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  1. Personally, this is what I believe:Religion is the most logical consequence of ignorant creatures that have the ability to think about things, but that can't understand what makes those things happen.If you try to explain something, but you haven't the knowledge to explain it, then the most logical result would be pointing at a superpower who caused it. If we hear things move in the dark we think it's ghosts. But when it's light we know it was the cat. Why did we think they were ghosts? Because we didn't understand, and we could not.Gods have always been the answer to unanswerable questions, and as more answered dawned; more questions appeared, thus life will go on and religion will probably always consume the minds of the ignorant.I hold true to the scientific way of thinking. A theory is valid until an event in reality contradicts with how the theory would predict that event's occurance. If your theory says any and all objects can fly when released in the air; and when, if you let your cup go 2 meters above the ground, it drops to the floor, you know that your theory was flaud and you have to abandon it.What's sad is that religion is stubburn. People don't want to give up on it, and when answers are formulated that contradict with religion's theories, then religious people are mostly unwilling to accept; unwilling to realise the flaudedness of the theory or give it thought, or will in their own ignorance try to bend the religious theory in such a way that it will allow for the recent discovery but doing so makes it incoherent and unrational.I think religion is for those who believe in "ignorance is a bliss". And I will not dispute that it is, because in more than many cases, it most certainly can be. But religion is something that keeps people happy with a theory that is based on guesses and not on logic.And I believe, that there is nothing, that is not according to logic.Not even the way your girlfriend reacts when she sees you watching porn again.
  2. <img style="float:left;" src="">or float: right; whatever.CSS rules your behind.
  3. The JavaScript doesn't work well in Opera how sad.
  4. "Hacked"? If it got hacked, you'll know. Since the only reason why one would want to hack it would be to act like a lame scriptkiddy and change some of ur pages so they say : "This site was hacked"Or something like that.. Other thing they could do is search ur website for passwords, if they're lucky, then you won't know they hacked it; and they'll know your passwords for some things. You seem to be one of those typical "I haven't got a clue"-kiddo's. Forget the term "hacked". It's no good. For your own good, just forget it. What you mean with it probably is, other people that could do with your site whatever you can do with it. And if they could, then they could do anything you can do; for one, remove everything. The worst thing that could possibly happen with your website would be it getting changed or removed. So as long as you have a copy of your website on your own pc, ready to replace the one online with, then you won't get in too much trouble. And as for actually 'finding' "hackers", leave that up to your ISP or webhost.
  5. I'll leave it as a warning for other new members.If you do this, the you will get yourself on the way to get banned.
  6. What's funny is if knowing that you can't know anything for sure.Is this world real? Or are we all computers that are fed information, attached to a central mainframe, and if so, is that central mainframe real? Or is that as well a creation of an inteligent specie.The universe is unlimited in size, does that mean that there could be an unlimited amount of galaxies like ours? Or is there only one per dimention? How many dimentions are there? Are we really only 3D? Or are we at the same time moving in other dimentions as well leading other lives?Has anybody seen a hypercube, btw? A 4D object, much like a cube.dot => line => squarre => cube => hypercubeVery nice to see a 4D object, though you need to see it in 3D to be able to understand it, not 2D (on your screen). Because then it doesn't make sense. (Just like a 3D object as a 1D line doesn't make sense, but as a 2D perspective drawing it does).
  7. OC3, *drool* One: Cable & DSL speeds depend on what your provider caps you on and what your modem can handle. My connection is capped at 6.6Mbit/s, meaning a max of 660Kb/s download speed. But my modem can handle 40Mbit/s (aka 4Mb/s download). Two: The server you're downloading from is the biggest factor. They most often have a speed limit as well; depending on how you use them; that can be 5kb/s, 20kb/s; 300kb/s; 1Mb/s; ...... If you have a connection that can go 660Kb/s, and the server you're downloading from can only send at 5Kb/s, then u can get a connection as fast and expensive as you want to, you won't download any faster... Three: Cable is a shared net, therefore, if your max speed is 660Kb/s, and you have lots and lots of people in your neighbourhood downloading at the same time; you will not be able to reach that maximum. Because the shared net is being saturated. There's actually a max limit for each Hub (the master of one small shared network of a cable distribution, you, your neighbours, and ppl living in your street/block, ..) and when alot of ppl download, you come too close to the max limit, so you can't download as fast anymore.
  8. I've already PMed you about this matter; did you not understand or what are you trying to do with this post? :/ honestly, is there something else we can help you with? Because I think my PM made everything clear enough.As of now, hosting denied.
  9. I made the original rules, they did not include the guidelines for short posts nor did they include the copying rule. I don't know who added it but I don't think it was wrong to. If you do this with reason and justfully, you won't even be looked at. What we want to acheive with this is to prevent people like "pedro" and many others, who know nothing useful to say, to just start browsing the web, and copy/pasting whatever they like into a thread in this forum; as to increase their post count. This is unheard of and will at no cost be tolerated.Just like the fact that these kinds of people have a posts list consisting of the following types of posts:"tnk you", "thats very helpful tanks", "ive been lookin for that for ages, tnx!"Honestly, give me your opinion. We're all here trying to build a decent community, and now we're supposed to give away our resources of webhosting to fools like these? This way alot of interesting people will not be able to get hosted here; not to mention the increadible burden this lays upon the community (I find it most stressing and irritating to run into these kinds of crap posts).Don't worry; if your post is helpful and has a reason of being there; any; as long as it's pointful; we won't even bother frowning upon it. We're just trying to filter out the .. um well, you name em, I might be in danger of breaking the rule against foul speach. :PAs a side note, if you must copy paste something, or post a link, just explain a bit in ur own words what it's about, what you think about it; or what we can find after following the link. Not that hard is it? And it helps regular browsing habits of skimming a page alot.
  10. I haven't the time and patience to put down an entire speech, as I'm sure I could fill a book on the subject, but as to reply to some of your statements : Integrated programs have the following disadvantages : Bugs & Errors affect the system on a far larger scale.When a folder window (Explorer) is open, you go to a network map; and you have to wait, it hangs, and you close it; the entire shell crashes. Patching the things becomes harder, just like debuggingWhen you install a SP, you need to reboot the system; just like you do when you install drivers, or any programs that require a module to be loaded at startup. Extending the whole becomes harder, and it's too closedWe can't replace Explorer with other things, we can't replace IE with other browsers, etc.. I'm sure I could list many more
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