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  1. IBM is offering $20,000 to customers to switch from Microsoft Exchange to IBM's Lotus Notes and Domino platform. They said company do not changing because of the cost. Therefor they offers $20 for every Exchange license in a company (with a max of 1000 licenses). But is it a good idea to switch platform? remember it does not cost just money. And when you have to pay people to use your product, there must a problem Source: http://www.newsfactor.com/
  2. The Internet Explorer Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability Test can be found here: http://secunia.com/Internet_Explorer_Addreerability_Test/ if You are vulnerable, a new window is opened and display contents from Secunia. but the address bar still says "https://www.google.de/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=BwkjVKfAD8uH8QfckIGgCQ&gws_rd=ssl;. I passed this test with firefox It does redirect to secuia.com on Firefox, but the address bar shows secunia.com, not google.com. In my IE, it still shows google.com in the address bar after it is redirected to secuia.com.
  3. The add/remove software in Fedora 5 just does not work if you machine is not connected to the Internet. It wont add or remove any package for you even though you have the disks. If you read files in /etc/yum.repos.d/, you will understand. Fedora 5 will connect to redhat's website when you want to update your Fedora. Here is a simple way to update your fedora 5 via FC5 iso file. 1, move all files, which are under /etc/yum.repos.d directory, to other directory. for example, backup directory. 2. create a new directory *.reop in /etc/dym.repos.d Copy and Paste the following text into it and save it [CDROM]name=cdrombaseurl=file:///mnt/DVDenabled=1gpgkey=file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedoragpgcheck=0 3. last step, you need too mount you iso file. for example: mount /home/FC-5-i386-DVD.iso /mnt/DVD -o loop That's it. Now it can be update via local ISO file or DVD/CD-ROM.
  4. What is the point of this???a normal user would never use this method to change the wallpaper for their desktop.I just do not get it.
  5. Bluetooth technology is a very cool wireless technolgy.But it has big security problem.I think they should improve bluetooth security while they give it a highercommunication speed.
  6. Apple is a greate company with Mr. Jobs..... They just changes our life sytle with Apple II, Mac, iMac, iPod...etc. Im still waiting for a touch sensetive screen iPod so the we can have a bigger screen and use the wheel when we need it by just touch the screen a semi transparent ipod screen.
  7. I do not thing FLOWERS + PORN is a good combination..if I want to buy flower online, I wont click into this site.even I click into this website, I wont buy any productfrom it. Can you really trust a online flower selling shopwhich offer you pornographic?? I don;t.
  8. We soon will be half machine and half human.... The microchip which is implanted in neuro is 1 millimeter square only chip. But it has over 16,000 transistors and hundreds of capacitors on it. it is bonded to the brain cells by using special proteins found in brain. neural electrical signals can passed to the silicon chip. They interact with each other. the microchip has ability to records the brain's electrical impulses They are still working on eliminating the side effects of implanting this kind of chip. We soon could use more extra processing power! Source: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  9. I just saw this from neowin.net.It said Microsoft expect Office 2007 to be available to OEM/Retail in early 2007.It is not usual that the product name match its release year.Microsoft usualy naming their product with year after.
  10. Thanks for szupie to make the instructions more clear...I love to change the topic title to make it more fitting for this topic.however, I cannot (don;t know how to do that.) Notice from szupie: OK, done. I hope you don't think it looks ugly.
  11. Jabber is an open protocol, it bases on XML and it support other protocol such as AIM, ICQ and MSN Messenger. Windows Messenger, SMS and E-mail are also support. gtalk bases on XMPP, XMPP bases on Jabber, Jabber support MSN protocol. Therefore, we can send message to MSN friends via gtalk. How can we do that? just follow me... 1. First, we need to install a software, Psi. Psi is a Jabber Client. It take adventage of Jabber. you can download it here: http://psi-im.org/download 2. Make sure you close your Gtalk. Run Psi Jabber Client. Add your Gtalk account in "Account setup". Gtalk host is "talk.google.com", port number is "5223" for host. 3. Go online with this account, then click "services discovery" type "jabber.org" in the address field. Click on Browse button, it will give you a list of services server such as AIM, ICQ and MSN. Please right click on MSN, select "register", then enter your MSN account and password. There are some other Jabber servers:  jabber4friends.de   jabber.ru   ursine.ca Here is a full list of Jabber servers 4. Close Psi client. Run Gtalk. Now, you can chat with your MSN friend Of course, you can do that in Gmail talk as well. Psi can be uninstalled after this. Wonderful, isn't it?
  12. Xbox 360, I suggest it will fell some pressure from now on. The PlayStation 3 will blow it out of the water!! The only strength about Xbox 360 is that their price is slightly lower than PlayStation 3 . By the way, do you know whether they release PS 3 globally or just in Japan only in November. Sony usually release products in their own country first. If it is going to released locally, then we may not being see it in North America and Europe until 2007.
  13. There is a software called Autoruns, a production from Sysinternals. When you run it, it will show you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login. The programs which are configured as auto run are shown in order. The one in the top of the list will be excuted first. So you can un-tick the programs you do not want. oh..and it is a very small application(210 KB download size only). you can downloand it here http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  14. Hhaahaa, its so funny and this is because true. Excel is Microsoft's product, now McAfee think Excel is virus.That meant McAfeee thinks MS product is bad.Now, there are more reason to give Microsoft Office and use OpenOffice...haha
  15. According Neowin.net, Microsoft Office 2007 Beta-1 Technical Release Now Available!! It can be used on Vista CTP release.Is there any tester in this forum??If so, please post some review and share your experience here.by the way, I cound not connect to beta.microsoft.com. It gave me a server error...may be there are too many peopleconnecting to it....
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