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  1. everything looks cool dude...... Colors go with eachother very well........ Image used and the composition is good........ Over all a nice siggy there......Nice work
  2. Hey got a nice one there....... Its like instant rainbow in minutes........ People always have a better way, if they want better output, but, this one looks cool and simple out there
  3. Yeah I would rate Google as Number: 1 when it comes to innovative web strategy. Its Nearly impossible to start as a search engine and to become a competition to the world richest company. In this very short time. Google has nearly cornered most of the leading giants in the industry. People could find this very easily by looking at the top 10 alexa ratings. Google operating System??? I guess its really really possible, IMO Google is really trying to infiltrate Microsoft in all means, remember Google docs and spreadsheets, Its not gonna be tough, to release them as stand alone software package for office set. I guess they are looking for the right time. Moreover, i guess Google operating systems will be free of cost. Really looking forward for a OS from Google. A Google fanboy here
  4. Hey this is very useful tips..... Will use them for sure.......
  5. I live in India. And I'm really proud to be one among here. When it comes to rating, Nobody in the whole country can give a overall rating for this country. That is why it is said to have diversified cultures, its quite natural people having difference in opinion. And that too we are more than 100 Crores. So, I'm more than sure, Nobody can give a overall rating. Lemme try my best to rate My Motherland in some various aspects.Culture - 7/10Population - 9/10 (10/10 goes to China)women rights - 5/10Consumer rights - 2/10Effective Politics - 1/10 (Atleast, that is what politics is)Corruption control - .01/10Overall IQ rating - 9/10 (Most of them were non-residents here)All in all a mixed and super dooper country
  6. @ need for speedThanks. How can i make the gun stand out? Direct me to some tutorials, If not, just say how to do that, I'll figure out.@ k4m1k4z3Thank you too. 6/10 :-/I'm using Photoshop Now. Don't know any other image editing softwares.
  7. Hi guys, this is not my first signature, but, I could say its would somewhere below 10th. I can't say, I made this signature on my own, I surfed some internet and saw some useful tutorials in here too. Can't really give credits to all of them. But, thanks to all generous people, who share what they know. Really looking forward for your comments !!! Thanks!!!
  8. Hmmm..... I'm not reviewing this as a designer or something, as a user i need the site to be more appealing and cool........ The colors are too saturated for my taste....... I guess most people don't like highly saturated colors. Also the "Strom prediction center" part is too tough to read. The fonts don't stand out well. The colors were not contrast. That could have made a lot better. Do concern about the readability of stuffs and user experience. Coding and optimization comes next IMO.This is a honest review on what i felt, Excuse me if I'm wrong anywhere. No hard feelings
  9. Hi guys,As a Starter to web designing, I've been learning designing from web designing people who were in the web designing industry.Its because I have a belief in a quote " Those who can't do. Teach"My tutors were teaching me Photoshop, flash, dreamweaver. But, Browsing more and more in internet leads me to see fireworks is involved a big deal in web designing. Even my trainer has no knowledge about fireworks. Most of the web designing institutions and certified courses in here don't offer fireworks training.While browsing through internet I found it is used very much in roll overs and image optimization. But, Its feeling very bad for not learning a hot software in web design industry. There are lots of vector arts and vector graphics happens to be present in websites nowadays. After watching some vector tutorials of photoshop over net, The real thought is photoshop is very complicated for vector arts, eventhough it has vector tools itself.This leads to more thoughts like, do people have to learn all bitmap and vector softwares to master web designing industry. If it is not needed, suggest some vector software that can cover overall vector needs for a web designer.So, to be a designer, web designer, One must concentrate in which softwares, suggest some softwares that is used widely and very natural and used for web designing and designing all over the industry.
  10. Most of the web designers, have this pain of working for a site which has to viewed perfectly for all people and all users over the world, independent of their operating systems, their browser and system and internet speed. There's no way no see it all manually and get the Idea about how the site looks in different machines and browsers. Luckily, I've found a very handy and useful way where people can really find this thing within matter of hours, Mostly minutes. Here's the site to check out screenshots of how your site looks in different browsers in different machines. http://browsershots.org/ Hope this is useful
  11. Hey this one is really simple and cool...... Tried out myself and got nice result........ You made things easy for me now
  12. Oh my god...... This is one of the best step by step siggy tutorial I've ever seen in net......... The end result is very cool and its so nice that you have explained almost all complicated parts very easily...... This will definitely help me in making use of the tools in the photoshop to maximum to get a very nice and desired effect.......Thanks a lot again for this one
  13. Really Nice tutorial indeed.... People can play around a lot with this....... I've seen a tutorial similar to this....... They used lens flare instead of difference clouds........ The main Key point in this tutorial is to set the layer blend mode to lighten...... I've got some really nice effects using these methods
  14. Proxy Sites * Vtunnel.com (Supports SSL) * Vtunnel.biz * Vtunnel.info * Vtunnel.us * Vtunnel.tv * V-tunnel.org (new) * Atunnel.com * Btunnel.com * Ctunnel.com * Dtunnel.com * Ftunnel.com * Gtunnel.com * G-tunnel.com (new) * H-tunnel.com (new) * I-tunnel.net (new) * Jtunnel.com * J-tunnel.com (new) * Ktunnel.com * K-tunnel.com (new) * Ltunnel.com * L-tunnel.com (new) * M-tunnel.com (new) * Ntunnel.com * N-tunnel.com (new) * Otunnel.com * O-tunnel.com (new) * Ptunnel.com * P-tunnel.com (new) * Q-tunnel.com (new) * Rtunnel.com * R-tunnel.com (new) * T-tunnel.net (new) * Wtunnel.com * Ztunnel.com * Ftunnel.net * Htunnel.net * Jtunnel.net * Ktunnel.net * Ltunnel.net * Ntunnel.net * Otunnel.net * Rtunnel.net * Wtunnel.net * W-tunnel.com (new) * Ztunnel.org * Unblock-Websense.com (new) * Unblock-Bess.com (new) * UnblockWebsense.com * UnblockBess.com * Polysolve.com * VPNTunnel.net * SafeForWork.net * 24Proxy.com (new) * 24Traffic.info (new) * HideMyBox.com (new) * ProxyButton.com (new) * IraniProxy.com (new) * WizProxy.com (new) * Backfox.com * Calculatepie.com * DahProxy.com * Englishtunnel.com * EvProx.com * FreeIam.info * g2gToMyspace.com * Geotunnel.com * Gotoproxy.com * ImSly.com * INeed-Myspace.com * Mathtunnel.com * Newbackdoor.com * Proxmas.com * ProxySense.com * Safelizard.com * Safehazard.com * SlyUser.com * Unblock.ws * UnblockFacebook.us * UnblockMyspace.ws * UnblockUK.com * UnblockYahoo.com * Unlock-Myspace.com * USAtunnel.com * Vmathpie.com * Weprox.biz * Weprox.com * Weprox.info * Weprox.net I hope this is useful!!
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