes for public education so therefore private education won't really start kicking till those taxes are taken out and the money follows the student. They do have a voucher idea in the US that has been kicking up. Some government money goes to a studen if he decides to go to a charter school, the kid gets better education and the public school benefits because it gets the rest of the money the government didn't transfer and has one fewer student. Privatization of education may finally save the United States system, because charter/private schools can use the less money then public schools for higher teacher salaries(increasing competition increses competance) with better education.
  12. What if after we die there is nothing, not even black which constitutes something is there. It would really explain the cold emptiness of space, so I guess your right, whatever way you look at it. Unfortunatly we won't have a brain in the possible nothing beyond so it wouldn't matter, thats why I find all this astronomy searching for life stuff interesting, cause I have a brain to want it. Even heaven would be boring, knowing everything and being happy, it can't get any worse then that. Hopefully hell if it exists is more fun, one can only wish to go there.
  13. My craziest moments all do with fire. Probobly the dumbest is making a flame thrower out of a super soaker with alcohol as the fuel. Not a smart idea as plastic melts and alcohol leaked all over the soaker, the handle was badly placed burning my hand, and the whole soaker started burning, so I threw it down, and it burned a nice camp fire in the middle of the street for a nice 5 minutes. Second has to be attemping to make some explosions for fun, extracted some magnesium oxide from batteries, added some hydrogen peroxide, and watched it fizzle, disappointed, I added some acetone into the mix and lite it up. The dumb thing was I was in a house with a plastic container to hold it. So it melted and the mixture spilled on a wooden desk. By some luck we had a box of 6 gallons of water, we had to pour it all to take the fire down, my parents never found out. My third has to be fireworks wars. Close range firework battles with random fireworks you've never seen before. Some of them are suprisingly powerful when you get hit by dozens of shards of burning embers. I love fire.
  14. I always thought of reincarnation backwards then your version. Instead of being reborn in a nice place for being good, nature would put you in a worse situation because you have the ability to deal with it. Sortof a grading system to find out where you will lay in the ultimate resting place. If you fail, you are reborn in easier circumstances, say another chance, to teach your soul right from wrong. While if you pass and live a rightfull life, you advance to the next stage, live in a poverty filled area with many diseases and no luxary, and if you stay true to rightousness, you get in to heaven.Or our souls could just go extinct after we die. Our body dies, so how hard is it really to believe there is nothing beyond. It ends, no rest, no trouble, just nothing out there. It's really comforting to thing that, and makes you want to get up from your butt and do something you will be remembered for, because just maybe, thats the last thing left of you after you die and get decomposed or incinerated.
  15. Your problem seems just like a bad hard drive. Scan it for bad sectors if you haven't done so. Try to move your operating system to your other hard drive to make sure. If the physical damage was from over heating the effect should have been gradual decline in performance to extreme cases of being unable to move certain files or play movies/programs. Otherwise hopes its the ram cause CPU damage will be costly.
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